Can Free VPNs be Secure?

    Virtual private networks are the cornerstone of digital security. There is no way to better protect yourself online than to use a VPN to ensure your privacy, anonymity, and overall safety. VPNs work by creating a secure tunnel of information that cannot be infiltrated by wandering eyes, even those of your internet service provider!

    One thing that has to be considered when choosing to use a VPN is which VPN service to use!

    There are literally hundreds of options and they all vary greatly. You can trust VPNpro to evaluate these options to help you decide which is best for you!

    No matter what you are looking for in cybersecurity, it always comes back to one consideration: the price.

    Some VPNs can be incredibly pricey but offer a lot of amenities. Some VPNs say they offer a lot of amenities and are completely free.

    If you trust the knee jerk reaction of a lot of people on the internet you will hear that free VPNs are not worth the trouble. They are a scam to sell your information. They lie about their features.

    Well, today we are going to look at free VPNs and discuss their pros, cons, and whether or not they are worth the savings.

    The Dangers of Free VPNs :

    #1 Free VPNs can contain malware

    A study done on over 200 free VPNs showed that nearly 40% of them were infected with malware.

    #2 They track your information

    The same study of over 200 free VPNs showed a whopping 72% of the services had third-party trackers embedded in them. Since this completely defeats the purpose of a VPN, it makes their services useless.

    #3 They don’t provide all services

    One of the most popular reasons people use VPNs is to unblock Netflix, unfortunately, most free VPNs are not able to do this.

    #4 The cap your data

    As a means to save money a lot of free VPNs are forced to cap data. This can mean that you don’t have enough data to effectively use the service.

    #5 They slow down your service

    Similar to the data cap, many free VPNs don’t have the appropriate speeds to keep your internet from drastically slowing down.

    Benefits of Free VPNs :

    1. Free VPNs that are intended as trials for paid VPNs offer top-notch security with limited additional features.

    This can give you access to some of the features you need in a safe manner.

    2. Try out services before you buy

    Access to free trials and versions of VPNs allow you to truly find the right service for you before committing to more or less than you need.

    Best Free VPNs

    • Proton VPN
    • unlimited data and bandwidth
    • top notch encryption
    • torrenting
    • Windscribe VPN
    • 10GB data per month
    • Good privacy level
    • User-friendly
    • Hotspot Shield
    • 500MB daily bandwidth
    • Military-grade encryption
    • Auto public Wi-Fi protection


    If you are going to go the free route with VPNs there is a lot of research to be done. It is far too easy to wind up using a service that leaves you less secure than when you started. To evaluate free VPNs and find out which service is best for you to trust VPNpro.

    VPNpro has the best, most honest reviews on all types of VPNs – paid and otherwise. With just a little research you can find the right service to fit your digital security needs!

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