How to Fix Startup Disk Error on the Mac?

    When you just bought the Mac, we’re sure you tried to keep it clean, but of course, over time, users usually neglect proper cleaning, and as a result, they may get an error that says “Your disk is almost full”. Of course, it affects the device’s performance and slows the computer down. It’s logical that if you’re reading this article, you have faced this problem too. Do not worry too much because we know how to solve the issue with a full startup disk and get some free space on your computer without wasting a pile of time and nerves! Keep reading our advice and clean the Mac device easily and fast.

    Without a doubt, the most effective solution to prevent this issue is keeping your computer clean regularly. It means you need to remove old and unused files, uninstall unnecessary applications, and delete duplicate documents you save on your Mac. It’s possible to fulfill it manually or use an automatic cleaner that will remove all the unused files from your device regularly.

    Why Is the Startup Disk Full?

    If during the work on the computer you experience the message about the disk being almost full, this is about the startup disk. It’s a SSD or hard drive on the Mac where the OS of the device is saved. And unless you’ve got any external drive, this is also where all other documents are stored. It means that all downloads, music, videos, audios, pictures, and many other documents are eating up the space with the OS and other applications you have installed on the Mac recently.

    It’s fully understandable that the more things you save on your computer, the faster its startup disk gets full. This error occurs due to many downloads, photos, applications, and other documents you save on the Mac.

    So, how to solve this problem? If you can upgrade the storage and get a bigger hard drive, it’s great, but most modern devices do not let users do this. If so, the only decision to solve this problem is to remove unused files or move them to another drive.

    How to Fix the Error Successfully?

    Before you start doing something, you must check out the space on your device and understand how much space you still have there and which documents are saved on the SSD or a hard drive. Only after that, you may start cleaning the computer from unused files. Use the most effective hints on fulfilling it properly:

    1. Remove files from the folders Downloads and Trash. These places must be cleaned regularly to keep the computer fast. When these two folders are overloaded with documents, you can get the message about the computer’s full startup drive.
    2. Delete unused applications. Check out the folder with apps and delete all the programs you haven’t launched for the last 3-4 months. This is an effective way to get more free space fast. Remember that you have to uninstall all software properly.
    3. Move large files. If you store any large documents on the device, try to move them somewhere: it can be a cloud storage, an external hard drive, or a flash drive. This will solve the problems with the startup disk error as well as increase the computer’s performance.
    4. Delete duplicates. Maybe you do not even suspect it, but you certainly have a huge number of duplicate documents on your computer. Find and delete these files to get more free space without problems. It’s possible to fulfill it manually or download a special program that will do it automatically.

    These are just the basic several tips on solving the problem with the “startup disk is full” message. Feel free to find more useful information about the error to keep the Mac clean and fast. As you see, it’s quite important to take care of the device and keep it in good condition to work properly.

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