10 Awesome Gadgets for College Students

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    There are many gadgets for college students available today, yet many of them fulfill illusory needs or useless demands. For instance, purchasing a “smart hairbrush” informing you of the quality of your hair and offering you advice on how to comb it better won’t make too much of a difference. Surprised it exists? We’re not.

    Instead of choosing to spend your money on useless devices, here are ten actually useful gadgets that do the work and help you succeed in college.

    #1. Portable Photo Printer

    Taking your printer with you to class sounds like a cool idea, doesn’t it? Any portable photo printer will be compact, super-easy to use, and trouble-free. It will make your life easier for sure, especially if you are a photo-addict. Almost all portable printers are able to print photos directly from your device, making them a valuable asset to carry around. They’re also light and easily carriable, so don’t worry about the size or the weight of the device – it fits perfectly well in your pocket!

    #2. Portable Hard Drive

    Keeping a backup of your data is essential in college! Accidentally deleting a very important paper, your dissertation, or a complex project is not fun, trust me. This is why you must keep a portable hard drive with you at all times and update your files constantly. This gadget is indispensable to living a secure college life.

    #3. Ethernet Cable

    One of the best gadgets for students, an ethernet cable connects your device with a LAN (local area network), such as a computer, switch, or router. Ethernet is usually faster than Wi-Fi since it requires cabling, but it is also known to be more stable and deliver a more consistent speed. In a nutshell, an ethernet cable is more reliable than your university’s Wi-Fi network, making moments like signing-up-for-classes easier to handle.

    #4. Surge Protector

    A surge protector is used to limit the voltage to an electric device to a specific, safe threshold. It is a good way to protect any of your gears from external damage, especially if you are in college. To make your job easier, you could get a portable power strip, which is the perfect gadget to make use of in case your dorm lacks enough sockets – and let’s be honest, dorms will always lack enough sockets.

    #5. Foldable Keyboard

    If you’re a tablet user (and prefer to leave your supposedly heavy laptop at home), you need a foldable keyboard! Yes, yes, it might not sound like a big deal or surprise, but it’s in fact super-useful. A Bluetooth keyboard will connect to any device (iOS or Android) and will allow you to take quick notes in any given situation.

    #6. LED Frisbee

    If you’re an eco-friendly person, buying a LED frisbee is a great option to have fun with your friends or pets. You will save light while playing with it, it’s fun, it’s affordable, and its batteries can be easily replaced. Most LED frisbees are available in more than three colors, making it a perfect tool for beach parties or park games.

    #7. Smart Pen

    One of the most surprising college gadgets is the smart pen, which enables students to convert spoken words into handwriting. They will help you remember everything in the lectures and never miss out on anything!

    However, a smart pen won’t outsmart you, so if you rely on it to complete your tasks or write your assignments, your expectations are way too high. For help with assignments, reach out to any cheap essay writing service and ask them for guidance! There’s no shame in getting the help you need.

    #8. Phone Battery Case

    To make sure your phone doesn’t run out of battery that fast, look into phone batter cases! You don’t even need to plug your phone in another external device to recharge it. The case does it for you. It is convenient and useful, especially if you don’t have time to recharge your phone to full battery during the night.

    #9. Smartwatch

    One of the coolest electronics for college students is the smartwatch, which is nothing but a useful device to keep track of time, find your phone if lost, and have a fitness tracker always on your wrist! You can also reply to texts instantly and receive calls quickly by using this device.

    #10. Noise Canceling Headphones

    Part of the smart gadgets for college students category, the noise cancelling headphones is a must-have if you are easily distracted. Dorms can get crowded, students can get loud, so make sure you take precaution against the disturbing environment. In the end, grades are important, so keep yourself focused and tuned in by purchasing this gadget.


    Now that you’re aware of what the online market can offer you, make sure you choose wisely and carefully! Make your student life easier by ordering the items you need, not the items that you crave. Good luck!


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