8 Best Drawing App for Android for creative artists in 2020

    Drawing is an art which is gifted to few artists in the whole world. The drawings can be done on walls, canvas, and paper and even now on Android screen, Yes, you heard it right. You can convert your Android smartphones screen into a canvas or a paper and draw various figures and shapes which you like. The bold use of colors and designs give a perfect drawing not only on the computer but also on Android device’s screen. You can become an expert in the field of drawing with the help of the best drawing app for Android devices.

    List of best drawing app for Android devices

    There are some of the best drawing apps for Android devices by which you can make small as well as large paintings of your imagination and can be a painter. Let us have a look at those drawing apps for Android devices:

    #1.  ArtFlow

    ArtFlow is one of the best drawing apps for Android devices which you can download for drawing any figure or sketches. It has 80 brushes and tools to help you in creating the awesome paintings. There are various masks available in this app.

    The app is fed with 11 blending modes which you can use to make your painting look professional. Canvas is available in various resolutions such as 2048 x 2048 and 4096 x 4096 so that you can feel free while drawing any sketch or painting. There is also a sensitive pen mode in this app.


    #2.  Learn How to Draw

    Draw sketches, paintings, landscapes, and different figures with the help of  Learn How to Draw app. It is the best drawing app for Android devices with stunning features which will boost your creativity of drawing. It is actually an app where you will get a list of tutorials from experts how to start with the basics of drawing.

    If you are the beginner in the field of painting, this app will certainly help you a lot. This app also assists the professional painters to become better in their field. It also gives tips on drawing the faces of different people.

     Learn How to Draw

    #3.  Sketch

    If you want to master the art of making sketches, you can download Sketch app on your Android devices. It consists of many brushes and tools by which you can make professional drawings. You can use the feature of zoom to enlarge the screen to draw fine drawings.

    There are many editing tools such as crop, background selector, eraser and many others. It is one of the best drawing apps for Android devices in which you will get many free stickers, brushes, and pens. You can add your favorite texts to the drawings. You can follow your favorite artists for taking their tips.


    # 4. SketchBook

    You can now draw fantastic figures and amazing drawings with SketchBook app. It is the best drawing app for Android devices with brushes and tools. You can make great color combos in every painting. You can enhance your drawing skills by practicing sketches and drawings in this app. It is a free app with free tools and brushes.

    There were certain bugs which are fixed now. You can edit and crop the drawings as per your wish. You can draw different figures using various angles. SketchBook will be really helpful if you want to pursue the career in drawing.


    #5.  PaperOne

    The next on the list is a PaperOne app which is one of the best drawing apps for Android devices. You can get the real feeling of drawing the painting on a canvas while using this app. There is a large library containing various colors which you can apply in your drawings.

    You can draw still images, graffiti images, doodle and many other types of drawings with the help of this app. If you make some awesome drawing on the picture, you can do it using different tools. There is a tool of dexterous scaling for exact images.


    # 6. MediBang Paint

    It is very simple not to make your Android screen a canvas board and draw the images which you love. MediBang Paint app consists of many brushes, fonts, tools, colors to help you in making beautiful paintings. You can make comics, figures, shapes, sketches and various other drawings with the help of MediBang Paint App.

    The user-interface is so friendly that you will never get tired of selecting appropriate brush sizes and perfect colors. After giving a final touch to your drawings, you can also share them with your friends and relatives via social media platform.

    MediBang Paint

    #7.  Simple Draw

    Simple Draw is the best drawing app for Android devices to start the basics of drawings. It is best suited for kids who love to make rough drawings on papers and color them. It has many tools such as pencil, pen, color, eraser and many others which give the kids more joy of drawing various shapes and figures. Simple Draw app is for free of cost and has no ads which disturb your kids while making any beautiful drawing.

    Simple Draw

    #8.  ibis Paint X

    The last on the list is ibis Paint X app. This is an ideal app for those who wish to become experts in drawings in the future years. It is the best drawing app for Android devices containing many layer modes and clipping tool.

    You can also draw manga drawing with the help of frame divider tool.There are various font sizes and font styles for adding text to your paintings. It also has an option of sharing the drawings with friends via emails or social media sites.

    ibis Paint X


    These are some of the best drawing apps for Android devices with smart features to encourage you to refine your drawing skills. You will get the expert tips and guidance without even moving out from your house. There are numerous brushes, colors and other tools by which you can create the best drawings beyond everyone’s imagination. Download the best drawing app for Android devices and have fun with shapes and figures.

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