6 Tips for Expanding Your Business’s Geographic Footprint

    Entrepreneurs may be operating locally, but it’s easier than ever for companies to grow globally.

    Technology has made the communications and logistics necessary for increasing a business’ geographic footprint simple.

    Following these six tips for expanding a business’ reach can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses from local to global.

    Utilize a virtual business address

    Purchasing a virtual business address from iPostal1 can give a home-based business or a startup on the grow a street address anywhere. You can include your virtual business address on your website and in email communications and will be able to see mail sent to your virtual business address immediately. Best of all, the price typically totals to less than $100 a year.

    Work on the cloud

    When an entrepreneur and business team work together on the cloud, it doesn’t matter where they physically are. Cloud computing allows necessary documents to be readily at hand and easily shared no matter a team’s variety of locations worldwide. Dropbox is a popular document-sharing platform, but there are other alternatives available.

    Build a website

    Having a digital front door that shows visitors your products and services and allows them to order and make payments online can take a business from local to global.

    Unfortunately, not all small businesses are online. Forbes reports that up to 60 percent of companies employing one to five people don’t have websites. Those business owners that have invested time and resources into their site fare better in global expansions.

    Build a virtual team

    A business can now hire the best talent in the world without worrying about where team members are based. Similarly, remote business owners don’t need to lose sleep over limited office space or dwindling parking spots. Either as full-time employees, contractors, or freelancers, or a blend, team members from around the world can grow your business’s global footprint.

    Move accounting online

    Accounting used to mean cubicles, paper, and adding machines. Now you can do accounting functions such as billing and invoicing online. Multiple accounting software options make moving accounting functions online easy. In a pinch, you could also outsource accounting functions to independent contractors.

    Develop a following

    Marketing products and services online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will provide a place for your loyal fans to meet virtually.

    Advertising and having business accounts on popular social media platforms will help your products and services have a following that will translate into repeat business from customers thousands of miles away from a business’ headquarters.

    An expanding global footprint

    Today’s entrepreneurs can cross borders, oceans, and time zones with just a few clicks on their laptop computers. Growing a small business into one with a global reach has never been easier or more accessible. Technology makes the cost of expanding a company’s geographic footprint affordable and the necessary communications and logistics possible.

    No longer are small businesses or even one-person startups shut out from global expansion. Following these six tips for expanding a business’ global footprint will increase a company’s reach, sales, and profitability.

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