How to Reverse Search a Phone Number

    Scam calls these days are super common. In fact, you might end up receiving robocalls and other annoying phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize every day, or at least several times each week. This can be extremely frustrating. And you might be wondering if there is an easy way to figure out if you should trust a number and pick up the phone when it rings or if you should ignore it. Well, by reverse searching a phone number, you can do just that!

    What does it mean to reverse search a phone number? Basically, when you only have a phone number to go by, and you’re hoping to gather more information about the person or business behind that phone number, you can perform a search online using that number. By doing so, you can gain insight into who made the call, and whether or not they are trustworthy and legitimate or a scammer attempting to take advantage of you. 

    What are some ways that you can perform a reverse phone search? Here are some strategies you can try. 

    Use a Resource Designed for Looking Up Phone Numbers 

    There are several websites you can use to look up phone numbers, and these are super easy to use, so they can be a good place to start when you want to figure out who a phone number is registered to. 

    Examples include Spy Dialer, CellRevealer, USPhoneBook, ReversePhoneLookup, and Truecaller, but there are others that you can use as well. Just do a search for reverse phone lookup websites and then give one or more of these a try until you get the information that you need. 

    Search Phone Numbers on People Search Websites

    People search websites are designed to make it easy to find contact details on just about anyone. 

    So, the next time you get a call from a phone number that you do not recognize, go to Nuwber, select the tab titled Phone so you can type in the number, and then click the Search button to see what details show up on that number. 

    This can help you figure out if the call was trustworthy and legitimate or worth ignoring and blocking so they can’t bother you anymore. 

    Type a Phone Number in a Search Engine

    Another step you can take to perform a reverse phone number search involves simply typing the full number into your preferred search engine, such as Google. 

    You might be able to see which websites have displayed the phone number. For instance, if the number is from a business, you’d get that info. Or, you might see the number on websites designed to let you know about robocalls and scam calls. 

    Try Social Media

    It might seem strange to perform a reverse phone lookup on social media, but if all other attempts at figuring out who’s calling you have failed, it might be worth giving this method a try. 

    Some profiles can be found by typing in an email address or a phone number in the search field of certain social media platforms, such as Facebook, so if you receive a call from a strange number, this might help you figure out who’s calling you. 

    As you can see, there are a few ways you can perform a reverse search on a phone number, so there’s no need to keep wondering if you should trust a caller or not. 

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