14 Best Business VoIP Service Providers in 2023

    Every business now needs a good VoIP service from one of the reputed VoIP providers to easily offer their clients fruitful engagement. And, easily manage their business conversations. VoIP transforms your incoming and outgoing calls into a digital signal and sends the transformed signal through the internet.

    Hence, with VoIP service, you can reach and call any non-VoIP number. With a VoIP service, you can easily receive business calls on your personal phone. You can also call your clients and consumers with your business number with modern VoIP service apps. With proper VoIP service from any reputed provider, you can manage everything related to phone calls easily.

    Each business and organization often has its exclusive criteria. So, they need special VoIP services that can match their requirement perfectly. In this article, you can find the best VOIP providers for businesses. The loss comes with thirteen top providers who offer great plans that are affordable, user-friendly and offer loads of features.

    Hence, if you are searching for the best VoIP provider for your business, read this article, Here you can find the details about thirteen providers and their VoIP service details.

    Best VoIP Providers for Small Businesses

    1. Zoho Voice

    Zoho Voice is an advanced cloud-based business VoIP service provider that can make and receive local and international calls from the Zoho Voice web and mobile apps. You can purchase voice credits and virtual phone numbers from 100+ countries. Then, configure automated inbound routing with IVR phone trees and call queues with different ring strategies, or assign phone numbers or extensions to individual users.

    Apply a variety of customized configurations like welcome, feedback, and goodbye messages in multiple languages on the numbers you purchase. In addition, you can route calls after regular service hours using business hours and holiday configurations. Use transcriptions in multiple languages to absorb information instantly from voicemails while handling back-to-back calls.

    Zoho Voice is an ‌integrated phone system that empowers your agents to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively through seamless, tight integrations with other Zoho apps to promote intuitive and insight-driven interactions. Gain granular visibility into calls at both the team and agent levels with advanced call analytics and reports, in addition to automatic and dynamic call recording provisions.

    Quadruple your business reach by enabling your agents to effortlessly and instantly place free calls with unlimited calling. Equip them to deftly manage calls with warm call transfers, call notes, call disposition codes, call scheduler, call blocking, and call forwarding. Craft and deliver personalized, time-bound, and confidential two-way SMS messages from the same window that handles the calls.

    Zoho Voice offers subscription plans in two editions to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of any size. The Business Phone edition builds on the Solo plan’s free subscription for just one user, includes three tiers—Team, Office, and Corporate each accommodating a definite number of users with essential telephony capabilities for SMBs and startups—while the Enterprise Telephony edition starts at $34 per user/per month, can accommodate growing contact centers at $74 per user/per month.

    Empower your business to easily set up and manage a successful cloud contact center by subscribing to the Contact Center plan under the Enterprise Telephony edition. Simplify and strengthen your call center performance with premium features like power dialer, call barging and coaching capabilities, and queue performance metrics.

    Zoho Voice offers seamless scalability that makes your business nimble with rapid adjustments according to variations in your telephony requirements. All of Zoho Voice’s plans and features can scale up with your business as it grows.

    2. Jive 

    Jive is one of the best VoIP providers for businesses and start-ups. It offers basic and moderate hosted VoIP service, a perfect answer for independent companies that need a trustworthy communication arrangement. Jive is especially popular because it helps organizations rearrange. And manage their overall telephone and conferencing arrangement, improving correspondence inside and with customers.  

    Moreover, with Jive, you get total control over creating custom timetables and routing, call routing, and call sequencing facilities. Additionally, you can avail of features like call analytics, call queues, auto-attendants, call recording, professional desktop integration, customized greetings message, fax, and email, etc. Furthermore, Jive offers some exciting facilities like hold music, ring groups, boundless augmentations, and virtual fax.

    voip providers

    Jive offers a transparent pricing package depending upon the number of clients using your system. For a maximum of 99 clients, the price ranges from $19.95 and $29.95 every month. You can contact Jive for customized pricing quotes in case you have more than 100 clients. Additionally, Jive is presently offering each of its clients a GoToMeeting Pro permit included with each Jive seat.

    3. 8×8

    8×8 is the next VoIP phone service provider on this list. They offer a wide range of services like voice, video, contact center assistance, chat, etc. through cloud hosting. Their sim is to offer a complete solution related to VoIP services for small organizations. 

    Their advanced administration offers beneficial features to make your phone communication effective and simple. They offer designs of all types of businesses- small. Medium and even large. Moreover, they offer separate packages for every business according to their individual requirements and client necessities. 


    8×8’s private company VoIP plans start at $28 per client every month and go up to $175 per client every month. The difference happens due to advanced factors like media storage option, country calling frequency, etc.

    4. Mitel

    Do you need a powerful and reliable business VoIP service that permits you to develop your business without much complication? Then choose Mitel. It offers packages according to focused call centers, cloud communication, unified communication, etc.

