Top 6 Ways to Provide More Effective Personalized Customer Service

    In the modern era of business and technology, customers often expect to get personalized customer service. It is one of the major criteria that help small businesses to grow. Nowadays, customers are becoming more cautious while choosing their brand to support. One specific quality they seek for a business company is having potential personalized customer service.

    If you are out of ideas that can help you to provide customer service then this article is definitely for you. We will try to explain the top 6 ways to provide more effective personalized customer service

    1. Greet Your Customer by Their Name

    Greeting you customer by mentioning them is one of the finest ways of personalized customer service. Your loyal and frequent customers have a big impact on their mind whenever you are using this way. Moreover, they feel more valuable to your business. It is quite simple nowadays to collect your most active customer’s name through an easy database.

    Statistics have shown that our brain activation happens when someone calls us by our first name. This scientifically proved way can become a huge potential for your business when you use it. Because, when your customer will notice their name, they will likely come around your shop again and again.

    2. Collect and Share Customer Data

    This may sound a little weird for your business, but this way is also very effective as a personalized customer service. If your customer service employees can all access this information, they can then personalize interactions by referencing previous orders or past service issues. It will make everything easier for both your business and your customer.

    Additionally, it is not tough to work today to keep track of your customer’s personal information. Like their names, contact info, purchasing history and other details. It is even a lot easier if you go for the digital way to do so. You can use ‘Customer Relationship Management Software that lets you maintain a clean data record about your customers and their previous activities with your business.

    3. Create Smooth Transitions

    Sometimes, there is a necessity to hand over your customer from one employee to another one when you are solving their problems or giving them some feedback. The transitions of your customer may be between your managers to another representative, an officer to another worker, either physically or digitally. You need to make sure that they are having a healthy transition wherever and whenever your customer is being transited.

    Try to explain every situation to your customer while transiting. Like what is really going on with his issue, what he needs to do, where is transiting next, etc. They will likely feel more comfortable if you make things transparent between your business and your customer. When it comes to digital transition, it might happen through phone calls or emails. Make sure to give the customer an SMS or email explaining everything they need to know.

    4. Provide Real Human Support

    The maximum numbers of customers hate your service when they meet a bot or an Artificial Intelligence system while solving taking the help. It not only sounds robotic but also lacks the empathy that people looks around when reaching out to businesses. They might get the feeling that the person they are talking to is not really listening to what they are saying. It is a huge negative impact on your customer service.

    You should ensure the proper human touch in your business support. Your customer representatives and call centre employees have to learn how to be more conversational when listening to customer’s concerns. Every single word from the customer should be listened to with utmost comprehension to reduce the chances of troubles along the way.

    5. Arrange Giveaway Events

    Arranging giveaway events for your most effective customers is another greatest way of personalized customer service. Loyal customers always keep up with your business till the last day. Giving away some of your products encourage them to buy more and more from your business. It is something like offering your loyal customers a free cup of coffee from your coffee shop.

    Giveaway events also encourage other customers that are not eligible for the contest yet. They might be more active in your shop if they notice that the top customers are getting rewarded. This way it is more effective to bring more potential activities from individual customers.

    6. Make Recommendations

    Making new product recommendations is another potential way to boost your sales. You can get help from customers’ previous purchasing history while making an individual recommendation. A retailer can also make suggestions at an instance when a customer visits the store.

    You can use digital ways such as SMS, Email to notify them about new products before it arrives in your store. Adding an additional ‘Recommendation Feature’ to your website gives a plus point. It makes it easier for your customer to get their separate suggestions of purchasing when they come for buying on your shop.

    Wrapping Up

    The importance of personalized customer service is being overlooked by most of the uprising businesses throughout the globe. It helps you to approach more loyal customers along with increasing your business engagements, conversions, customers, sales, etc. The success of your business somewhat depends on what service are providing to your customer. So it is really worth it to use personalized customer service.

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