10 Best Fitness Apps for Android to Track Your Workouts In 2020

    Health is wealth and we need to look after our health each day in the modernized times. Due to overuse of gadgets and irregular lifestyle, we face many health hazards which turn into very dangerous diseases if not treated at the right time. The fitness apps are the best way to know how healthy we are actually.

    You can download some of the best fitness apps for Android devices which will track each and every activity of yours of the whole day.

    List of best fitness apps for Android

    These fitness apps will track your heartbeats and also the number of steps you walk each day. According to these fitness apps, you can then plan your workouts and exercise timings. If you want to download the best fitness tracker on your Android device, you can try the following apps.

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    #1. Strong

    Strong app as the name suggests is one of the powerful apps for tracking all the workouts. You can plan your gym session with the help of this app. It gives you the data of weight, height and body fats. It is one of the best fitness apps for Android devices which will also show the rate of heartbeats and other information. It also has a warm-up calculator which helps you in the gym sessions.

    [appbox googleplay io.strongapp.strong]

    #2. Runkeeper

    The next on the list is Runkeeper which is one of the best fitness apps for Android devices. It keeps a track of all your activities such as jogging, walking and running. It has GPS which shows you the total distance and steps you walked. The app has many other challenges which you can enjoy. You can also chat with your friends and share your health reports with them. You can also make a plan for gym session and exercises.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #3. Jefit

    Jefit app will now help to plan your schedule for exercises and gym session. It has demonstrations via HD videos by health experts which will assist you in gym or fitness centers.

    [appbox googleplay]

    There are many other stunning tools in Jefit app such as rest timer, interval timers, notes and many other logs which are necessary while doing workouts and exercises. It is the best fitness tracker app which provides various training programs for weightlifting, bodybuilding, fat loss and many others.

    #4. Sworkit

    Sworkit app is one of the best fitness apps for Android users who go to the gym every day. There are many workout plans and exercises given by experts in this app which will get you a perfect figure. In case of any difficulty, you can also take help of trainers.

    [appbox googleplay]

    There are numerous workouts and exercises given in this app for everyone. It is a free solution to every health problem and you can also schedule your workout plans and exercise timings.

    #5. FitNotes :best fitness apps for Android

    The next one the list is FitNotes which will give guidance in your workout plans and gym sessions. You can find any exercise by typing the name of the part of the body. It tells you the rate of your heartbeats, a distance of your walking and running and weight.

    [appbox googleplay com.github.jamesgay.fitnotes]

    The app will highlight the days on which you perform specific exercises such as weightlifting and jogging. It is a good Android fitness tracker app which you can trust upon.

    #6. Calorie Counter

    From a healthy recipe to a perfect workout plan, Calorie Counter provides the overall solution for your health and fitness. It has the list of millions of foods which help in the development of the body. It also notifies you if you are following a wrong diet plan.

    [appbox googleplay]

    It keeps you motivated by setting certain goals such as weight loss or weight gain. This app has a graph and chart to show how much weight you gained or lost and you can know your progress also.

    #7. Simple Workout Log

    Simple Workout Log is one of the best Fitness apps for Android devices to show the number of workouts and exercises done by you in last few days. It also helps you to improve in certain exercises by making a comparison between past and present exercises.

    [appbox googleplay com.selahsoft.workoutlog]

    You can keep a track of all your workouts and exercises in this app and try to improve more. It also has many interesting tools which assist you in gaining a perfect body.

    #8. Home Workout

    Home Workout is a simple app which helps you in tracking all your gym activities. It is the best fitness tracker app for Android devices for doing all the exercises at right time and in right manner. There are various health tips given by experts in this app which you should follow in order to gain a slim figure.

    [appbox googleplay homeworkout.homeworkouts.noequipment]

    There is also a sound guide which makes your gym session more interesting with beautiful rhythms.  You can also plan your workouts and exercises on the calendar.

    #9. Strava GPS

    Strava GPS app is the best fitness app for Android devices to track the various activities such as running, swimming, jogging and walking. It shows the calories gained and burnt while doing a particular activity.

    [appbox googleplay com.strava]

    There are many challenges which you can take and enter in a competition with your friends.  You can unlock some special fitness plans and goals by taking a premium scheme in this app.

    #10. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

    The last one on the list is Map My Fitness Workout Trainer by which you can plan your workouts while doing many activities such as yoga, running, cycling, walking, jogging and many others.

    [appbox googleplay com.mapmyfitness.android2]

    It is one of the best fitness apps for Android devices to make a systematic plan for gym sessions. You can share your live workout location with your friends.


    Workouts and exercises are important aspects in today’s time. These fitness apps consist of smart features which will give you a detailed report of your health and the ways in which you can improve it.

    You can now be relaxed about your gym sessions and workouts as these are the best fitness apps for Android devices which you can rely upon.

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