    Mitel’s framework likewise incorporates scope for small businesses. Their features and services include MiCloud Connect, LinkPoint360, a few CRM arrangements, and Google Chrome. Additionally, you get unlimited oversight over your telephone communication network due to the robust, secure, and reliable system from Mittel. 

    voip providers

    At present, Mitel offers its MiCloud interface telephone service for $20.99 every month per client. The price also includes services like PBX highlights, coordinated effort, and conferencing. Additionally, there are advanced plans like Elite and Premium plans, with some advanced features like CRM integration, automated call operators, call recording, documenting, and other benefits.

    5. Vonage

    Vonage is the fourth option in the list of top 13  VoIP providers. It is widely popular in the business VoIP industry for their services. The organization offers different types of VoIP packages and features for independent businesses. Vonage’s unique arrangements permit organizations to protect their business number effectively.

    Furthermore, the organizations can utilize the advanced facilities from Vonage. With Vonage, you get a reliable and versatile mobile app, desktop and PC app, telephone calls, conference calls, etc. You can also avail of other facilities like online meetings, video conferencing, document sharing, multi-faced auto-attendants, etc. 


    A business can also avail of other services, including CRM incorporations, call recording, conference calls, and phone messages. You can download the application and begin utilizing its administration on your cell phone following joining.

    You can choose any plan from their three different plans, costing $19.99, $29.99, and $39.99 every month separately. Each plan comes with its extra features. 

    6. Ring Central

    Would you like to opt for the best VoIP service without any prior commitment? Do you want to try a VoIP service before purchasing their plan? Then, RingCentral is the best option for you. It is because they offer businesses a free 15-day trial so one can check their business VoIP administration out before purchasing. After the trial period is over, you can focus on a month to month or yearly arrangement. 

    Ring Central
    Ring Central

    RingCentral permits clients to accept calls from any gadget, return calls with a single click, and welcome guests with a custom greeting message. You can also check and monitor incoming and outgoing calls through RingCentral’s login system and port your existing toll-free number into the Ring Central administration. The company offers value for money prices and offers a reasonable and competitive price. 

    Their Office plans start from $39.99 every month per client and may go up to $69.99 every month per client. But, you can also get an exciting discount if you opt for a yearly service with a price of $10 every month, per user. You can avail of this offer if you opt for multiple users in a single plan.

    7. UniTel Voice

    It is one of the top VoIP phone services who offer their services to many businesses. If you check the affordable price package, features, call quality, usability, or client assistance, it is your best choice. 

    With this, you can control all your cloud-based business telephone systems with many web-based features. You can maintain your business from any gadget (IP-telephones, softphones, or the UniTel Voice versatile application).  

    It also offers features and advanced facilities but in a simple method.  Their simplified features also improve the overall user experience. Set up is simple, and you do not need any instruction or technical knowledge for the set-up procedure. UniTel is the best VoIP due to its robust VoIP telephone framework and its swift client assistance.

    voip providers

    UniTel Voice’s client assistance is distinct and isn’t an outsource service through overseas centers. It’s a US-based call VoIP service without any extra charges. One technical expert will help you to assist in marinating the VoIP framework to keep it running.  

    Their price begins at just $9.99/month with features like unlimited clients, boundless welcome messages, augmentations, phone messages. Moreover, you also get to avail of features like Free arrangement, Free voice latent recording facility, etc.

    Each prize package is every month. That means you don’t need to commit for the long term. Additionally, you can check the  UniTel Voip service free for 30 days. Their trail service is a full-fledged service like a paid one. If you are still not satisfied with the service even after the trial period, you refund the caution money without further queries.  

    8. is another provider that offers great VoIP service against reasonable packages. Their arrangements come with more than forty diverse standard features, including custom telephone numbers, video conferencing, client expansions, auto-receptionist, welcome greetings, and rooting. These are available in all basic packages.

    On the other hand, their bigger plans offer a couple of extra features for bigger business organizations. In case you are searching for a business VoIP service that is user-friendly, has loads of features, and has moderate pricing— is an amazing choice.

    voip providers’s business VoIP plans range from $29.99 every month per client and go up to $59.99 every month per client according to the features a client chooses. Furthermore, they ALSO offer a discount if you opt for a yearly arrangement going from $24.99 every month per client to $49.99 every month.

    Thus, if you are a small-scale start-up or owner of a large company that needs a versatile VoIP arrangement – It is the expert virtual PBX you’re searching for.

    9. MegaPath

    MegaPath, a Fusion Company, comes with this list of best VoIP providers for any business. The company offers great assistance at a low monthly package. They offer value for money packages with loads of beneficial features.

    MegaPath offers VoIP and PRI/Analog lines to large multi-faced businesses, start-ups,  and medium-sized organizations. You can choose a package from their wide range of available offers.

    voip providers

    Moreover, you can also opt for a customized package from MegaPath as per your preference. The company can design unique plans to fit all of your requirements. Moreover, it offers call center services and analog lines at a reasonable price.

