10 Amazing Best Android Video Player Apps

    In the digital era, we use hundreds of new music apps and movies apps. Before some decades, TV was the medium of watching all the TV shows and movies, but today, it is a smartphone. You can download the best Android video player on your Android devices and enjoy loads of movies, TV shows, sports, music videos and many other shows.

    Nowadays, there are so many video player apps in our App store, which provide us with high-quality picture mode for watching all our favourite movies, sports, TV shows, and cartoon series.

    Every video player in the market today has different features such as HD view, screen resolutions and sound features.

    10 Best Video Player for Android

    It is always a difficult task to choose one best video player for Android devices. Some media players have good clarity, while some of them have better sound.

    Today, we will highlight the ten best Android Video Player Apps.

    #1. FIPE Player

    FIPE Video player is a new generation media player which you can download on any of your Android devices. There are different video resolutions in this app such as 360p, 720p,and 1080p.

    It offers a special HD mode by which you can enjoy watching all your favourite movies, TV series, sports, news and documentaries in a precise way.

    It also has a subtitle feature which gives extra benefit while watching any TV shows and movies of many countries of the globe. You can make settings in the volume feature.

    FIPE Player

    #2. VLC Player

    The next on the list is VLC media player which is a best android media player of this year. It supports various file formats such as AVI, FLV, RMVB and many others.

    You can play any video and also pause it or stop it whenever you wish to. The VLC media player has an attractive user-interface with all the functions appropriately arranged.

    There are many other advanced features, such as graphic equaliser and audio spatializer. You can download VLC media player on your Android devices as well as PC/laptops.

    VLC Player

    #3. BS Player

    Now, you don’t have to search more for a perfect video player as you have BS Player. It provides a superior quality picture mode to enjoy all the cartoon series and TV shows.

    You can also enjoy sports anytime on this media player. You can play any video files on this player such as asf, wav, mp3, avi, and WMV. It supports various image files like jpeg, gif, and BMP.

    BS Player

    #4. Archos Video Player

    If you want a best Android video player for watching all the famous Hollywood movies, download Archos Video player on your Android devices. It arranges all the video files systematically.

    There are amazing features of Archos video player such as hardware acceleration, subtitles, and multi-audio support. You can also get all the history of watched movies and TV shows. If you feel like sharing some of the fantastic videos with your friends, it has a share option too.

    Archos Video Player

    #5. AC3 Player

    The next on the list is AC3 Player which offers high-quality video resolutions for enjoying your favourite movies and TV shows. The videos are automatically loaded on your Android device’s screen.

    This media player can play many video formats such as mpg, mkv, ogx, WMV and many others. You can play, pause or stop the video at your time. There is no requirement to install Plugins for watching videos on the AC3 player.

    AC3 Player

    #6. PlayerXtreme

    In the list of best Android video player for movies and TV shows, PlayerXtreme plays a vital role. You can watch all your favourite movies and TV shows on this app and also enjoy some music simultaneously.

    This media player provides you with the feature of streaming any online Hollywood movie or TV series from your Android devices. You can also manage your screen rotation with one click. There are many audio languages so that you can select your language to watch movies or TV shows.


    #7. MX Player

    MX player remains one of the most famous video players each year. You can download in on any of your Android devices or PC/laptops and enjoy various movies, shows, sports events, news and lots more.

    There are many cool features in this app, such as Zoom and Pan, by which you can manage all your videos. It provides special kids lock.

    You can play the videos either backwards or forward them anytime you want. It also has multi-core decoding and hardware acceleration.

    MX Player

    #8. Mobo Player

    Mobo Player has many impressive features what a user wants in a media player. You can play many video files in this media player.

    There are media libraries where you can save all your favourite movies, TV shows, cartoon series, sports and many other music videos to watch them again.

    You can also use various thumbnails for your favourite videos. It also has subtitles to enjoy more all the movies and TV shows.

    Mobo Player

    #9. XPlayer

    We can also include XPlayer in the list of best media player for Android devices. It supports many audio and video formats.

    You can watch all the Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV series, cartoon movies, sports, and many other videos anytime and anywhere on your Android devices.

    You can even share all the comedy and romantic movies and many other funny videos with your buddies on social media sites.


    #10. KODI

    KODI has gained much popularity within a short time. You can watch movies, TV shows, and many other videos on any device with the help of KODI.

    You can even stream numerous videos, and it supports various video formats. You can play or stop the video whenever you want to.


    Wrapping Up

    These video players complete the list. They are easy to download and do not contain any virus to harm any device.

    They have amazing functions, and you can watch movies and TV shows for free of cost on your Android devices.

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