16 Cartoon Crazy Alternative Sites To Watch Free Full Cartoons Online

    Cartoons are a favorite part of childhood. There is almost no one who will not want to re-watch childhood animated shows. We love to watch those enchanting shows after an exhausting day! Kids of today’s era will have an option to re-watch their favorite anime, unlike us. These sites, like cartoon crazy, allows everyone to download and watch anime whenever they wish to. Cartoon Crazy and its alternatives allow everyone to stream videos free of cost, and this puts the cherry on the cake!

    Due to inconveniences, Cartoon Crazy is not active anymore. But, there is nothing to worry about. We have got crazy cartoon alternatives. This article will help you to know about such sites that will help to stream online cartoons.

    Here are the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives

    1. Kissanime

    Kissanime is a website where one can watch unlimited anime. There are some excellent points about this website. One can watch free anime on Kissanime. It has got a lot of episodes uploaded. Anyone can download or stream videos anytime. Moreover, all the videos here are of High Definition quality.


    The GUI of the website is fantastic, and this will help the viewer to get new anime recommendations. One can get all the videos in the English language. Hence nothing can pull someone back from video streaming from this website. It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for Cartoon Crazy.

    2. Gogoanime

    Gogoanime site, Gogoanime, has a vast library where you can find an extensive collection of anime. You will find famous anime like Naruto and Dragonball Z here. The collections here will help you find anything you are looking for.

    Gogoanime Website Information Kissanime

    You can view HD quality videos here with a good streaming speed. The experience is flawless and beautiful.

    3. Animeheaven

    Animeheaven is a heaven for anime lovers. Here, you have to create an account, and then you are all set. Video streaming quality is also excellent. The anime here is Anyone can select the category to view the collection. After that, it becomes easier to choose what to watch.


    You can download, share, and stream video free of cost from this site. The site has everything that an anime lover will need.

    4. Animeland

    People from all age groups can stream videos from this alternative of Cartoon Crazy. It has a vast collection of anime for you to watch. This is a brilliant website to watch anime online.


    Moreover, one can select the stream speed, and the connection speed automatically adjusts with the stream speed.

    5. Toon Nova

    Toon Nova is a site that is user-friendly and serves its clients with advancements. There will be no interference while you are streaming video on Toon Nova. This site is a user-friendly site to watch videos from.


    The quality of the video is sober, and viewers can watch peacefully. This website is a child’s cartoon destination.

    6. Disney Junior

    Disney Junior is a that is well-designed and is famous. Kids and adults both can watch cartoons from this site. They will love the collection that it has here from interesting sources, for example- Walt Disney, Marvel Funnies, and anime as well.

    disney junior

    This site allows everyone to watch cartoons without online payment. The user interface is well-designed and straightforward.

    7. Youtube

    Youtube is a platform to watch videos online. This is designed both for kids and adults. There is a different kidspace where there are a lot of videos that a kid might like: cartoons, rhymes, and a lot more.

    YouTube Kids

    It allows the user to select the video quality while streaming through Youtube. It is an ideal site to watch cartoons online.

    8. Cartoon8

    Cartoon8 is another standout alternative to Crazy Cartoon. Cartoon8 has animation shows filled in it. It is another site which is recommended. It has a massive base of cartoons and animated videos.

    Cartoon 8

    Viewers like this page a lot due to the content it has got to show. There are various options available which save the user’s time.

    9. Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network is the most popular site among all of these crazy cartoon alternatives. The site has a significant fan-base. All remember the famous animated Tom and Jerry’s arrangement of us. This animation appears alongside melodies.

    Cartoon Network

    The bond that Tom and Jerry have is something one will never be tired of watching. Here kids can view different segments of cartoons, and they will never be bored with it. This site even has free online games for kids. No wonder, this is one of the most liked cartoon channels.

    10. AnimeShow

    AnimeShow has a great UI. This saves a lot of time for the users. The collection keeps the viewers hooked to the site. The look and the structure of the website are extraordinary.

    Cartoon Crazy

    The website has a specialty, which will allow the users to download anime dubbed in English and with proper subtitles. Viewers can watch their favorite shows here on this site.

    11. 9Anime

    9Anime has an arrangement of old anime. The site is the specialty of this site. You can also get the popular anime to watch here. These videos are accessible in HD quality.


    The website has 4K to UHD objective, which is considered the best guide in TV class customers. 9Anime is undoubtedly one of the best sites you will come across.

    12. SuperCartoons

    SuperCartoons is another site that is very easy to use and generally liked by the users. The site UI attracts the users to stream online videos from the site. There are child shows which are appealing for the kids to watch. Therefore, the kids like to watch cartoons from this site.

    Cartoon Crazy
    SuperCartoons is another website where you can find your favorite cartoons

    The best part about this website is that we can download videos to watch it offline

    13. AnimePahe

    AnimePahe is an excellent choice for the ones who like to watch anime more than anything. The site has an attractive interface. It gives an extraordinary experience to its viewers because of its video quality.


    The collection here is outstanding. Viewers love their content. AnimePahe has fewer commercials, which helps the viewer to stream videos peacefully.

    14. Fmovies

    Fmovies has a versatile collection. Everyone can watch movies and cartoons online. The site is free. There are segments divided for each kind and is a very user-friendly site.


    It opens a few windows with advertisements with each click of the mouse.

    15. Movie4u

    Movie4u is the best place to watch anime and cartoons without any ads. This is a straightforward website. Hence it is easy to operate. The cartoons here have IMDB ratings and a brief about the plots.


    At times this site leads to malicious websites. So, it is better to have an Adblock program running while streaming videos from Movie4u.

    16. WatchFree

    WatchFree has a good collection that attracts viewers back to the website over and over again. The videos are listed to make it readily available for the users. The site makes sure that the film catalog is updated every day. It gives the daily dose of entertainment on needs.

    Cartoon Crazy

    WatchFree has excellent video quality and can be streamed for watching videos online.

    Wrapping up

    Here is the list of alternatives of Cartoon Crazy from where users can now on stream videos. Each site has its uniqueness, and all the sites mentioned above are user-friendly. Go on and watch your favorite show online and enjoy it!

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