10 Best Android Browsers to Enhance Your Web Browsing in 2020

    Every day a new smartphone is launched in the market with amazing features different from another. Android devices are becoming part and parcel of our lives. But the value of an Android device is nil if there are no best Android browsers in it.

    With the help of these browsers, you can make your Android devices more usable.

    While using any Android browser, we should keep in mind certain factors such as loading speed, accuracy, and many other factors. However, the security factor remains the most necessary aspect while using any Android browser.

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    Fastest Android Browsers For 2020

    There are so many web browsers for Android out there in the app store that many get confused choosing over the right one. Well that’s the beauty of the tech advancement, isn’t it? We here would look into these Android web browsers on offer at present and rank them for you.

    #1. Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most preferred Android Browser of every Android user. It has several fantastic options such as an incognito window for simplifying too much work, built-in flash, a nice Data saver and much more.

    It has a beautiful user interface and you can manage your history and bookmarks also. Google Chrome has always been the best browser for Android users because of a wide range of features. It also consists of many other features like Google translate to get any language translated and Google voice search.

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    Google Chrome#2. Maxthon

    The next on this list is the winner of CNET WebWare 100 Awards, Maxthon. It contains Ad Hunter for blocking pop-ups and ads which often appear in webpages. You can open many pages at the same time on Maxthon.

    It has fast loading speed which will give you timely work. If you want to know what is going in any part of the world, watch the live news on NewsBites. Maxthon has multiple plug-INS and also a nice search toolbar where you will get many search engines.

    Maxthon#3. UC Browser

    UC Browser is one of the best Android browsers for your Android devices. It also runs without any fault on Windows. This browser makes the data better and more accurate before it is sent to any user.

    It consists of HTML 5 and also runs at a fast loading speed. You can download multiple pages from this Android browser. It has a special feature of data compression which automatically increases the speed of the browser while loading any web page.

    UC Browser#4. Puffin Browser

    Puffin Browser is an Android browser which you can also use on Windows. It works on split architecture to speed up the loading of web pages. There are many cool features of this browser such as a gamepad, wonderful virtual trackpad, and many others.

    It also contains Adobe Flash Player. This browser also works great on various iOS devices. You can also get various colours for the toolbars. There is also an incognito window in this Android browser which can serve the purpose well.

    Puffin Browser#5. CM Browser

    CM Browser is one of the best Android browsers for your Android devices. The best feature of this browser is that it has superb downloading speed whether it is a movie or a video. It is free from virus and malware and stops the irritating ads which keep on appearing while loading any websites or webpages. There is an Incognito window which will keep all your information confidential. It also has a Page Translator which has many languages for users in any part of the world.

    CM Browser#6. Flynx

    Flynx helps you to work on many websites and webpages at one time. It also stores various articles and blogs so that you can read them at a later point in time. Flynx is your mobile data saver and also stops unwanted ads which block the website and web pages.

    It also contains several languages for the users of every country. You can share various links related to your work on various social sites.

    Flynx#7. Opera Mini

    Opera Mini is another popular Android browser nowadays. It runs successfully on all versions of Windows and also on various Android as well as iOS devices. It is based on the data compression feature. It has a good loading speed.

    Various search engines can be accessed on the address bar of Opera Mini. It also consists of many other stunning features such as night mode, a news aggregator, and ad blocker.

    Opera Mini#8. Brave Browser

    The next on the list is one of the best Android browsers for your Android phones and tablets, Brave browser. It stops the ads which affect the speed of various websites and web pages.

    This browser released in the year 2016 and it also stops website trackers from gaining access to your data. It is a secured Android browser for your Android devices such as phones, tablets, Book, and notepads. It also saves much of your battery which increases its life.

    Brave Browser#9. Ghostery

    When it comes to security, you can definitely go for Ghostery browser which has gradually started to become popular in many parts of the world. It saves the information on multiple web pages and websites in the database to keep them private from a 3rd party. The work emails, chat history, surfing history and many other details remain completely confidential.

    Ghostery#10. Dolphin Browser

    The last on the list is Dolphin browser which can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. You can open multiple tabs at the same time on this browser.

    This browser has a unique feature of voice search in which it listens to the instructions of the users by their voice and presents the website or page which you want.

    You can use certain alphabets for opening many famous social media sites.

    Dolphin Browser


    So now, you have a large list of Best Android browsers which can be efficiently used on your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and many other devices. Some of them have a password manager and you can also get a set of other amazing tools for simplifying the work.

    These Android browsers do not contain any harmful virus or malware which can damage any of your devices in any way. Switch your choice to these Android Browsers in the year 2020 for getting smart work.

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