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    Music is a panacea for the soul. This is the reason why people like to hear music when they are sad, happy, determined or relaxing.

    But, there are times, when people and situations around us don’t allow us to hear our favourite track. For example, your sibling studying in his/her room may disturb hearing loud music coming from your room.

    In such a case, earbuds or headphones can come handy. You can plug in earbuds and hear the song at deafening volume without anyone knowing.

    If you don’t have a headphone, don’t worry you don’t have spent hundreds to buy one. There are many Best In Ear Headphones under 50 dollars available in the market.

    Below are the Best In Ear Headphones under 50

    #1. Tesson T890

    This best in ear headphones under 50 dollar piece can let you listen to music, audiobook or do almost anything with a great sound quality booming in your ears.

    The headphone is available for less than 50 dollars on online shopping sites and is definitely one of the most amazing wireless headphones to try.

    It has a capacity to stay alive for 200 hours in a standby mode and can run for five hours at a stretch with batteries fully charged.

    Tesson T890

    #2. Shure SRH145m+

    Shure is one brand that is known for making affordable headphones without compromising on sound quality. If you are looking to have the best earphones under 50 dollar then go for Shure SRH145m+.

    It is a portable headphone with an inbuilt microphone. The headphone is equipped with bass that has rich quality and full range audio.

    Wearing the headphone you won’t miss a single sound of the track or audiobook that you are listening to.

    Shure SRH145m+

    #3. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Don’t like the background noise? Simply overthrow the noisy disturbance with TaoTronics Active Noise.

    The headphones are designed to reduce the background noise by nearly 30dB. Wearing the headphone you can listen to the audio for 15 hours at one single charge.

    The earbuds fit comfortably in the ears of the wearer. It is made up of premium quality of metal. With this headphone at your side, you don’t have to think even a second before listening to your favourite track.

    TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


    #4. Skullcandy Uproar

    Talking about headphones and earphones, how can it be complete without mentioning the headphone giant Skullcandy. Skullcandy Uproar has an inbuilt microphone that lets its wearer make calls while enjoying a piece of great music.

    It is light in weight and has earbuds with soft-ear cushions. The headphones are the best in ear headphones under 50 Uproar has a battery life of 10 hours.

    This easy to carry headphone can be carried in buses and trains to enjoy great music while you are busy travelling to work.

    Skullcandy Uproar: Best In Ear headphones under 50#5. Ausdom

    Looking for a light in weight headphone that is cheap in cost as well? Ausdom should be your choice. It is one smart headphone that has superior sound quality and amazing built.

    It looks stylish and elegant when worn at the gym or at the time of the workout. The Ausdom headphones are equipped with DWS Technology, a battery backup of 20 hours, and microphone for making and receiving calls.

    The device works on the latest Bluetooth technology. With so many features there should not be been any doubt as on which headphone to buy?

    Try Ausdom today for greater audio quality and amazing battery backup. Not all wireless headphones can provide the 20 hours of power back up as Ausdom can.



    #6. PH-BTE70s

    Priced at a very affordable rate, PH-BTE70s is one of the best in ear headphones under 50

    The headphones have a coating of Liquipel that makes it sweat resistant. It has inbuilt Bluetooth technology that lets you connect the headphones with any Bluetooth device.

    It’s power or battery backup is not as great. Still using the headphones you can expect to hear audio for up to 6 hours.

    The headphone’s Bluetooth technology lets you make and receive calls seating at the gym or any other place. You can take this amazing headphone on a walk, school, and office and everywhere as it compact and easy to handle.


    #7. Edifier H840

    Want to hear a sound that looks real as if incidents are happening right in front of you?

    Edifier H840 is one wireless headphone that provides great real life like sound quality. The headphone has a sound frequency of 20Hz-20Khz.

    Listening tracks on the headphone the listener feels all the rhythms and beats. Its sound quality isolates the listener from the world and takes him to a La La land.

    Wearing the headphone you can enjoy a great time with yourself at your own place.

    Edifier H840

    #8. Creative Sound Blaster Jams

    This best wireless headphone under 50 dollars has a power back up of 12 hours. This means that you can hear to songs, tracks and be on a call with loved one for 12 hours at a stretch.

    Now, it is what called value for money. You spend money and you get headphones that let you enjoy music, be with yourself without any wires and listen to audiobooks with amazing Bluetooth technology.

    What else can you ask for? The headphone is light in weight and has soft ear cushions.

    Creative Sound Blaster Jams

    #9. SENSO ActivBuds S-250

    Are you some athlete and want to hear music while you workout or swim?

    SENSO ActivBuds S-250 is the headphone for you. It is cheap in cost and is waterproof. There are a few headphones that offer superior quality at reasonable rates.

    SENSO ActivBuds S-250 has made its name in the market for its strong built, superior sound quality and durability. You can hear music on it while swimming, running and working out.

    It is designed to stay firm on the ears. It has a hook like structure that doesn’t let it skid or fall from the ears of its wearer.

    SENSO ActivBuds S-250

    #10. Bluedio Turbine T2s

    It took Bluedio engineers two years to build Bluedio Turbine T2s which has a great speaker with a size of 2.24 inches in diameter.

    It has inbuilt 4.1 Bluetooth technology that makes it easier to connect with other Bluetooth devices.

    Extremely comfortable to wear with ear cushions that soak all the sweat and moisture leaving your ears dry.

    Bluedio Turbine T2s

    With the aforementioned 10 best in ear headphones under 50 dollars, you can think of doing almost anything that you want to. You can listen to music at any time of the day without thinking of disturbing others.

    You can think of listening to great music while relaxing alone in your room or when you wish to isolate from the crowd that makes you feel sad and dull. The wireless technology has greatly changed the way people used to enjoy music.

    No matter if you like rock music or classic you can get mesmerized with the enchanting rhythms that make you feel light and great about yourself.

    There are many pros of wireless headphones and therefore many are opting for the tangle-free headphones rather than the traditional earphones or headphones.

    Although we love to listen to music, there is no point why we should spend heavily on buying headphones. There are many headphones in the market that are priced at a rate of fewer than 5 dollars.

    The majority ratio of the music lovers is a student that cannot afford to spend money on expensive headphones.

    Here are a few things that every buyer should bear in mind while buying valuable headphones:

    1. Warranty: Branded headphones come with warranty card. Make sure to collect it while buying a branded headphone from online retailers.
    2. Power Backup: Determine your requirement. If you want to be able to hear a record for 12 hours in a stretch make sure that the wireless headphone that you choose to buy has a power back up of more than 12 hours.
    3. Sound Frequency: Check for the sound frequency and if you don’t know much about it contact a professional as he/she will be better able to make you understand the frequency that is considered good.
    4. Ear Cushions: The headphones that you choose to buy should be comfortable to wear. There are ear cushions attached to headsets that soak all the moisture and are sweat resistant.

    The aforementioned best earbuds under 50 dollars have all to help you enjoy great music over headphones.

    You can decide to buy any that you like and if you think you are not sure as which headphone to buy, you can always read reviews left by their users online. For best value deal buy headphone directly from the manufacturer’s site.

    The Best In Ear Headphones under 50 dollars can be the best buy for all the students and those who do not want to spend much on headphones.

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