A guide to choosing a watch (a luxury one that is appropriate for every man)

    For many men, having a good watch is like buying the car of their dreams. It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive or the fashionable one. Always look for something that approaches your personality, budget and, why not, your lifestyle.

    What should men consider when buying a watch?

    You must always walk according to your personality and represent your essence. A watch that makes you feel comfortable and is a symbol of pride. By buying online from reputable online stores such as you can get tons of choices.

    How many watches should a man have? Should you think of one for each opportunity?

    Everyone you want! There are no exact figures and today there are many choices. Sports watches, smart watches, party watches, and even watches that work for traveling or navigating. What will never be lost in a man’s closet is a watch that is luxury, unique and iconic. A watch that can be passed down from generation to generation. An object of pride for their children and grandchildren to inherit.

    What is the life of a watch?

    This will vary according to brand, box quality and caliber. A good watch is for a lifetime if they are given proper care and maintenance. For many lives.

    What kind of care does the watch need?

    The caliber of a watch is a very complex machine that requires maintenance to maintain its perfect operation for many years. This treatment consists of completely dismantling and cleaning each part with a machine and special additives.

    With parts that are clean, the machine is installed again by lubricating the parts in certain places. Once armed, gauges must be synchronized to ensure the accuracy of their operations. Then, the synchronized caliber must be installed in a sealed box to maintain the waterproof and dust resistance of the watch.

    The key to everything is knowing when to do the treatment and that depends on the quality of the watch. That the clock ahead or behind is a clear sign that the clock is not working properly and that is the right time to do maintenance but the idea is not to get to this point.

    There are instruments to measure the accuracy of the clock at the rate of one thousandth of a second to determine when the right time to perform maintenance. If a man who always goes to jean to work, what kind of watch should he wear?

    The world has changed and in this way consumers see brands and products. Anyone can be the perfect combination, because everyone joins everything if done with the right attitude. There are many customers who wear jeans and t-shirts but with traditional watches in modern versions or watches inherited by their parents or grandparents. We also see people wearing coats and ties with sports or smart watches. In short, you have to wear a watch that makes you feel as comfortable and comfortable as your everyday jeans, be it sports or luxury watches.

    If it’s a man who likes sports, what kind of watch should I wear?

    Sports lovers usually have sports watches, resistant to the conditions of the activity they practice. You also want the watch to help you keep track of your physical activity and have certain luxury accents to be able to use it in more special events.

    If I only have the budget to have a watch, what type should I buy? With what features

    The advice is to buy a watch that you always dreamed of. For a man, a watch will be a part that will always represent elegance, progress, tradition and heritage. Obviously if it is a luxury watch, it is a part that you can use every day but also for special occasions. It is the versatility of high-end watches, which can be worn with jeans and tennis, but at the same time as a formal suit or tuxedo.

    Finally, we hope this guide will be able to help you when it comes to buy your dream watch.

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