    They have different sets of features for each of their plans. In general,  business VoIP service is accessible for $19.95 every month with no prior agreement. It is great and ideal for small businesses that need reliable service from a reputed VoIP provider without spending too much or going into a long-term agreement. 

    10. Callture

    Callture offers business VoIP telephone service with a unique twist. They offer their patented feature-“memo-on-call.” It is a great advantage for any small business or medium scale company. It is also accessible to large scale businesses. Their patented technology permits you to record a notice after a call.

    voip providers

    If the same person calls you, the memo or notice will play again automatically to you. It is one of the best advantages of getting information while the other person hears the ringing tone. Callture’s extraordinary VoIP phone services allow them to stand apart from their competitors. In case you require more features, you can connect to Callture for additional help. Their VoIP for independent brands plans start at $35.95 every month.

    11. OnSip

    OnSip offers total help for any business that needs an expert, portable, amicable business VoIP service. They are one of the best VoIP providers due to their ability to offer instant solutions to their clients. Furthermore, they offer a mobile-friendly business phone service that is easy to use.

    Their packages are ideal for small-scale small and medium-sized organizations that need a service that will scale with their organization yet, giving simple access temporarily. Their whole service is portable — permitting your business to download the application and start imparting it inside or with clients. 

    voip providers

    OnSip has a unique way of dealing with the price package. They offer plans based on both per minute and unlimited arrangement. Their Per Minute plan comes with a unique facility- you can choose services you need on an a la carte basis.

    Such an arrangement costs $49.95 every month, in addition to 2.9 cents for each additional minute. On the other hand, their unlimited packages include every single accessible element and expenses $18.95 per individual client every month. 

    12. Ooma

    Ooma’s private company telephone framework offers a straightforward, sensibly evaluated route for businesses and brands to exploit advanced correspondence VoIP phone services. Their cloud framework is stuffed with more than 35+ progressed telephone includes intended for private venture use. 

    Ooma is known for its simple to-utilize web administrator framework, allowing you to effectively relegate gathering line numbers, set call steering inclination, and other more extensive correspondence contemplations.

    voip providers

    Your group can get to the framework on their keen gadget through the Ooma application or customary work area frameworks. They give a straightforward and proficient involvement with a sensible cost. Ooma’s standard arrangement gives 35+ highlights and attachment and-play application access for just $19.95 every month.

    In any case, their framework can likewise be utilized with conventional work area telephones through their Ooma Office gadget. For equipment encounters, the Ooma Business Phone Starter Kit costs $199.99, with many four Yealink IP Phones T21 accessible for $300.00. 

    13. Nextiva

    Nextiva is one of the most popular and notable brands of VoIP providers for businesses. Their telephone and VoIP system comes with exclusive and beneficial features. With their service, you can get excellent VoIP solutions for your business telephone, PC based telephones, etc. Furthermore, through their versatile application, you can deal with your calls from any location.

    voip providers

    Nextiva likewise provides an automated attendant that will play guests a customized welcome message and furnish them with a menu to connect with the respective personnel inside your organization. Hence, you can manage customer engagement in a better way. Their business VoIP plans range from $35 every month per client and go up to $55 every month per client. The price depends on the features you choose. They will likewise offer you a discount if you sign up for more than five users at once.

    14. VirtualPBX

    VirtualPBX is the last company providers in this list of top VoIP providers. It gives a range of excellent VoIP plans for independent companies. They offer round the clock support for each of their clients, and the service includes each aspect of their services. They try to maintain the quality of service, never decrease the services offered in one package, and always keep the same features.

    Furthermore, their VoIP service system comes with a smooth dashboard that permits organizations to have absolute authority over their users, gadgets, numbers, and other features available in a particular package. At present, the company provides four different systems with features like toll-free helpline, CRM, custom features and solutions, and SIP Trunking. 


    VirtualPBX offers a plan for two to 99 users for a charge of $34.99 per month. They also offer bigger plans with multiple toll-free numbers, multiple CRM with advanced features, etc. against a monthly charge of $62.99.

    A business needs some basic features in VoIP services. The advanced features may not always be necessary. For any business, the following features are a must-

    • Web-based system framework
    • Mobile management, both android and Ios
    • Automated receptionist
    • Hold music
    • Conference bridging
    • Caller ID
    • Call forwarding
    • Call blocking
    • Video Conference facilities
    • One-line sharing on multiple phones
    • Find me or Follow Me feature.
    • Call waiting 
    • Customized greeting message etc.

    Wrapping Up 

    You can find all these above-mentioned features in the packages of the thirteen providers from the list. Each of them is reputed and offer quality service to their clients. Some providers also offer a free trial period to their clients. You can check the details from this list and choose a provider who is ideal for your purpose.

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