Top 10 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

    Discord bots are the applications for PC’s which have been designed for gaming use. Best discord bots show features like low latency, free voice chat, and dedicated server infrastructure.  These acts as a cross-platform which is designed for voice and text chat app. You can run discord bots on various platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

    List of 10 Best Discord Bots

    Today we will discuss best discord bots which will help in improving your discord server. These are the following:

    #1. Dyno

    Dyno is one of the best discord bots which is very flexible and can be online for a very long time. It can be customized accordingly for your discord server. It provides you feature like moderation and simple dashboard. Dyno has the following features:

    • AFK status can be posted.
    • Commands are customizable.
    • It also has an anti-spam inbuilt feature.
    • You can also listen to music on
    • Customizable reminders and special announcements.
    • Moderated Logs
    • It is available for free of cost.
    • Web dashboard which is fully configured

    best discord bots

    #2. Aethex

    A very top class and also one of the best discord bots which are full of commands and features with discord is the aethex. It has timed moderation and mod logs. It is multipurpose and adaptable discord bot. Aether has the following features which are mentioned below:-

    • It will help you in role management.
    • Queue systems and user’s queue limits can be customized.
    • Steam and ROBLOX are game-integrated.
    • You can create your own levels and reputation system.
    • A new music channel can be customized and songs can be played on Soundcloud and YouTube.
    • Some types of fun commands are also available like google search, dice roll, etc.


    #3. Rh1-No

    This one is another member of the list of best discord bots that want to make your server as an effective manager. It has some cool features like auto-moderation which will make this discord bot very popular. It has the following awesome features:-

    • Multiple servers have set up some custom rules.
    • It has been built on python platform.
    • Limits on rates.
    • It also maintains a server log.
    • It also has plenty of customization
    • The anti-spam feature has been also built in it.
    • It is available for free.


    #4. Serum

    In this discord bot, a user can access different commands via voice. By using Serum, the best discord bot allows you to listen to the user’s command when Serum mentions some command. Now we will discuss some features of Serum bot which are as follows:-

    • It allows you to listen to the commands with voice.
    • It will be helpful for users from their point of view.
    • You can also give commands to your voice.
    • If you say only Hi Serum, it will start taking commands from you directly.


    #5. Discoid: best discord bots

    Another major name of the best discord bots which will add new features to the discord server is discoid. It will make life better for users, you can get their notifications and information about them. You can also enjoy features like SoundCloud and YouTube. Discoid has some following features:-

    • Commands can be customized here.
    • Good support system.
    • You can also convert your currency.
    • Picture sources can be provided with gifs or random photos.
    • It also gives keyword alerts to block cuss words.
    • Notification channel can be  customized


    #6. Septapus

    It is a very useful bot which will help you in making comics and charts which will improve your discord server. This comes out to be another best discord bots which could be fun while using. You can avail following features of Septapus which are as mentioned below:-

    • You can set reminders in this app.
    • Avatars can be created which can be made small or huge.
    • While chatting, some emojis can be used.
    • Trivia can be played here.
    • You can also view some other details via YouTube.
    • You can also gather information about games which are played by you or some other person.
    • It will be fun while using it.


    #7. Hexacircle

    This discord bot has been considered best discord bot which will enhance or improve your discord server. It is very powerful because it has been integrated with Giphy and Twitch. The feature like play music from YouTube is also available where you can adjust the song’s volume. Hexacircle has the following features:-

    • For best chats, Giphy and Twitch are
    • Messages and volume settings can be
    • A feature like Softban is included here.
    • Some fun commands like shoot kill and stab have been built.
    • Status of user and individual can be known.


    #8. TypicalBot

    This one of the best discord bots is called fun bot because it provides tons of customization and moderation. Moderation tools like logs, queues, nickname logs are provided with TypicalBot. It has the following features:-

    • You can use it easily.
    • You can avail the information about server and users.
    • Commands like speak and say are provided.
    • You can view some fun commands like Random jokes, and quotes. Dice roll etc.
    • You can view some permission levels.


    #9. Discord Dungeons

    It is the best discord bot which will allow you to countless hours to the bot. you may get a chance to buy the items during gaming, even can trade and fight with other players. It is very different from other bots because of its following features:-

    • Status like AFK is enabled.
    • Some commands like a stab and kill are fun to use.
    • A feature like Softban is included.
    • You can search your favourite music on YouTube.
    • Customization is available for different features.

    Discord Dungeons

    #10. OverwatchBot

    If you will add OverwatchBot to your server you can watch Overwatch statistics without leaving any server. It has the following features:-

    • The bot will show you competitive stats
    • It will also show you the top 5 heroes of the game.
    • You can get overall stats which will improve your server experience.
    • Stats of heroes can be displayed.



    So these were the top 10 best discord bots which will improve your discord server. You can use the best discord bot which will make your gaming experience better. Some bots provide fun commands while others are responsible for auto-moderation features.

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