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    Millions of people and businesses use Google’s free Gmail service for communications including faxing. With Google, you can fax Google docs and files on your Google Drive.

    Several years ago, sending anything other than emails from your Gmail was impossible. Today, thanks to online fax services, you can fax using Google and Gmail.

    So, from your computer, you can comfortably send an online fax using your Google account. In this article, we show you how you can fax using Google and Gmail via a reliable online fax service.

    CocoFax – The most reliable Google fax service

    CocoFax is the most reliable online fax service that lets you fax through Google products. Google Fax Free announced you can send a fax from your Gmail account using online fax services like CocoFax.

    You can’t fax directly from your Gmail so you need an online fax service and that’s where CocoFax comes in. Thus, CocoFax lets you send Google internet fax by linking analogue fax and digital Gmail technologies.

    CocoFax revolutionises faxing by introducing the convenience of faxing using your Gmail account.

    What CocoFax brings to the table

    Besides the ability to send fax online through your Gmail, CocoFax has otherways you can fax. For instance, you can use a browser to access your CocoFax dashboard to send and receive faxes.

    In terms of Google fax services, CocoFax comes with notable offerings:

    Free fax number

    With CocoFax, you get a free custom fax number that lets you send and receive faxes. You only need to register to get a custom fax number. What’s more, you get 30 days of free service.

    Reliable, safe and fast

    CocoFax sends you delivery notifications for every sent and received fax. This always lets you know the status of your sent fax or even your fax has been replied.

    The advantage of sending a fax online using Gmail is that it is instant. You no longer wait for your turn in your local fax machine. Also, CocoFax ensures your fax is safe only by encrypting all your communications.


    CocoFax is versatile which allows you to send and receive fax on all internet-connected devices. You can send a fax from Gmail on your computer or smartphone.

    Besides sending fax on Gmail, CocoFax lets you send a fax on your CocoFax dashboard. You only need a browser to log into your CocoFax account to start sending faxes.

    Best of all, CocoFax gives you a neat and convenient way of archiving and retrieving faxes. CocoFax comes with lifetime storage, which allows it to automatically store all your faxes online.

    Sending a fax from Gmail using CocoFax

    The ability to send fax online using Google Gmail brings together businesses and professionals. With Cocofax, you enjoy the convenience using Gmail and the security of fax.

    Sending a fax from Gmail is very easy using CocoFax’s email to fax technology. Below are the steps involved:

    Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax account. You will get 30 days of free trial and even the chance to choose a custom fax number free of charge. Make sure you register using the Gmail address you will be using for faxing.

    Step 2:
    When your CocoFax account is ready, open your Gmail account either on your smartphone or computer. Now, create a new email to start drafting your fax.

    Step 3: In the ‘To’ field, provide the fax number of the recipient instead of an email address. At the end of the fax number, include ‘’. So, if the fax number is 123445, you will need to enter it as follows

    Also, CocoFax lets you forward the fax to multiple fax numbers provided you separate them using a semicolon. In the ‘Subject’ field, provide what you would like to appear as a note at the top of the fax.

    To create a cover page, enter the contents in the email area where you would compose your email. Next, if you have attachments, CocoFax lets you attach doc, xls, jpg, png and pdf files.

    CocoFax will merge all the attachments into a single fax document before sending it.

    Step 4: After you are done, click the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will receive your fax and then forward it to your recipient using your fax number.

    You will get a delivery notification from CocoFax shortly notifying you if it was successful or not.


    Sending fax online from Gmail is very easy with CocoFax. Use the guide above to sign up for your custom free fax number and start sending faxes online.

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