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    Understanding the VPN

    We all grew up with the “respect privacy” thing, and how could you expect it to linger behind in the modern world. This is an advanced era, full of splendid pieces of technology and also where the privacy protection found its name as VPN.

    VPN expands as Virtual Private Network. It allows creating a protected connection between the networks over the internet. Also, allows accessing geographically restricted websites, covers up your surfing activities from the prying eyes and more. There are a lot of reasons VPN is used and is popular for.

    However, it is not known for the original reason it was created for. The VPNs are just a way to connect the business networks together over the internet securely. Though it is not used or the same reason today, it is found helpful by many of the browsers in their daily “internet” life. Counting amongst the top VPNs you can find on search engine world, the Hide ALL IP is considered to be greatly helpful in incognito-ing.

    All you should know about Hide ALL IP

    Hide ALL IP is the best IP hide software, hide all the applications and games rom the snoopers, allowing you to surf anonymously and guards against hacker intrusions at just one click.

    As we know the main motive behind developing the Hide ALL IP is to allow enable the individuals surf anonymously and use every service like chat services, instant messaging, forums, blogs, emails etc., without getting their true identity revealed. It is designed with the main purpose of protecting ones privacy and anonymity.

    Support and compatibility

    To your surprise, it supports almost every application incluing the P2P TCP/UDP video player, TCP/UDP games like BF3, WOW, TANK OF WORLD, DNF etc., With Hide ALL IP you can reduce game lag and access all the games blocked because of geographical locations. This VPN encrypts all the traffic so that your network administrators can’t figure out you are accessing. It also auto supports http tunnel, even if you are in a network that allows only the pure http get/post. Fret not, the Hide ALL IP will still work!

    Server locations

    Hide ALL IP has a wide range of servers in different geographical location that benefits in accessing any website or page from across the globe. Let’s have a quick glance at the Hide ALL IP Server locations.

    Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Vietnam.

    Hide ALL IP has the servers in above locations and is sophisticated to break down the geographical restrictions applied on any website from these locations.

    What’s so interesting about Hide ALL IP?

    Hide ALL IP is an amazing VPN, what makes it great is its features. The Hide ALL IP possesses combination of some unique and interesting features one must try when incognito-ing. Here is a list of its amazing features.

    • Click on “connect” and get your IP hidden instantly. As soon as you click on it, internet will see the fake IP and your real IP is hidden.
    • You can easily connect to different servers in different countries. Each time you press “connect” button, your real IP is hidden and the fake IP shields it.
    • It encrypts all the inbound and outbound connections using the RSA 20148 and AS/DES standard. Your network administrators will have no idea what are you connecting to and what data is being transferred.
    • This VPN can be shared to your android or iPhone via mobile hotspot enabling you to enjoy all the features of Hide ALL IP on your smartphone.
    • It supports almost all applications and browsers including video players, games, instant messengers and many more.
    • Allows accessing the internet TV providers, which denies user the access to certain content from certain region. But Hide ALL IP equips you with all the tools required by just connecting to the server of the associated TV provider’s region.
    • With the help o DNS lookup technology, you can prevent DNS tracking and faking. Resoling DNS with Hide ALL IP is all safe.
    • Although WebRTC which is used to detect the Internet IP, can be detected under the presence of VPN, but Hide ALL IP has a safe WebRTC work mode.
    • Unlike other Hide IP software that only supports TCP, the Hide ALL IP supports UDP applications and games. Also the UDP video player applications are supported.
    • Your cookies, history, and browsing functionality is cleared automatically when the browser is closed.
    • Hide ALL IP is specially designed and optimized or games. It will significantly improve the speed and reduce the lag.
    • Unique support to HTTP tunnel, Hide Win8/8.1/10 Metro Applications IP, fake HTML GeoLocation, Auto Find Best Server, and has portable version.

    Working of Hide ALL IP

    Well, changing the IP address and location seems easy using Hide ALL IP, but truly it is not at the backend. It is not at all easy making a change in the network settings. In order to hide your identity, activity and location, it is required to re-route the traffic through at least one protected server.

    For instance, if an individual is in Germany and want to appear in US, all the traffic must be sent through a remote server located in US. All this is done in following steps.

    Hide ALL IP connects with the secure servers using TCP or HTTP tunnel, which is determined automatically.

    It catches network transfer data, which solely depends on the settings, and when the data is captured, it secures transfer data and redirects via remote server access internet.

    Now the internet gets a fake IP address and not the real ones.

    It enables safe browsing mode without leaving any cookie or history on your PC.


    The above content must have given you the clear picture of Hide ALL IP and the reasons why you should choose it. All the aspects are made clear above and hpe you’ve got off the fence of dilemma and have a convincing reason or why you should Hide ALL IP. So, what are you waiting for?


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