Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites – 100% Working in 2020

    EZTV has been an ideal site for all torrent television show fans. You quickly get to see different web series and television shows. Hence, it has been a favorite torrent site until users started facing issues while surfing the website. Not to fret anymore, as this article features EZTV proxy and EZTV mirror sites that you can use to binge watch in 2020.

    What is EZTV?

    EZTV is one of the top sites for downloading torrents. It was ranked among one of the best prime sites to download torrents. The best feature of EZTV is that it does not remove or seed any torrent that is less downloaded or favored by the audience. It has an enigmatic style and has tons of shows, movies, series, and provides millions of torrents per month.

    The torrent website may be blocked in your country, but you can access the site with a VPN. The website keeps on enhancing his user interface and adding newer content.

    EZTV had an untimely demise in 2015, ten years after it’s release. It went through a hostile takeover in 2015, but it revived itself, giving the audience their daily dosage of entertainment.

    Why Am I Unable to Access EZTV?

    You may wonder that it is EZTV down while you are looking for your content. There can be a few reasons as to why you are not able to access EZTV. Firstly, it is a website and, hence it is either not operating or the servers are moving to a new location when you are looking for it.

    Secondly, your access may have been blocked due to your geographic location by your ISP. Some regions have rigid laws and regulations against copyright infringement. So, you are breaking the law while downloading content from those regions or countries. Your ISP can also bar you from conserving the bandwidth. ISP is aware of the activities that a person is engaged in while connecting to EZTV.

    Nevertheless, EZTV torrent is still a treasured choice for television shows and movie fans.

    How to Access Blocked EZTV?

    One of the easiest and most popular ways to get EZTV unblocked is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. You can easily track your location and surf the site from a region that does not obstruct its use.

    First and foremost, you have to download a VPN software. You will have to run the software and then choose the region or country you want to navigate from. VPN software is an excellent choice if you’re going to unlock content from EZTV and other websites.

    You can also use different proxy and mirror sites when EZTV down or blocked. These proxy and mirror sites have the same content and are easy to use. As a result, you will get to see various movies, web-series, and shows without facing significant issues. Read along to know more about the EZTV proxy and mirror sites.

    Best EZTV Proxy and Mirror Sites

    You can find a myriad of options on the internet for EZTV mirror and proxy sites. These sites will help you to overcome the restrictions implemented by EZTV. These proxy sites are safer and more secured to use.

    These sites use a false IP address of the user to permit unblock EZTV. Some of the top EZTV mirror sites are listed below:

    1. ag

    Are you a fan of MasterChef or America’s Top Model? Do you want to binge-watch your favorite reality shows in this pandemic while lying on your couch? Then, this site has a lot of reality shows torrent files in its store. You can easily watch your fav reality shows for free at this proxy site.


    This proxy site is one of the best options to be EZTV mirror sites. If you want to catch up on your TV show or watch anime, then this mirror site is best suitable for you. You can easily download the file. To download your desirable show, you can use the magnet links to surf on the site.

    1. wf

    This is a great proxy site as the contents are not at all compromised. You will find the same and original contents as same as the original site. The contents are great and of high-quality. New contents keep on dropping in this site so that you won’t miss any series or any episode.


    You can find diverse torrent files in this mirror site of EZTV. The torrent files are straightforward to download and are available in the best quality. You can get to watch your favorite shows in the best and highest quality.

    1. tf

    This website is very similar to the original EZTV site. It is an American based website, and you get to watch all your favorite American shows at this site. So, from 13 Reasons Why to America’s Next Top Model, you get to see all your favorite shows and web series for free.


    This is the best proxy site after the native website. It has everything that you need. From the latest songs to movies to shows and web series. Everything is available at one stop. It has a great user interface; hence you will not face any problem while using it.

    1. is a great mirror of the original site. You can find almost every content similar to the native website in this proxy site. It has songs, TV shows, and movies that you would love to listen to and watch. This mirror site is best known for the collection of TV shows and series. Hence, this website is one of the best EZTV proxy websites.


    If you are looking for privacy and security, then this alternative mirror site will be great for you. As this site takes security seriously, you must go for this alternative. It has a myriad of torrent files. Torrents of TV shows and movies are lucidly available here.

    These were some of the excellent proxy and mirror sites for EZTV. You can surf through these sites and get to watch your favorite TV shows, web series, songs, and movies, in just one click. If you have been a dedicated user of the original website, then you would love the above proxy sites too.

    Alternatives to EZTV

    EZTV was an excellent site. The audience loved the site for the availability of multiple torrent files. But, since its unfortunate takeover, several alternative sites have emerged. These sites claim to be better than EZTV. These alternative sites post newer and high-quality content daily. Audiences have been loving these alternative websites for their daily dose of recreation.

