How to boost morale in your hybrid working team

    Employee morale is very important. Having bad morale within a team of workers can affect more than just the other employees. It can affect the running of your business too, and yet there are so many employers who do not take employee morale seriously.

    In recent months, since remote and hybrid working has really taken off, it has become apparent that other issues can affect workers’ morale who may have been forgotten due to either never or very rarely being on site.

    Improving communication throughout your business

    Whether you are talking about hybrid, remote, or normal on-site workers, good communication within a business is one of the main pinnacles of having a happy environment within the workplace.

    Whether it is client, product, or business-based, information must be free-flowing to maintain a healthy working environment.

    Although this information can be given in emails, placed on notice boards, or attached to client or product files, is even better when given verbally. This ensures that all employees have a say, and those who may not understand or feel that they need a little more information are free to ask questions and gain answers. Now you may feel that this is a tall order, especially if you have quite a few remote workers or hybrid workers amongst your employees, but this does not have to be the case.

    By expanding your business into a digital workplace and improving your intranet facilities, you can provide all your off-site employees with regular meetings held in a virtual meeting room. You will also have other options of communication and employee engagement which will prove very useful when keeping the morale of your workers high. For more information on the benefits of a digital workplace, click here.

    By having segmented information, you are creating a disjointed workplace, where there are some who feel they are above others and privileged with knowledge, and those who feel that they are too low to know. This does not make for a happy, healthy place of work, especially if issues are arising. Negative rumors will start to circulate, tempers and stress levels will grow, productivity and quality will slide, and employees will start looking elsewhere for employment.

    Even remote and hybrid workers who can feel alienated, alone, overly stressed, and depressed if they are not given a certain level of communication. These are not good points to install in any of your workers, and you will find that even with the benefits of remote or hybrid working, your employee retention numbers will be low or will start to dwindle.

    Installing an up-to-date intranet could be your answer

    By installing an up to date intranet system to support all your employees, whether they are on-site, hybrid, or working remotely, you will be providing all of them with a way of connecting with each other and keeping up to date with information and relationships, thus providing the social part of the working life to those who are not physically in attendance.

    Setting up an intranet system that will be shared across all your workers may not be as risky as you first think, as there is now plenty of security coverage if you go to a reputable business for your intranet needs.

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