10 Best Weather App for Android devices and Widget List

    Day by day, the smartphones are becoming more useful and unique with great features. Earlier, it was just a mobile phone meant for making calls but now, it has converted into Android smartphone. Be it a calendar, music player or weather information, Android devices will give you all within few minutes. Whether it is extremely hot or cold, we all want to know the temperature of our city daily. You can now know the weather of many countries by downloading the best weather app for Android devices.

    List of best weather app for Android devices

    These weather apps will give you correct information about the weather with other useful information such as humidity and precipitation. Let us have a glance at some of the most useful Android weather apps which are given below:

    #1.  1Weather

    This is the best Android weather app which you can download on your Android devices. It has a beautiful user-interface which will make your search for the temperature of any city or country much easier. You can also know the temperature of your current location. This app also provides you the forecast conditions of your location. You can also share the updates of weather with your friends on social media sites.

    1 Weather

    #2.  Dark Sky

    The best weather app for Android devices, Dark Sky will provide you weather information of your current location. It gives accurate detail of weather alert and rain notification. Dark Sky also gives information on forecast conditions.

    It is available in both free and premium versions. You can see the current temperature on the home screen of your Android devices. It has radar which notifies about the storm in any part of the world.

    Dark Sky

    #3.  The Weather Channel

    The next on the list is The Weather Channel which is one of the most popular Android weather widgets. It consists of GPS which will provide you the accurate weather information of local places and other national countries.

    This is the best weather app for Android devices which will give you the forecast of the temperature of next 15 days. It gives you radar maps and live data on tides. The Weather Channel will also provide you the medical advice in case of fever.

     The Weather Channel

    #4.  NOAA Weather

    NOAA Weather will give you the weather forecast with wind speed and rainfall details. It gives you a notification when there are floods or storms in your nearby location. It has animated radar which will give the real-time weather details such as rainfall, snowfall or shine.

    This app also shows you the pressure and temperature in Celsius. You can see the precipitation data in many colors. In this app, you can name all the locations for your convenience.

    NOAA Weather

    #5.  Transparent clock & weather: best weather app for Android

    You can now plan your weekend depending on the weather forecast. This app gives us accurate weather information of your current location. The weather updates will be on the home screen of your Android devices.

    You can know the sunrise and sunset times and the moon rise and moon set times. There is weather radar to know the rainfall and pressure or wind. It is the best weather app Android widget which gives you the details of humidity, heat index,and dew point.

    Transparent clock & weather

    #6.  Weather Underground    

    Weather Underground is the best weather app for Android devices which provides you satellite maps and weather forecast. This app has fixed bugs and other minor crashes. You will receive the notification of the current temperature and weather conditions on your home screen.

    It comes with an Interactive map which shows you the weather of many stations with the help of animated radar and satellite. It also provides you weather alerts when there are severe conditions.

    Weather Underground

    #7.  AccuWeather

    AccuWeather will give you the accurate information on weather conditions. You can get the weather forecast of 2 weeks on this app. Live GPS will give you the details of rainfall and wind speed. There is an amazing feature of the Real Feel Temperature which will give you the exact temperature outside your house.

    If there any storms or extreme weather conditions, you can get the notifications on AccuWeather.  You can get the weather information of many countries of the globe on this app.


    #8.  Weather Wiz

    If you want the weather forecast for next 10 days, you can download Weather Wiz on your Android devices. It is the best Android weather widget to know the temperature of any city, town or country of the globe. You will be notified of weather updates which will occur on your home screen. You can also know the pressure and wind speed on Weather Wiz. The satellite map will keep you updated with your city’s temperature.

    Weather Wiz

    #9.  Awesome Weather

    Awesome Weather is one of the most colorful Android weather apps for those who want weather updates each minute. It has amazing features of showing you the weather conditions such as rainfall on the screen to show heavy or less rainfall. It has beautiful landscape artwork to display the season.

    You can select any landscape of your choice for your background. You will receive the alerts if your city faces any storm or heavy rainfall or any other extreme weather condition. It is the best weather app for Android devices for knowing the accurate weather report.

    Awesome Weather

    #10.  GO Weather

    The last on the list is GO weather app which is a multipurpose app. You can know the weather conditions of various countries and get beautiful wallpapers at the same time. It is the best weather app for Android devices to know the humidity, precipitation, sunrise and sunset times, rainfall and many other details.

    GO Weather


    So, this was the list of most popular Android weather apps which give you every detail of weather. Now, you can plan your trips and outings by looking at the weather conditions in a particular place with the help of these apps. The best weather app for Android devices will give you the live updates of weather and also alert you if there are bad weather conditions.

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