7 Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

    Inventory software is becoming a necessity of business at this time. But what are these? Inventory management software is a particular type of software that you can use to manage all the tools and assets virtually.

    It makes accessing warehouse details and also managing the warehouse easier. With proper inventory management software, one can quickly check the warehouse without any difficulty.  

    The software is essential for any business. For example, a small business or a startup or a retail store can get a lot of benefits from the inventory management software. They make everything more manageable, and controlling the warehouse becomes one of the fastest jobs.

    In general, these types of software do not come free. There are free plans for some of them. You may need to purchase some paid services if you need more than the basic available features.

    A lot of people often think that buying a paid plan for such inventory management software is expensive. But, most freeware companies now offer affordable rapid programs that come with transparent price break-up and quick renewal policies.

    Here are the top seven inventory management software for small scale business in 2020 with a satisfactory user rating. Read this article until the end to understand which one is better for you-

    Best Inventory Management Software

    1. Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Inventory is one of the best inventory management software for a small business or a retail store.

    It is excellent software against value. Based on the paid plans, you can access multiple warehouses or stock locations, eCommerce platforms, and order sections. The framework has propelled packaging and kitting highlights for various SKUs. Additionally, Zoho inventory is extensible to several types of business organizations and use cases.

    Furthermore, this software can coordinate with other Zoho applications or work as an independent

    It also has an intuitive interface. Zoho inventory can easily handle more than one channel and warehouses simultaneously. It is also capable of handling different types of currency at the same time.

    Zoho Inventory

    You can get access to the inventory on the go with the Zoho Inventory Mobile app. It makes remote accessing easier than ever. One Of the most exciting features of Zoho Inventory is that it keeps track of each product’s expiry date listed in the inventory.

    Hence, you get a notification if something is near the expiry date. Overall if you are the owner of a startup or a small business, Zoho Inventory software can be a great pick with its affordable pricing and exciting features.

    2. Cin7

    The next option in this list is Cin7. But why consider it? It has a massive database of knowledge, including expert blogs and video guides, to help you learn how to manage the software.

    Cin7 gives in-house specialists to drive you through the arrangement procedure, in addition to a lot of online classes, instructional exercises, and broad aides. From that point onward, you’ll have a committed record director available to you. 

    Additionally, it can match up effectively with your retail location (POS) framework. So in case you’re utilizing a Lightspeed Retail POS framework, you don’t need to switch all the features of your existing framework.


    It naturally adjusts with your POS exchanges with your continuous stock following. Cin7’s bundles oblige with the requirements of all types of companies.

    So, the inventory management system is excellent for new businesses to average-sized organizations. It even offers a free trial period. The best point is that Cin7 doesn’t list exact costs for any of its bundles. 

    So you’ll have to demand a free demo to discover the specific expenses and features included in it.

    As per sources, the starter pack starts from only $299. On the other hand, other packages are available with customized prices, and you can get them with a simple request to the moderators.

    3. ABC inventory

    It is a tremendous free inventory with selected paid plans for the small scale manufacturing business.

    ABC inventory has an older interface, but its features are unique, and you will never complain about its services. It is another excellent inventory management software for small to medium scale businesses.

    The free plan includes one user with unlimited warehouse locations. You can also have and delete complete items as per your choice. The free bundle is enough for most of the businesses.

    It includes bar code scanning, inventory repairs, and leasing features along with forecasting. Additionally, ABC inventory free subscription allows the user to export the variable data MD report into different formats like Microsoft Excel.

    Microsoft Word, Txt, and HTML. The currency rates get an automatic update as soon as it changes.

    inventory management system
    ABC inventory

    Besides that, the primary user can also control the access limit of other users. The asset management features are quite user-friendly and allow you to manage every asset with pictures and a separate catalog.

    Need more? Then be assured, It has fast inventory search, sale and shipping order status management, and details, assets management system, and any other beneficial features. 

    In case you need to access the inventory from multiple locations, You can buy the paid plans. The paid license of ABC inventory allows you to have all types of add-on access from various sites for a lifetime. It is a one time purchase. 

    4. Lightspeed

    Often restaurant businesses and retails organizations are unable to find reliable and structured inventory management software.

    Lightspeed can be an excellent pick for cush businesses. It has quite a good reputation and many well-known repair shops and restaurants use and recommend it. Additionally, it has special arrangements specific to companies.

