8 Tips For Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Certification Exam

    In any studying or training environment, exams are always the last practice to show how much you gained from your course. Several weeks and days before tests are usually full of anxiety, many sleepless nights and poor health. The MCSA 70-741 exam is of no exemption. After undertaking the software course for some time, this certification examination is a must to sit for.

    However, just like any other tests, preparing and ensuring success in the review is easier said than done. Yet, with the right tips for passing the MCSA exams, you will have a breeze when getting ready for them, and eventually pass them with flying colors. Follow 8 tips below, and you will see that you can achieve incredible success. Additionally, you will get information on some of the best resources, websites, and blogs that will help you get an adequate revision for your certification exam.

    1. Use Microsoft revision guides

    For you to have an easy time when tackling your exam, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with questions that have been set before on the same. By getting Microsoft revision guides, you will get the areas that you may have required to know, but you had no revised on. Get a Microsoft revision guide that will help you get the content that is in alignment with the real exam domains. Prepaway MCSA 70-741 Dumps is an excellent example of a Microsoft revision guide that will help you get the kind of experience that you will need computer science jobs here.

    1. Get started with Windows server practice labs

    Whenever you are sitting for an exam where you know all the areas that you require, passing in it becomes a simple job. With adequate knowledge of the technologies and software, you will be equipped with all the necessary information that will help you to tackle your certification test. II virtual hands-on gives a chance to experience the product first hand. This will, therefore, guarantee you success in your exam.

    1. Join a study group

    As the adage goes, no man is an island. The revision and preparation for exams are not an exception in this wise saying. For you to catalyze your success, you need to take time and join other candidates for the same test. These study groups will help you get tips, share challenges and questions with one another, and gain more knowledge concerning the course. is one of the best places that you can visit in order to join and get group discussions that will help you in your revision. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that you enter the study group that holds discussions related to only the respective studies.

    1. Look at Microsoft Virtual Academy

    As you prepare for the exam, you tend to spend cash in one way or another. Having a training tool that will help you get enough revision and knowledge for your test at minimal cost or for free, is a significant advantage for you. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a free and brilliant learning resource. It offers study materials, presentations and videos that help you know more about Microsoft technologies. Again, it covers details such as network connectivity, IP address management, network infrastructure, and network solutions. With adequate knowledge on this areas, you are sure to have success comfortably.

    1. Consider official Microsoft training

    A conducive environment and a sufficient amount of time are some of the essential requirements for an efficient self-preparation. In the absence of these two claims, the kind of research that you do will be in vain. Official Microsoft training comes to your rescue when you lack a proper environment or time to study. You can interact with experts in the field who guide you in areas where you could get stuck. Additionally, you also have peers who are the candidates for the same exam, and have the same goals as yours. In such an environment, you are sure to get into serious engagement with your exam preparation, and thus, end up passing with flying colors.

    1. Follow an expert

    While you are sitting for your MCSA 70-741 exam now, there are those who have been there before and succeeded. Such people are experts in the relevant field, and have information that could be necessary for you to successfully pass the certification examination. You could have face to face meetings with such people or follow their blogs. They will help keep you up-to-date with the technical information that you will need to pass. Furthermore, you will get a better understanding of the full range of technologies in the current high-tech world.

    1. Take a practice test

    Doing an activity for the first time not only makes you nervous, but also deprives you of a chance to succeed. In every given situation, it is possible to be better at something that you have done before. Additionally, practice makes perfect. For you to pass the MCSA 70-741 examination, you should ensure that you take a practice test to get familiar with the exam question formats. Again, you will be in a position to get more revision questions that can help you explore some extra topics in your test. is one of the best sites that you can visit, and get a practice test that will help you prepare for your MCSA 70-741 exams. Video training course provided by this website are also dynamic and effective training tool for your self-preparation.

    1. Avoid braindumps

    In most cases, the candidates preparing for exams tend to use braindumps to try and secure their success. However, in the context of Microsoft certifications, the exam dumps are not only illegal, but also denies the possibility to develop the hands-on skills that you may require. When preparing for the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104, it is essential that you ensure you take note and understand all that you feel might be tested in the exam. This will assure you success and avoid going against the Microsoft rules and regulations.


    Like any other exams, the preparation process for the MCSA 70-741 examination is not only stressful, but also demanding. The efforts that you put before, during and after the exam determines your success or failure in the test. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and passing the MCSA exam will be like a walk in the park.

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