    Apart from EZTV’s proxy and mirror sites, one could also go for these alternative sites. Listed below are some of the top alternatives of EZTV that you can check out for the latest shows and movies:

    1. The Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay was one of the first groups to provide as well as organize a comprehensive operation for its users worldwide. This website represents a foundation in the history of torrent trackers. This is a Swedish website established in 2003, 2 years before EZTV.

    The Pirates Bay
    The Pirates Bay

    It offered magnet links and torrent files to its users through a peer-to-peer protocol. The Pirate Bay is a host to all unimaginable numbers of files and data. It has all sorts of files such as TV shows, web series, movies, and also outlines for 3D-printable files. The best feature of The Pirate Bay was the built-in search button similar to Google.

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    1. 1337x

    If you want to keep your identity hidden, but still access contents 1337x is a suitable site for you. Everything is run and held secretively in this torrent site. These websites use features that age-old that is keeping identity hidden.


    You will find multiple options in the category list. This is quite a popular torrent site as downloading content is accessible, and there are various options. You can also find a lot of mirror and proxy sites for 1337x. Hence, you get a lot of options and multiple pathways. It is considered to be the best EZTV alternative.

    1. RARBG

    If you are someone who goes through the details extensively before downloading files, then RARBG is the ideal site for you. It is one of the most popular sites as it ranked 4rth as of 2020. It was established in the year 2008.


    The best feature of this site is that the contents are orderly arranged. Just like other torrent sites, it has several proxy sites. You can even use a VPN to access it in your country, as various states have blocked it. You will get to download multiple movies, web, and TV series on this website.

    1. YTS

    YTS is perhaps the best alternative to any EZTV mirror site. It provides top-notch content. This site is also a torrent tracker. This site is a one-stop for all kinds of video-related content. Therefore, you can find interviews, documentaries, TV shows, and web series.


    It has an integrated feature where you can check the health of the Torrent. The layout of the website is pretty simple and straightforward. You can download high-quality content with subtitles in Blu Ray, Full HD, and several other resolutions. For this, you do not have to have a registered account.

    1. LimeTorrents

    When no other EZTV mirror site is cooperating with you, go with LimeTorrents. Gamers love this site as games are easily accessible and easy to download on this site. This is a torrent directory, which means this site searches for files on various other websites. Not only games but multiple movies and shows are available on this website.


    LimeTorrents save a lot of time and date of the user by providing imitation if the download is unhealthy. It even has less clutter compared to other torrent websites. LimeTorrents enjoys worldwide popularity due to its varied content.


    Presenting to the mother of all torrent websites. What it does is that it compiles all the torrent files from major torrent websites on the internet. It is a storehouse. So, this torrent website separates shows, movies, and other content from other websites. You will be able to find 96 million domains and 62 million torrents on


    So, you will be able to find your favorite shows and movies from some torrent files. You can download your suitable file, with a high-quality, good sound, and subtitles, and enjoy your show.

    1. ExtraTorrent

    Extra Torrent is often referred to as ET. You can download files with the help of peer-to-peer file sharing. It has loads of digital content. This website has enjoyed worldwide popularity defeating The Pirate Way.


    Over time, it had become the second-best torrent site. The user interface is designed friendly. You can easily find content because of its cleverly-designed categories. Therefore, Extra Torrent provides a great user experience.

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    1. Kickass Torrents

    It was the best and most popular torrent website among users. It was among the most used websites. You can easily access this website as it has nine main categories and various subdivisions. KAT uses a voting system to rank the torrent files. So, while you look for your favorable file to download, you can rely on the users’ votes. Kickass is available in 45 different languages. Hence, making it the best and most favorable site globally. Being a user, you can actively participate in the forum. Moreover, its active users are awarded achievement certificates.

    Kickass Torrents

    Kickass went offline in the year 2016. The current available Kickass is a clone of the original torrent site. But, that does not compromise with the content and quality so that you can download tons of files through Kickass. Therefore, you can download and watch your favorite shows through these alternatives. These alternatives work fine and are equally famous, like EZTV. You can protect or even hide your identity by using a VPN and get to watch your favorite series.

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    Being a user-friendly and popular torrent website, EZTV had gained popularity among the masses. But since its unfortunate takeover in 2015, a lot of mirrors and proxy sites have appeared, which perform exceptionally. The EZTV alternatives are also splendid and are loved by users around the globe. So, why wait longer? Download your favorite Tv series and binge-watch with a tub of ice-cream.

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