8 Best Employee Onboarding Software for Your Small Business

    These days we have a lot of tools to make business easier. At the time of social distancing, these tools are turning essential. Employee onboarding software is one of the most useful tools to give your business a boost. If you are a new start-up or running a small business, they are perfect. Many companies are recruiting remote employees now.

    Small enterprises often cannot afford an HR team. Thus, these tools can come in handy for you. On the one hand, you can use them to train your remote employees. On the other hand, they help you save money on the HR front. There is one more advantage of the software. Remote working is environment friendly. 

    When you do not have an office, you are not occupying any more space. Our planet is already overcrowded. There are many onboarding tools to choose from in the market.

    This article will tell you about the best employee onboarding software.

    Best Employee Onboarding Software

    1. Slack

    Slack is a simple software that everybody can use. Besides, documentation is not enough. Although, slack lets you share your documents. To have the spirit of teamwork in a company, we need proper communication. Every time it does not need to be a formal conference. Informal contact among staff forms the basis of teamwork. Slack allows you to have video-call sessions. It further allows texting other employees.

    onboarding software

    Slack has a feature called ‘co-working’. Since they claim they know the value of interaction. Their app is apt for daily communication. Verbal communication is primary. But, non-verbal communication (e.g. body language, eye contact) is as important. So having a seamless co-working experience is invaluable for your company. This is what slack offers. You can include all your remote employees on the same platform. Besides, Slack’s coworking feature is easy to use. Even non-technical persons can use it. 


    Obie has a good tagline. It says, “All your team knowledge at your fingertips”. They have made geekish software. And it is user-friendly. It provides features to train your employees. Thus, this software allows both coworking and training. It can adapt to your needs by using machine-learning. You can integrate it with other useful applications like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. It can be frustrating to go through a bulk of emails.

    onboarding software

    The mailing and chatting can confuse new recruitments as well. Hence, an employee onboarding software can make them feel comfortable. Obie has chatbots. You can create your own here as well. It is beneficial to guide new employees. The workload of your company goes down with such features. In addition, it has an attractive interface. Overall, makes your company more productive because remote training has never been so easy!

    3. Zenefits

    Zenefits is an onboarding software. It takes pride in successful HR automation. Work from home is gaining popularity among new businesses. Old businesses are embracing it too. Zenefits is the future of the new normal. Besides, many companies can not afford an HR team. If you have remote employees, having an HR is not even relevant. Zenefits has all the provisions you require. It can help you with payroll and benefits management. It even helps you create a common platform.


    Finally, Zenefits provides compliance oversight and productivity insights. This is one of the best available software right now. They call it an HR-disruptor. I think the name is quite apt. Because Zenefits is literally your virtual HR department. In fact, it is more than that if you explore all its features. Zenefits can be integrated with G-Suite, MSOffice, Slack, and many more. Thus, you can use it as a sharing platform too. You can say, this is an all in one business solution for employee onboarding.  

    4. ProProfs Knowledge Base

    ProProfs Knowledge Base is another famous platform. This one is particularly good for having a knowledge-sharing platform. ProProfs Knowledge Base brags about its world-famous users. According to their website, Dell, Sony, Cisco, etc. are their users. This app lets you make an employee handbook easily. Moreover, it gives you an experience of a personalized work environment. This is a platform that allows you to showcase your work culture. You can add the logo or watermark of your company on ProProfs.

    ProProfs Knowledge Base
    ProProfs Knowledge Base

    Here, you can create smooth workflows. Since you are sharing company knowledge with many here, it reduces the number of formal sessions. It has a lot of features. Still, it is easy to use. It has a Word-like editing option. You can find whatever you want from their search tool. However, employees can access it from anywhere. ProProfs is available for desktop, mobile, tablets, and Macbook. You can integrate it with other software too. Finally, this employee onboarding software helps you create an atmosphere of growth and teamwork. Anybody would prefer a common platform over 10 e-mails. 

    5. Kissflow

    Kissflow has a positive work-vibe. In this app, you can automate all your workflows. Then, you can share it with all the members. It further gives you all the facilities of employee onboarding. It already has 50 pre-installed workflows. They are enough for most of your work. These inflows are sufficient for onboarding, invoice, and refund management. Finally, you can control sales and marketing with them. 


    Kissflow allows you to upload work progress. Everyone in the company can check ongoing and closed projects. Further, they can see how much work is done in ongoing projects. In short, you can keep tabs on all your work. It is definitely better than email updates. It even adds accountability and transparency among workers. Initiating the workflows is quite easy. So, what are you waiting for? I know, we told you 5 Employee Onboarding Software. But there are so many out there! So, I must mention 3 more amazing software. 

    6. Gusto 

    Gusto is another software with a quirky tagline. It says, “It’s time to tame the chaos payroll, benefits and HR”. It does what it says. Gusto takes care of the needs of employees. They have some elaborate features. Once an employee joins the app, it starts automation. It channels new hires through direct deposit forms. It further takes care of taxation documents. Even it allows the staff to introduce themselves. This particular feature of Gusto is admirable because it is so well-arranged.


    You can track the work progress here. Gusto shows significant metrics of employee engagement. Finally, it is apt at showing onboarding hours of each employee. If your company requires specific statistics about employees, Gusto is great. Since it is so particular about statistics. Employees feel responsible and sincere. It represents comprehensive data to you. So, you always have all the information on your device.

    7. Scoro

    Scoro is not simply an HR onboarding software. It is a business intelligence tool with a speciality in onboarding. Scoro offers a plethora of features. And it is very easily accessible too. You can have a look at your remote employees from anywhere and anytime. It is more of a work management software. It obviously takes care of employee onboarding. Then, it also fulfils the needs of billing, sales, and marketing, etc. Like Kissflow, it allows you to handle all sorts of projects. You can further have a detailed check on project progress. 

    onboarding software

    One exclusive feature of Scoro is real-time reporting. Thus, you can generate a report anytime. Slack allows for seamless communication. But, Scoro takes it to a new level. Well, time management is crucial for growth. Scoro has a unique feature where workers can delegate to others. Henceforth, it adds efficiency to priority management. Deadline maintenance gets easier too. 

    8. Basecamp

    Basecamp is another all in one software. If you have a remote employee-based company, consider Basecamp. Scattered information leads to confusion. It also can be difficult to keep track of all e-mails, chats, and updates.

    Basecamp is a platform where you can combine it all. Since it is like a one-stop solution, it reduces miscommunication. It further prevents wastage of time. On Basecamp, you can not only upload the progress of work. You can also execute the projects here.

    onboarding software

    It can be a knowledge-sharing platform too. It allows various file formats. Some of them are JPG, PDF, DOCX, PNG, XLSX, etc. You can also use it for team collaborations. Basecamp has its own storage. Hence, you can store and share files simultaneously.

    You can launch group chats here. Further, you can schedule sessions and add to-do lists. Basecamp has all aspects of a work environment. If you have a small company. This software will definitely make your team more efficient. There is some other software you can consider. They are BambooHR, WorkBright, Namely, Sentric Onboarding, etc.

    Summing Up

    These are a few of the many software which you can use. Employee onboarding software is evolving with time. More and more features are being added for better performance.

    They can take care of your critical needs now. On the one hand, they take care of onboarding for you. On the other hand, they make it easier for your employees. They can contact other staff. They also can keep a constant check on work progress.

    Moreover, it promotes values, transparency and accountability. This software creates an online workspace. Even if you do not have a physical office, it is not a problem. An employee onboarding software is almost a substitute for it!

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