Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020 [Updated]

    Apple Watch Apps: It is not a hidden fact that Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches that you can go for. Whether it is the series 2 Apple watch or the latest series 3 watch, it is very important to know which are the best apple watch apps that are required to be downloaded in the watch.

    If you will trawl down through the Play Store, you are going to find thousands of apps flooded for the apple watch. But we are present here to get you out of the trouble in searching the best apps out of all.

    Top List of Apple Watch Apps – Updated

    Here we present to you the list of top 10 best Apple Watch apps. You can select the best ones and download them in your Apple smartwatch and bring it to actual life.

    #1 Camera Plus

    This is one of the most common and the amazing third party Apple Watch App which is being used in iOS. This app is much better than the other flooded camera apps in the Play Store. Here, you get a wonderful control over the photography and can get a much better click.

    [appbox appstore id330803072]

    There are many other features available like capturing of the photo and the video with a live preview. Also, there is a feature to get an instant preview as soon as the photo is being captured so that you can see what you have clicked.

    There is the facility to change the camera mode from rear to front and vice versa. You can also set the timer for the click. With these ultimate features, this app comes out to be the best.

    #2 Calcbot – Apple Watch Apps

    You will find no calculator available in the Apple watch as Apple thinks that people will get tired of making a calculation on that so small device. But their assumption proved out to be totally wrong.

    [appbox appstore id376694347]

    Calcbot is a calculator app that exactly fills the gap on the Apple watch which is actually a calculator shaped gap. You can easily and smoothly perform any type of calculations in a very straight-forward manner.

    #3 Carrot Weather

    The name, carrot weather itself sounds out very cool and interesting. This app is specially designed to suit the Apple watch. With this app, the Apple Watch works in a very funky manner.

    [appbox appstore id961390574]

    Instead of the use of normal graphics as other weather displaying methods, the Carrot Weather uses a very heavy colour combination. In case it is raining or about to rain, the entire text will change into blue and let’s suppose it is very hot and sunny weather, then, the colour will transform into yellow.

    Thus, in a very simple and creative manner, useful information is being sent to all the Apple watch users.

    #4 Evernote – Apple Watch Apps

    This is one of the cracking apps which are made only for the iPhone. It is considered as one of the powerful tools for making notes and is taken off as a more stronger and focused app in comparison to Apple’s own notes.

    [appbox appstore id281796108]

    One more point is that Notes is not available in the Apple watch and thus this app proves out to be very helpful. So, it is advisable to switch quickly to this app. All your recent notes can be kept over there and you can read them whenever you want.

    #5 One Drop

    Here comes one of the amazing apps which are specially meant for the people who want to remain fit or are prone to diseases like diabetes. If a person is diabetic then it is very difficult for him or her to track the level of glucose and thus it can be difficult for him in certain situations.

    [appbox appstore id972238816]

    With the help of the one-drop app, it becomes easier for you to keep track of the glucose and all the other activities. Everything can be directly tracked with the help of a wrist. Thus, with this app, you can manage your health much better than before.

    #6 Ace tennis – Apple Watch Apps

    Ace tennis is another interesting app which works on the basis of Apple watch’s sensor. Power of your tennis swings along with the efficiency can be determined with the help of this app.

    [appbox appstore id1160519436]

    With this app, you will be able to check out the G-forces that are being created by your arm. Also, the speed and the power of the apex can be tracked through it. The calorie data can also be identified by it along with your heart rate.

    Thus, you can identify your game efficiency and with the pace, you can look at yourself.

    #7 AutoSleep

    The name of the AutoSleep app totally fits its name. This is a very simple app wherein you need to do nothing extra. You just need to wear a watch while you go to sleep.

    The AutoSleep app is to be just installed in your watch and simply go to bed. The app will automatically work and track the sleep.

    [appbox appstore id1164801111]

    At some fixed time, you will get the full analysis of your speed like the details of sound full sleep you took or how restless you were while sleeping. Thus, it proves out to be an amazing app.

    #8 Mint – Apple Watch Apps

    The entire life of a person, no doubt is being dictated by the bills whether it is home-related bills or the shopping bills, medical bills and so on. Mint is an app used for it. It is a very popular app which is very good at helping you track your bills.

    [appbox appstore id300238550]

    This apple watch app is a very simple app through which you can manage your bills in a versatile manner and easily identify the flow of money. Thus, you can identify the credit score and maintain your budget.

    #9 MultiTimer

    Apple is having its own timer app which is quite simple to use but the only feature it is having is that there is just one countdown timer to use. The multi timer app is a much better choice and six timers provided by it.

    [appbox appstore id973421278]

    Thus, you can use many timers together and hence you have many choices with you.

    #10 Green Kitchen

    With the help of this app, you can easily get access to many healthy vegetarian recipes. This can be done directly from your Apple watch and you will be so relaxed in that. You just have to select a recipe and it will be directly visible on your watch to be used. Thus, it is a very handy app.

    [appbox appstore id466252999]

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