3 Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners

    Progress does not stand still, and in 2024, the usual vacuum cleaner no longer meets all consumer criteria and trends.

    So, robot vacuum cleaners are in high demand now, but they are not yet able to completely replace the usual models; therefore, large manufacturers continue to improve their products.

    One of the most popular trends in household appliances is upright vacuum cleaners, both corded and cord-free. They provide fantastic suction, manoeuvrability, multifunctionality, and are suitable even for pet hair cleaning.

    In our article, we`re going to have a look at the three best vacuum cleaners from the famous Shark company, which won the respect of both users and experts in 2019.

    Shark DuoClean Corded Vacuum

    Shark DuoClean is an excellent and relatively inexpensive representative of the Shark vacuum family, which has a number of advantages.

    The design of the vacuum cleaner provides two brushes in one cleaning head: a soft one in the front part and a bristled one behind. The joint work of two brushes allows the vacuum to remove both small and large debris from the floor equally effectively.

    Besides, this model has a system for switching between the cleaning modes depending on the surface. There are several modes for smooth parquet, linoleum, carpet, etc. The DuoClean extracts debris even from the soft pile.

    Powered Lift-Away technology makes it possible to clean under furniture and above the floor with the touch of a button.

    LED lights on the handle and floor nozzle provide visibility in dark places, which contributes to incomparable and quick cleaning. The moving head with brushes gets even to hard-to-reach areas.

    This model is perfect for people with fluffy pets, as it has a special motorized tool for pet hair cleaning. It provides deep vacuuming and is ideal for quick upholstery cleaning.

    Thanks to the improved anti-allergenic sophisticated sealing, the vacuum cleaner captures the smallest dust and allergens.

    The HEPA filter keeps 99.99% of the particles and prevents them from escaping out into the air. The DuoClean also has a very spacious dust collector holding up to 1 litre of garbage.

    The only problem point of this vacuum cleaner is a cord. As it`s a corded model, its mobility and cleaning radius are limited by the length of a power cord, which is 30 ft. Nevertheless, this length is enough for relatively free cleaning. Plus, you don`t depend on the battery.

    The average price for the item varies from $260 to $290.

    Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum

    The next model of our review is Shark Rocket Pet Pro. The device promotes perfect cleaning on any surface while costing only $230.

    The vacuum cleaner is a cordless transformer model that can work both in an upright configuration and the format of a handheld vacuum cleaner. Thus, it provides vacuuming of the entire house and all possible surfaces from floor to ceiling.

    The set includes versatile attachments to clean upholstery, shelves, car seats, tight spaces, and so on. The vacuum weighs 7.7 pounds and has an ergonomic handle, so it is easy and convenient to use.

    The basics of the cleaning is a functional turbo brush roll developed using the Dirt Engage technology. It means that the Shark ideally collects all garbage and at the same time, can be easily cleaned of such a problematic pollutant as hair.

    The main cleaning nozzle greatly facilitates the use of the device in hard-to-reach places, as it can be rotated at different angles and has special LED lighting.

    The vacuum cleaner doesn`t work directly from the network. Energy comes from a lithium-ion battery. Operating time is 40 minutes in Standard mode, but in the Max mode, we can count on no more than 10-15 minutes.

    In the case of a battery breakdown or deterioration, you can always replace it with a similar one.

    The dust cup is also worth noting. Its volume is quite small – just 0.1 gallons or about 380 ml, but the convenience of the emptying technology offsets this drawback.

    The cup uses the CleanTouch Dirt Ejector technology when you press the button and open the cup with just one touch. Thus you have no contact with the dirt. At the same time, all joints and seams are tight and don`t let untreated air and dust back into the room.

    The sucked air goes through several stages of HEPA filtration and leaves fresh and safe, even for the most sensitive people.

    Shark ION F80 MultiFlex Cordless Vacuum

    We want to complete our top 3 best Shark vacuum cleaners by the model ION F80 MultiFlex. Like the previous vacuum, it refers to the cordless ones and can be used both in an upright and handheld form.

    At the moment, the MultiFlex price is $270, but it`s entirely justified. So let`s check it out.

    Besides the main brush roll, the Shark vacuum cleaner comes with several additional nozzles: Duster Crevice Tool, Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, and Pet Multi-Tool.

    A rather large set includes brushes for better dust and debris cleaning, as well as a special anti-hair brush. So for the owners of furry animals, Shark offers the Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool, which, in combination with the brushes mentioned above, will provide an even better result.

    This model has outstanding manoeuvrability as you can bend the wand of the vacuum to reach the most challenging areas or transform it into a handheld device to clean above the floor.

    The vac is cord-free and runs from a battery. But unlike many other Shark vacuums, the MultiFlex offers us two removable batteries. Thus the runtime can be prolonged on the go by the simple replacing of the one element by another.

    When cleaning in the Standard mode, the vacuum lasts for 80 minutes. At Maximum power, you will have 20 minutes.

    The MultiFlex has a two-stage filtration system. The air passes through pre-motor and post-motor washable filters and comes greatly refreshed.

    But mind that the filters aren`t HEPA ones, so they can`t stop dangerous particles and pollen. It also can boast only a 300 ml dust collector, but the emptying procedure is quite hygienic and contactless.

    Press the button that opens the lid of the container and shake the dirt out.

    Many users` experience and reviews have shown that these models meet all the requirements, despite some inevitable shortcomings.

    So, thanks to these three and many other Shark vacuum cleaners, we no longer have to choose between cleanliness, health, pets, and our wallets.

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