10 Best Music Players for Android

    When it comes to music, you will be amazed to see the kind of best music player for Android being developed over time.

    There is a new App being developed everyday only for music or related to music.

    Online streaming of music may not be a viable option for everyone.

    A lot of people will have personalized playlists to listen to; in order to support these customized playlists, these apps have been developed.

    Today, we will discuss those offline best music app for Android which helps you create your own playlist to listen to on various occasions and travels.

    What makes any App the best music player for Android? Is it the features or is it the options to customize?

    These questions will not have a definite answer due to the fact that everyone has different needs and different tastes in music with some overlaps, and everyone’s choice for the best Android music player is different.

    Without further ado, let’s move on to talk about the best music player for Android available in the market.

    10 Best Music Player for Android

    1. BlackPlayer

    A simple yet elegant and of the best Android music player, with a tab structure for the user interface, BlackPlayer helps you customize the tabs that you need and remove the unwanted ones.

    It comes with features like equalizer, ID3 tag editor, scrobbling, themes without ads and support for a variety of music files.

    It can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

    [appbox googleplay com.kodarkooperativet.blackplayerfree]


    This app provides more options in the paid version.

    You could call the BlackPlayer app as one the best music player App for Android due to its simplicity.

    2. PowerAmp Music Player

    One the very popular and best music player for Android, PowerAmp has an interface that needs getting used to.

    The complexity of the interface may be a challenge; however, it is masked by solid features that the App has to offer.

    With options like 10 band optimizer, graphic equalizer, stereo expansion, bass and treble adjustment, balance, mono mixing and more; you could call this App as one of the best Mp3 player for Android users.

    [appbox googleplay com.maxmpz.audioplayer]

    This music player can be downloaded for free with a 14-day trial period and then you will have to pay a minimal amount for full access to the App.

    However, the free version is more than sufficient with all the basic features to constitute the best android Mp3 player.

    3. Apple Music

    Apple Music has not restricted to just iOS devices anymore.

    I do not need to provide any introduction to this music player that Apple has.

    It has been the best Apple music player by far; and now, you could say, it is one of the best music player for Android too.

    [appbox googleplay]


    With a 3-month trial period, you will need to purchase the App for further use.

    There is no compromise in terms of quality and features when it comes to Apple.

    They do meet the expectations of their users while providing the very features that the iOS music player has.

    4. MediaMonkey

    With tons of features to segregate your music, MediaMonkey has earned the title of a dark horse in the Android music player list.

    One notable feature here is the organization of things like podcasts, audiobooks and more with the ability to sort songs via a composer.

    [appbox googleplay]

    You can sync your music files from your computer to your phone via Wi-Fi, which is one of a kind virtual feature offered by this App.

    A simple user-interface with equalizer optimization; MediaMonkey can be considered another one the best music app for android.

    I definitely recommend this App; give it a try and you will not regret your decision.

    5. Phonograph Music Player

    A simple user interface with the best-looking features is what Phonograph is.

    It is gaining popularity much faster, even though it is a fairly new App introduced in the Play Store.

    With an elegant screen for the now playing screen, you have an option to customize this android music player with the most basic features including the start page, colors, theme, appearance of album covers and more.

    [appbox googleplay com.kabouzeid.gramophone]

    Other notable options here are the equalizer, sleep timer, scrobbling, gapless playback and tag editor.

    Although new, this App is making its way to the top 10 list for the best music App for Android.

    6. PlayerPro Music Player

    PlayerPro is not getting the popularity it deserves in my point of view and I have things to proof it up.

    The App is free to download and has a good, simple and easy user-interface.

    It comes with options to change skins, themes, customization options for both the App and music enhancements like a 5-band equalizer, widgets, various audio effects, along with the shake effect to change tracks.

    [appbox googleplay com.tbig.playerprotrial]

    One unique feature of this application is its ability to play Hi-Fi music that is 384kHz and up to 32-bit, which not every music player offers.

    With these excellent features, it definitely is one of the top Android Mp3 players in the Play Store.

    7. Musicolet

    An add-free player that specializes in synching and cloud storage facilities to deliver offline functionality.

    Musicolet has more than a few features to make it to this list of best Android music players.

    With music in mind and not the App customization, they concentrate on the functions rather than style and have prioritized it.

    [appbox googleplay in.krosbits.musicolet]

    This app supports all the music formats with multi-queue manager, embedded lyrics support, a tag editor, widgets and a sleep timer.

    The user-interface is pretty straightforward and does not have a lot of cosmetic customizations for you to explore.

    Yet another free App to make it to the best Android Mp3 player list.

    8. Stellio Music Player

    Another best Android music player that changes the theme as per the album art color; Stellio is an eye candy.

    That isn’t the only good feature about this app; features like ag, editing, gapless playback, scrobbling and crossfade are notable too.

    it also supports lose-less rare formats with the standard audio formats too.

    best music player for androidWith a 12-band equalizer with 13 audio effects like Volume amp, balance, reverb, flanger, AGC, Z-Bas, Z-Treble etc., Stellio is a one-stop shop for all your music player needs.

    Another excellent feature would be the Android wear watch; this application can easily sync to watches with all these options.

    This app has a free ad-enabled version and also a paid ad-free version.

    9. Minima

    Still an infant in industry, yet another best Android music player, Minima offers a fresh perspective to all music lovers.

    It is making its way to the top due to these free looks and features.

    The home screen of this App shows different categories like music, albums, genres, playlists etc.

    [appbox googleplay com.joko.minima]


    Every category has different and elegant user-interface with a mix of material design and other user-interface elements.

    A unique and eye-catching feature is the ring design of the current song playing.

    This design is quite new and has been getting good reviews from users solely based on this look.

    Customization options like a sleep timer, playback, swipe to close the player and more, make it a new favorite and upcoming Android Mp3 player in the market.

    10. Shuttle Music Player

    Scroll through this music player once if you are looking for something with respect to simple music players for your Android device.

    Shuttle music player’s material design can be seen as a better version of Google Play music.

    [appbox googleplay]

    With theme customization, this App has various music enhancement options like gapless playback, embedded lyrics, sleep timer, scrobbling etc.

    The 6-band equalizer with bass boost is an added bonus in this application, which is free to download.

    However, the paid version – Shuttle+ offers Chromecast Support, ID3 tag editor and more with a few extra themes.


    These are currently the 10 best Music Player for Android and are ruling the Android Mp3 player throne in the market due to their exclusive and elegant features to help make the user’s music experience a delight.

    I hope this article was helpful enough in providing an insight into these apps and making your choice in selecting a suitable music player for your Android device easy.

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