Bridge24: Reporting and Exporting tools for Asana, Trello, and Basecamp

    If you are working in the project management sector, you have probably used a lot of professional tools. There are multiple top tools for project management at present. Recently, the most used ones include Asana, AceProject, Trello, and Basecamp. However, experts know that the management process can be optimized when these tools’ performance increases. To do this, other exporting tools are used. One of the most excellent choices to do so at present is Bridge24. This tool is a professional tool used for exporting and reporting. As a result, it enhances the working of the other tools for project management.

    The tool Bridge24 is a pretty dynamic tool. It has a highly secure, one-click connection. Users can easily access the multiple functions and tools that can help in optimizing project management. All of these tools and features are highly useful. They will allow the user to perform top-quality reporting and provide quality analytics. Users are presented with multiple options. Hence, their work becomes more flexible. As a result, the work data can be controlled in a much efficient manner. The filters, controls and the views provided by Bridge24 makes this tool unique in the market. It can also help users with multiple options in the organization. Additionally, the hidden and vital data can be easily classified with Bridge24.

    Bridge24 also offers proper charts and formats that house the data of significant importance. This actionable data can be easily read from these charts. With so many options, Bridge24 acts as an enhancing platform. The workers will be able to make decisions more freely and accurately. Hence, users will be able to achieve their targets in much less time. The workload will also become less. Bridge24 comes equipped with multiple extensions, which are highly advantageous. For example, the Trello Chart Suite works in Chrome. This is a useful extension for building charts easily and quickly.

    Bridge24 – Product Features, Strengths, and Advantages

    All of the strengths and features of Bridge24 makes this tool quite advantageous to use. Some of the most useful features of this tool are provided below.

    1. Highly connective and easy to understand interface

    The tool Bridge24 is mainly cloud-based. The tool has been developed in a highly interactive manner. This means that the tool can connect with the required data and information quite smoothly. Any platform for project management is quite easily connected with Bridge24 to fetch the necessary data. The connectivity is dynamic. As a result, no problematic configuration or data importing is required. The analyzed information also gets synced bi-directionally in the working time itself. This means that the sheets are always updated with the latest changes.

    The interface is straightforward to understand and quite simple to use. The usability has been improved significantly to make sure that the users experience a seamless integration. The font readability and the loading time have been developed as well. Projects can be easily updated with new tasks. Fields such as charts and Asana are supported as well. A workflow bar, quick action menu, and a tree view task list have been incorporated as well.

    2. Interactions, reporting, and viewing through advanced charts

    Users will have multiple view options while using Bridge24. The Calendar view, interactive power grid view, and the workflow tracking board view are available. All of these are useful in some way or the other. The view mode can be changed easily with a single click. Other features include checking the work history, supporting multiple languages, editing tasks, and seeing the preview of a document. The views can be created, saved, filtered, and deleted, as per the convenience of the user.

    Grouping and sorting of data can also be quickly done. The view can be improved with fields with increased width. Simple numeric calculation functions are available on numeric data fields as well. All types of charts can be created. A single chart also supports the housing of two variables. The data charts can also be shared, copied, and exported in formats like PDF. Milestone column is available for Asana users. The reports can be downloaded in desired formats as well.

    3. Availability of multiple exporting tools, Chrome add-ons, and user accounts

    The features for exporting available in Bridge24 are highly effective. These features make the transporting of data an easy task. Consequently, project data can be fetched from the convenient tool that users are using for project management. The controls are straightforward to grasp and understand. Any extraction of data from these project data can be done in a hassle-free manner. Multiple formats for the data exporting are supported. The most common ones are CSV, PDF, and Excel. Fields such as work history, remarks, and any custom set of data can also be exported.

    There are two highly functional chrome extensions provided by Bridge24. These include the Trello Chart Suite and the Trello Excel Sports Suite. These extensions are mainly used to create Trello data charts quickly and export the Trello data to Excel format, respectively. Users also get an account where the information like affiliate programs, views, filters, and online feedback charts are stored.

    Bridge24 – Product Pricing

    Users of Bridge24 have the option to pay the subscription either in a monthly or a yearly manner. There is a discounted amount of up to 20 percent for the annual subscribers. The total number of users of Bridge24 at any given time determines the rate. There are multiple levels of subscription, as well. There is a Base level, which can be acquired by paying 240 dollars annually in advance, or 25 dollars per month. This level of pricing is available up to 5 users. Five dollars per month is charged for each additional user. The project management tool provider determines the supported features. Multiple features are available for tools like Asana, Basecamp 2, and 3, Trello, and AceProject. These include multi-language support, customized filters, power grid view, export, and data sorting. Asana and Trello users also get custom fields. A free trial of the software is available for the users for seven days.


    If you are a user of Asana, AceProject, Trello, and Basecamp, you will find Bridge24 to be useful. The advanced features for exporting and reporting will no doubt enhance the management of data and information. Hence, the project management process will be optimized with Bridge24.

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