Best Hunter Pets in WoW: Shadowlands

    In the game World of Warcraft (WoW) players create a character avatar and explore an open game world in FPP or TPP view. Players can roam around the landscape, fight with various monsters, complete some quests and also can interact with NPCs or other players. The game consists of many classes, but in this article, we will focus on the best hunter pets.

    This game mainly focuses on the progress of the characters. Players can earn XP or experience, to strengthen their character and buy and sell items using the Game Store to acquire better equipment. By doing it, gamers can defeat higher-ranked opponents and characters easily. So let us jump straight in.

    Best Hunter Pets in WoW: Shadowlands

    Hunter pets in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands makes it easier to explore the map as it will give a great companionship. Choosing the best Hunter Pets is not easy since it varies from situation to situation. Here we will showcase some of the best Hunter Pets in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This will help you to find the best Hunter Pets for you.

    Best Hunter Pets for PvP (Arenas, Battlegrounds)

    Cunning Specialization

    The Cunning specialization is the best hunter pet for PVP fights. They have an extra speed of motion which is very useful for hunting enemies. In addition, having the cleansing of the stillness of the Master’s call is priceless to escape from CC.

    Users of Beast Masters has full access to the Aqiri family which will allow them access to a speed boost for their pets. On the other side, users of other classes should pick up any hunters pet from a family with access to the Mortal Wounds. It will help them reduce the effectiveness of healing that is classic in most PVP scenarios. In doing so, they should pick up a Hyena, Raptor or Rodent as their pet.

    The Aqiri family can be obtained from the Silithus (Kalimdor) where the Raptors and Hyenas can easily be found in the Barrens (Kalimdor). If you are interested to grab a porcupine, you should pick one up from the Jade Forest (Pandaria).

    Abilities of Cunning Specialization

    • Pathfinding: You and your pet increase the speed of motion by 8%
    • Master’s Call: Your pet removes all root and movement impairing effects from itself and also from the friendly target. It also grants immunity to all such effects for 4 sec

    Best Hunter Pets for Leveling

    Ferocity Specialization

    The Ferocity specialization works as the best hunter pet for levelling. As a hunter, choosing this hunter pet will be a perfect choice for levelling. It will help you to reach max level and also help you to stay alive long enough.

    In this case, as a user of Beast Masters, you should definitely pick up a hunter pet from the Clefthoof family. Clefthooves are pretty large in size, hairy Kodo-like beasts native to Nagrand and Alternate Draenor. You can find them from the southern Nagrand. They are skinnable for Thick Clefthoof Leather. They also drop Clefthoof Meat when they are killed.

    If you are not a user of Beast Master, a Gorilla or a Scalehide would be the perfect option for you. Gorillas are a species of ape that can be found in the Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas, Un’Goro Crater, Sholazar Basin, the Jade Forest, and Zandalar. Gorillas are typically hostile to all travellers who visit them despite being herbivorous. On the other side, Scalehides were first introduced in the Legion expansion. Some of the beasts in this family look like the Zandalari Druid Bear form. Prominent tames include Ankylodon Bull and Thunderstomp. It is easy to find them in the form of a Kodo from Mulgore (Kalimdor).

    Abilities of Ferocity Specialization

    • You and your pet get 10 per cent of Leech
    • Speeds up to 30% for all parties and raid members for 40 seconds. Allies receiving this effect will become saturated and incapable of benefiting from Primary Rage or similar effects again for 10 min

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    Best Hunter Pets for Flaunting

    Hunter Pets that are actually scarce are something to exhibit. Some of them are good looking and some are very hard to find. Most of the rarest hunter pets in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands offers to require a detailed approach. They often spawn under certain conditions or in particular regions. It’s important to keep notes within reach for every hunter pet you want to tame. Each of these is associated with a particular method of taming.

    1. The Felbound Wolf

    The Felbound Wolf is a rare species of wolf tamable to the green skin in the jungle of Tanaan. You should first find a vial of Fel Cleansing that falls from Fel Rangari Anaara that is a rare spawn in the jungle of Tanaan.

    2. Gara

    Gara is a beautiful hunter pet which is an extremely complicated tamed beast. Many hunters have never tried the quest requirements in several parts like a chain. It is a matter of killing many other elites in the area, facing the Lord of the Void Xan and picking berries. Once the preconditions are met, taming is incredibly easy for Beast Mastery hunters as Gara will not retaliate at all.

    3. Loque’Nahak

    Loque’Nahak is a despicable tamable beast from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is on an extremely long respawn timer, which makes it a hotly contested tame, and can spawn throughout the Sholazar Basin. However, the tailed itself does not require any specific step except to find the rare beast. This pet is considered a Spirit Beast and must be tamed by a Beast Mastery Hunter.

    4. Duskcloak Panthera

    The Duskcloak Panthera is a beast that requires specific steps to tame. During the Argus trip, hunters can get an exclusive rare drop known as Fresh Talbuk Meat. The player must collect some of these. Amazingly, they have a drop-out rate of about 1%. Then meet this Panthera either at the Seat of the Triumvirate or in the Krokuun.

    5. Elegon

    Elegon is the most recent rare hunter pet available to tame Shadowlands. To tame this beast, the player has to go up to Pandaria and deal with this boss in the raid of the Mogu’Shan Vaults. This is very solo-able, but always takes a while to complete. This is also designated as Spirit Beast and can only be tamed by the Beast Mastery Hunters.

    Best Hunter Pets for PvE Content (Raiding, Dungeons)

    Tenacity Specialization

    It would be perfect if you pick up a hunter pet from the Tenacity specialization for PvE content. Having a superior health pool for you and the hunter’s pet keeps you alive to deal damage a little easier. In addition, Survival of the Fittest serves as a great emergency defence in case of a powerful boss ability, and there are many of those at the end of the game content.

    If you are a Beast Masters user, you should certainly choose a Spirit Beast for additional care or a Stone Hound for the immediate resurrection of pets. Having additional care is quite explicit for its value. The instantaneous resurrection of the animal ensures you don’t have to waste precious time reviving your animal instead of DPSing.

    On the other hand, if you are not a Beast Masters user, any hunter pet from the Tenacity specialisation will be good for you. To make it easier to manage your pet’s health, you should pick up Beat as your hunter pet. The bear is a very common carnivorous beast, voluminous, hairy and four-legged found in countless areas across Azeroth.

    Abilities of Tenacity specialization

    • Endurance Training: You and your pet earn a 5% maximum health boost
    • Survival of the Fittest: Reduces all the damage that you and your pet take 20% for 6 sec

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