Keeping Your Mind On Homework: How Not To Lose Your Grip

    With the invention of modern gadgets, humans` lives became more diverse, and at the same time, devices began to distract people from more significant tasks, such as working and studying.

    This all drives students to track down a legit academic writing service such as Essay Bulls and pay for essays completed by professional writers. Especially pupils and students are dependent on technology, and it negatively affects their concentration on doing homework.

    Although more than half of individuals are distracted by gadgets, in order to be more focused on fulfilling assignments, they should be rested, organize their workplace and plan of action, but the device aside, and periodically take breaks.

    Homework is an indispensable part of the educational process that allows pupils and students to consolidate the knowledge gained during a lesson or lecture. Technologies have enabled individuals to get more additional information, but at the same time, it takes a lot of unnecessary attention when it comes to social networks or communication via the Internet.

    The psychology professor from California State University, Dominguez Hills conducted a study, which showed that more than a half of participants simultaneously while studying at home are distracted by different devices such as a telephone, TV, or computer (Rosen, Carrier & Cheever, 2013, p. 955).

    In this case, it is worth paying attention to five tips, which can help to inculcate the habit of how to stay focused on homework. Sometimes students come home and immediately start doing their homework.

    On the one hand, the sooner they finish their tasks, the more time they will have for a rest. On the other hand, their productivity may be lower due to fatigue after lessons or lectures. It is worth taking some time off before fulfilling homework and eat in order not to be distracted by snacking.

    Besides, if there is a need, answer all messages and inform your relatives and friends that you will be busy for some time. Thus, you will create a favorable environment for fulfilling home assignments. Another tip is also related to preparing for doing homework, and it is about having a suitable workplace for this purpose.

    It is great to have a desk and a comfortable chair on which it is possible to sit for a long time without discomfort. Try to get rid of unnecessary things on the table that can distract, for instance, small toys, notebooks, stickers, or snacks. From personal experience, I can say that a well-organized workplace has a positive effect on the productivity of doing homework.

    It is desirable that there were only textbooks, notebooks, and pens on the table. You can also place a calendar, a clock, and a glass of water or another drink there. You need to have only those things that are necessary for homework. When you have rested, and your working place is prepared, then make a plan of doing your home assignments. Decide on the time you need to do your homework, depending on the discipline, the complexity of the tasks, and its deadlines.

    When there is a particular action plan, you do not need to be distracted by it in the process of completing your assignments. In addition, it disciplines a person in performing other tasks, such as household chores, meeting friends, and daily routine.

    Try to write everything down on paper, for instance in a diary, in order to have less contact with gadgets that may distract from planned activities. Special attention should be given to devices that, as already mentioned, can negatively affect the productivity of doing homework.

    These days, individuals often need a computer and access to the Internet for studying subjects as they can have distance education, or teachers can assign tasks by mail. However, if it is possible to do homework without using gadgets, it is better to put them aside. Turn off the sound on your phone so that there are no distracting sounds from notifications.

    Also ask your relatives to try to reduce the noise, for instance, from a TV. In a quiet atmosphere, it will be easier to concentrate on doing your homework, especially if it requires extra attention. One more tip about how to stay focused on homework is to have breaks while doing assignments.

    For such purpose, there is a method called the Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the twentieth century. The idea of it is that the person does any actions for 25 minutes, and then comes a short break.

    After an hour of work, one can take more time to relax, for instance, 30 minutes and then continue to perform the tasks. Today individuals can even download a mobile application that works according to the scheme of the working time organization invented by Cirillo. However, in this case, a person also needs self-control to avoid being distracted by other functions of the device.

    References Rosen, L., Carrier, L., & Cheever, N. (2013). Facebook and texting made me do it: Media-induced task-switching while studying. Computers In Human Behavior, 29(3), 948-958. doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2012.12.001

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