Ebook-searcher : The Ultimate Search Engine for Free Ebooks ?

    Nowadays books are going digital.

    This change from paper to electronic has several advantages: no need to print books on paper; the ability to carry thousands of books in an e-reader or on an SD card; and the ability to share and find books that you can’t find in bookstores. Unfortunately, the internet is vast and full of scams. It takes a long time to find an ebook available for free, especially when most websites are scams and real websites don’t have the ebook you are looking for.

    This is why Ebook-Searcher was created. As its name suggests, it is a service that will search books for you and will provide you links to free downloads from torrent, direct downloads and sharing sites.

    In one click, you will potentially be able to find the ebook you are looking for, for free!

    How does it work?

    This website has been thought to be really easy to use. First, to enter the title of the e-book you’re looking for, click on “Search !” (or on “enter key”) it will search on several websites (around 20 for the moment) if they have the ebook you’re looking for.

    Then it will display a list of websites that claims to have this ebook (and allow people to download it for free).

    Each link corresponds to a different website and shows you its name.

    If you have a favourite website, you just have to select it – or pick one randomly if you don’t.

    You’ll be directly redirected (without any link shortener or any services that would show you ads) to the result page of the website.

    To download the ebook, just follow the instructions displayed on the website (generally just click on the download button).

    Trusted websites

    When you search for a free e-book on your favourite search engine, you will first come across ads that offer to buy the book, then scams, and rarely on websites that actually offer it for free.

    And for good reason, these sites don’t necessarily want to be accessible on search engines, to avoid troubles.

    Ebook-Searcher has a list of almost twenty verified sites.

    What is a verified site? It is a site that offers ebooks for free, without any account and without any scam.

    These sites may display these ads, to offset server costs, and these ads may be scams, so be careful to click on the buttons and not the ads. We also encourage the use of an ad blocker to go on these sites.

    Ebook-Searcher returns the link to the search results of the various websites; if the results are inaccurate, it is because the internal search engine of those websites is inaccurate.

    These sites may close for a variety of reasons, or new sites may be created and then deleted or added over time.

    The advantages of Ebook-Searcher

    1. Ebook-Searcher is mobile-friendly.

    Pretty cool if you don’t have an e-reader and you’re reading ebooks on your phone or tablet !

    2. It allows you to download files in multiple formats.

    If you’re reading on other devices than an e-reader, you may prefer to use the .pdf format instead of the .epub format. Many websites proposed by Ebook-Searcher allow you to download ebooks available in these two extensions; but some don’t, so you’ll have to use an online converter to open it with your favourite software.

    If you have a Kindle eReader you can use software like Calibre to convert .epub files in .azw (the Kindle format) or .mobi (the old Kindle format).

    3. You’ll see two versions of the search engine : a French one and an English one.

    We could think that only the language of the website is different but it’s not as simple.

    In addition to changing the website language, the list of the websites is also changing :

    For example, on the French website the links will be those of websites that are proposing free French ebooks. It doesn’t mean that these websites are only sharings French ebooks but it means that it does share at least in this language. This is exactly the same thing for the English version.

    So on each version you’ll have websites in common but also specialised websites, so you can have more accurate results !

    4. Ebook-Searcher is totally free.

    It doesn’t require any credit card or any registration.

    The website doesn’t use any cookies, it doesn’t take your personal data so it can’t sell them. You can use addons like ad blockers, privacy badger or many others to check it.

    It also doesn’t include Facebook or Google services, that use third cookies to take and read your data.

    5. Ebook-Searcher doesn’t use url shortener.

    Many websites use them to earn money. These services show ads for a certain time and users have to watch them; after that it shows the real links.

    Ebook-Searcher doesn’t use any of this service, even if it would be very adapted – given that its main functionality is to redirect people through links – because it wouldn’t be comfortable for the users that would be forced to see ads and it would be a nightmare for their privacy.

    6. Ebook-Searcher doesn’t show external ads from advertising management companies because they are really harmful for your privacy.

    The only ad you’ll see is a popup on the home screen that will ask you to download a browser (created by the Firefox co-founder) that allows you to protect your privacy and offers a different vision of the web than the traditional browsers (and is also way faster than them).

    It’s optional but it rewards the hours spent creating a clean and functional website, the courageous choice not to advertise (unlike similar sites) and the costs associated with the website.

    If you know one or many website(s) that share free ebooks, you can suggest them on the dedicated page so they could be added in the search engine in the future !

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