5 Apps That Really Clean Up Your Android Device

    Best Android Cleaner : Our Android phone is the abodes of files with some being junk files because we dump them in our device but never use them. These types of files keep piling on and stagnate the speed of the devices.

    The stagnation if not resolved in a timely manner can cause congestion and slow down of the device.To clean or de-cluster the device special apps and tools are required. These tools are called app cleaner.

    They work smartly by cleaning the download history, freeing RAM, suggesting uninstallation of some of the unwanted apps and programs.

    Best Android Cleaner : Maximize Android Performance 

    There are many apps that claim to be phone cleaner, but not all phone cleaners are Android cleaner. If you are looking for app cleaner that works on Android, here is a list of best Android cleaner 2019:

    #1 Clean Master

    Clean Master is one app cleaner that has been around for some time now. If you have never heard about the app, I will suggest you read the clean master review online to get an idea about what I am going to tell you.

    The clean master is one Android app that cleans up the Android of all the garbage arousing from unused files, folders, apps, and programs. The app works nicely and smoothly in a few fractions of seconds.

    With one single tab on the app, it can clean off all the caches, cool down the CPU and boost the working of the Android phone. Clean Master is one of the most easily available apps. Look up for it in Google play store and you will surely be able to find it.

    [appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.mguard]

    #2 History Eraser

    While there are some Android cleaner apps that free to install and run, there are some that are paid and amazingly effective. Is your Android phone is vulnerable to snooping? If yes, you should spend some penny any buy History Erase app.

    With just single tab on the app, you can delete browser history, call logs, messages, cache files, data in the clipboard and more. A free version of the app is also available to try and test the app.

    The free version, however, contains ads. The ads can be removed by upgrading the app.

    [appbox googleplay mobi.infolife.eraser]

    #3 360 Security Lite

    In some Android devices, the 360 Security Lite comes pre-installed. This amazing Android phone cleaner optimizes the Android by cleaning the junk files, restoring or repairing memory space, and boosting battery life.

    The app comes with inbuilt anti-virus system that protects and prevents a virus or malware attack. The app takes up 4 MB of space of the device and is specially designed for smartphones with less than 1 GB of memory space.

    The app ensures the safety of the users online. The best part of the app is that its power consumption is very low, which means it doesn’t drain out the battery. The 360 Security Lite comes with the following features:

    • Antivirus system
    • Junk file cleaner
    • Phone, battery and game booster
    • Real-time protection
    • Privacy and App lock
    [appbox googleplay]

    #4 AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

    All of us have heard about the AVG, most famous anti-virus software. The AVG is not just an anti-virus software; it is also one of the best Android cleaner 2019.

    The app works by doing away with the junk files, minimizing the battery usage and reducing data consumption. Browsing history, caches, call logs, large files can also be cleaned by the app.

    Many times, apps running in the background drain out the battery and consumes a large portion of data. AVG puts a stop to data and power waste by disabling the background apps. The app can be downloaded for free from Google play store. The app has just one drawback. It contains ads that can be annoying at times.

    [appbox googleplay com.avg.cleaner]

    #5 Turbo Booster (Speed up)

    It is quite natural for an Android to slow down if it is not cleaned regularly. The Turbo booster is the app that helps boost the memory, space, and the overall device to ensure its proper working.

    The app frees up RAM which further boosts the speed of the device. Turbo Booster has also been regarded as battery booster. The app can delete unwanted apps and games with just a tab of a finger. The app is available for free and contains ads.

    [appbox googleplay com.ciwili.booster]

    These are some of the best android cleaner 2019 that make Android more wonderful Smartphones, but they call for attention and care as well. Android phones are one of the smartphones that have longer shelf life and are durable. The longevity of Android devices can be ensured by protecting it from virus infected files and cleaning off its memory and space for better working.

    Although there are app cleaners that can help boost Android devices, knowing the cause of stagnation can also ensure the effective working of the devices.

    A smartphone is vulnerable to slow down if it has many apps installed; memory space is low, undeleted cache files, browser history, background apps and more.

    The above-mentioned phone cleaner apps can definitely prove helpful in getting rid of the unwanted apps and files in just a tab, it is important to keep a tap on the activities of Android. The Smartphone should be left idle for some time if you use it quite frequently. The Smartphone also needs to rest just like us.

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