How To Play Video Games for a Living

    Gaming is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world, with millions of people logging on daily to play by themselves or with friends. In recent years, the competitive gaming scene has grown exponentially, as has the online gaming ecosystem. The development of large-scale esports leagues and the emergence of platforms like Twitch have made it financially viable for many people to become professional gamers. However, competition within the industry is fierce, and you’ll have to work hard to gain the skills you need to play at the highest level. If you’re set on playing video games for a living, keep reading to learn more about how to do it.

    How can you make a living playing video games?

    The most common path to a career as a gamer is to play esports. Success in esports comes with a platform and significant attention within the community, which gives you both respectability and visibility. These two things are essential for a professional gaming career. The prize money for winning competitions is only a fraction of most players’ overall income though. Many players go on to hosting, blogging, or streaming to generate additional revenue.


    After esports, streaming is one of most popular ways to get paid for playing games. It can be incredibly difficult to find success as a streamer, especially given the level of competition on top platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This is why many people make a name for themselves in competitions or on social media before pursuing streaming. It can be exhausting and financially unrealistic to put in long hours streaming if you aren’t receiving high viewership or gaining subscribers.

    If you’re looking for something more stable and out of the spotlight, you could also consider a career as a QA tester for a gaming company. When most people think of professional gamers, they think of personalities and top competitors, but QA specialists also get to make their living by playing video games. You’ll also get to be a part of the creation process and play a meaningful role in ensuring that players enjoy the experience of playing the game.

    What equipment does a professional gamer need?


    Pursuing a career as a professional gamer means that you’ll need to invest in some equipment first. While even amateurs have the basics, like a console or a gaming PC and a quality headset, you’ll want to get an elite setup if you want to make a career as a professional gamer. Keep in mind when you’re practicing that playing via Wi-Fi may seem easier, but most pros use a wired connection to decrease input lag.

    Players who have long gaming sessions, and streamers especially, should invest in the best gaming chair in their price range. The most comfortable gaming chairs typically make use of ergonomics and features like headrests and lumbar support pillows to promote healthy posture. While some of the higher-end models can have a more substantial price tag, it’s worth investing significantly into something like a gaming chair given how often you’ll be using it.

    Playing video games for a living may sound like a dream come true, but the reality is that it’s incredibly difficult to become successful and even more difficult to sustain your success. Esports is the most accessible way for gamers to start to make a name for themselves and earn money for their skills, but there are other ways you can make a profit gaming. Streaming on platforms like Twitch can net a steady and respectable income for top performers, though it’s important to be realistic about the time commitment required and your odds of hitting the big time. The best thing you can do if you want to game professionally is invest in high-quality equipment and spend your free time practicing to become as skilled a player as you can be.

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