Upcoming Digital Currencies

    People are mostly intrigued by fully decentralized platforms. We have been creating systems like banks and financial institutions to control every transaction. At the same time, it’s a digital era where we should get a fully decentralized platform for business transactions.

    Bitcoin was the first exciting Cryptocurrency. People wanted a free system from banks and financial institutions, and they got it.

    One decade ago, Bitcoin was launched. It did not get enough hype to get interested in millions of people around the globe. Unfortunately, Bitcoin became a local blow up in the US and did not reach other countries until 2014/15.

    Bitcoin – Currency of the Digital Era

    Bitcoin is a top choice in 2019. One BTC was worth $1000 for the whole summer, but the price dropped hard in September. As of now, BTC is worth $8000. Newcomers should be conscientious before investing money in Bitcoin because there is a chance of losing money. First of all, wait for a few more days to understand the level of fluctuation. Secondly, the price of BTC should still be stabilized and could go high. Experts believe that we may witness another “crypto winter,” so be very careful.

    On the other hand, there is much positive news around Bitcoin. Microsoft added a symbol of BTC in excel, and it could mean massive support from tech companies. Also, the best casinos online started accepting Bitcoin payments.

    Ethereum – Dream of Vitalik Buterin

    Young computer programmers founded Ethereum. He wrote the algorithm for Ethereum and launched it in 2015. Ethereum was launched with 15 million pre-mined crypto coins.

    This Cryptocurrency saw massive growth in 2017. The price of Ethereum increased to $180, and now it’s stable. Vitalik hopes for a bright future and predicted $200 in value till the end of 2020.

    Ripple – all the way up

    The third biggest Cryptocurrency is Ripple. It still has to climb the heights that Bitcoin or Etherum reached, but there are positive vibes. Companies already accept ripple as a payment option, so it could be a good time to invest.

    Wait for Facebook Libra

    If you want to invest in powerful Cryptocurrency, then save money and wait for Libra coin. Facebook will launch a new currency in the first half of 2020, and there is a big hype already. Giant tech companies formed an association with Facebook to assure Libra’s successful future. eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, Visa, Mastercard, and other companies will accept Libra payment right away.

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