7 Best Free PDF Reader Software for Windows PC (2020 Edition)

    The needs for an essential PDF reader software is decreasing, but the help of PDF reader still performs some tasks.

    Whenever we need to open a PDF file, we always use the available in-built PDF reader software in our Windows or the most trusted Adobe Acrobat reader.

    We know that these are the best options, but if you want a reader to perform more task, then you must go for another PDF readers that are available for free of cost and can perform many tasks.

    This PDF reader Software will help to open a PDF file as well as it will help to merge a document, will convert documents to different format images and more.

    Best PDF Reader Software for Windows

    #1. Slim PDF reader

    Slim PDF reader: best pdf reader software

    This PDF is of tiny size, so it will not take much space on your disk. Controls and navigation are straightforward to use, and everything is self-explanatory.

    You can easily search, print and rotate the documents in this PDF reader. The files are loaded very quickly, and you will be able to complete your work within less time.

    #2. Sumatra PDF

    Sumatra PDF

    This lightweight PDF reader is the 64-bit installer in 5 MB size. This PDF reader will give you a fantastic reading experience with its fast performance.

    This keyboard supports various keyboard short cuts that will help you to navigate easily. This PDF reader will allow you to preview Latex documents, and you can easily configure text editors to integrate Sumatra.

    #3. Foxit Reader

    Foxit Reader

    This is the best alternative for adobe reader because it has all the tools that you want in a PDF reader. The interface of this PDF reader is ribbon-based, which is inspired by Microsoft office. You can quickly work on multiple PDF at the same time because of its tabbed browsing. It will also do form filling and PDF annotation. You can download add-ons available which will help you to convert PDF files to any format and vice- versa.

    #4. Nitro PDF Reader

    Nitro PDF Reader

    This highly maintained reader offers plenty of document viewing options which you can choose easily.

    With the help of this reader, you can easily convert documents to PDF format and vice versa.

    It will allow you to extract all the images from a PDF file in one fell swoop. This PDF also includes Annotation and highlighting an option, and you can also add sticky notes to the opened document.

    #5. Javelin PDF Reader

    Javelin PDF reader best pdf reader software

    This PDF reader is a quite lightweight reader which has all the essential functions like full-screen mode, continuous mode, side by side mode and more.

    The super-clean interface of Javelin PDF reader will allow one to complete all the essential PDF reading for your daily chores.

    #6. Expert PDF Reader

    Expert PDF Reader

    This another Free PDF reader that will enable you to view and use PDF files easily. It comes with some new features like you can highlight text, you can add notes to document, create a text box etc.

    It’s a fantastic feature that will allow you to create the custom stamps and also helps you to manage them efficiently.

    This PDF reader provides the option of adding the signature in the document. So it’s a simple reader that will work fine for you.

    #7. Adobe Reader

    Adobe reader

    This is the well-known reader which will complete all your basic needs of PDF reading. This reader has quite a simple interface and isn’t overloaded with lots of features like the above readers.

    It will allow you to do all necessary things like adding a comment, filling forms and adding signatures. If you have any issues in using other readers, you can come back to the basic of Adobe reader anytime.

    Wrapping up

    So, which free PDF reader software is your current favourite? Depending on your usage and needs, your choices might defer, but you’ll surely find a suitable solution on this recommendation list. Don’t forget to try them out and tell us your results.

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