    Lightweight does not come with a free trial. But, what it offers is enough for considering it. The retail plans start at $69. Per month on an annual plan. The most significant benefit of Lightspeed is that it has a unique restaurant plan for restaurants and cafes.

    Lightspeed starts at $59 per month in a year, and the price can increase up to $34 monthly for additional features.


    It also has a unique inventory plan for golf courses. It is only available on request. The most significant benefit of Lightspeed is that it caters to specific businesses with distinct features.

    Their plans come with all the particular and necessary inventory features in a particular organization. Users can get online live help or video guidelines for guidance. 

    Besides that, It comes with features like a built-in catalog, manages and creates orders, and an integrated POS system.

    It also supports barcode accessing, kitting, faster search speed. So, if you own a restaurant or a repair service, go for Lightspeed.

    5. Ordoro

    Ordoro is the fifth-best inventory management software.  It is one of the best versatile inventory software that you can find in the market.

    Why? Because It’s cloud-based stock administration programming, clients can get to their Ordoro account without downloading or introducing anything.

    Additionally, its POS incorporation offers basic back-office the board for simple control of stock levels so that you can sell anyplace.

    However, the feature of this framework is its cloud-based programming, which incorporates a large group of devices, especially its sans hands outsourcing the board—which makes it simple to have merchandise sent to your clients legitimately from the producer.

    inventory management system

    When you’ve set up your items and merchants, you can either physically or naturally ship items to the right drop-transporters.

    Ordoro likewise gives you a choice to take deals arranged that incorporate different things and separate the outsourced SKUs (stock-keeping units). While Ordoro offers the Express arrangement for just $59 every month, it incorporates only delivery instruments.

    For stock administration, you’ll have to move up to in any event a Pro arrangement. The uplifting news?

    You’ll get all the outsourcing, SKUs, RFID (radio-recurrence recognizable proof) kitting, and business examination your organization needs.

    6. Stockpile

    There is multiple inventory software. But, finding a simple one can be challenging. In case one is on the hunt for simple inventory software, they can consider Stockpile. It is easy to use and comes for free.

    The software does not come with any sales integration features. That means the user cannot include purchase orders or bundles in it.

    But it has an excellent warehouse tracking system. If you do not need a sales section in the inventory software, Stockpile can be a profitable pick.


    It is entirely free, and you do not need to purchase a paid plan to access all the services. Stockpile comes with three user levels- owner, manager, and base. It can help the users to track UPCs or SKUs, area, location, etc.

    Additionally, you can also add images of products and manufacturer details. Furthermore, it supports different currencies and also provides you inventory status and low inventory alerts. As a user, you can ask for support from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays. 

    Nevertheless, it may not be enough for expanding businesses. In such situations, you can choose SalesBinder besides Stockpile.

    7. Fishbowl

    Fishbowl is the last inventory management software here. It has an operation score, bookkeeping setup, wizard strolls.

    You effectively import and fare your information among Fishbowl and QuickBooks, so you can invest less energy looking into how-tos and additional time maintaining your business.

    Fishbowl offers Multi-channel stock, Ongoing following, Transportation incorporation, and other beneficial features.

    It also supports Standardized identification scanner arrangement, Shipping administrations, etc. Fishbowl doesn’t incorporate a considerable amount of outsider highlights, so it isn’t the best answer for organizations previously utilizing programming to deal with their transportation and coordination.


    It robotizes citing, requesting, and buying firms, making it more straightforward for organizations to keep steady over resource the executives.

    Besides, in case you’re new to stock control, exploit Fishbowl’s preparation recordings, online instructional exercises, in-house authorities, and client assistance—all at no additional expense.

    If you need to check how Fishbowl Performs with your business, you can sign up for a fourteen-day free trial period. After that, you can purchase the paid plans. You can renew the warehouse and each manufacturing unit access yearly.

    If you do not want to go for such complicated procedures, you can opt-out for the renewal. Fishbowl will still work after the plan expires.

    But, you cannot access customer support networks without a valid license. Additionally, the correct license is also rewired to update Fishbowl. 


    For any business, irrespective of its reach and scale, inventory matters. It is the lifeline of your business, and a well-managed inventory often makes the business transactions smoother and faster. An inventory management software can easily save your time. It also allows you to design a proper business strategy with an optimal workforce.  

    In this article, you can find different types of inventory software for various small scale businesses. It is better to choose a software that comes with all the features required for your business. So, you can select any of these seven options as per your preference.

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