10 Best Personal Android Assistant Apps to Use

    An assistant is the one who helps you in urgency. A smartphone is your best companion nowadays and it serves all your purposes. Whether it is watching a movie or ordering any household item, the smartphone does every activity. These days a personal assistant app is a very useful thing you should have it on your mobile phones.

    10 Best Android Assistant Apps

    There are hundreds of Android apps introduced in the App store each day which provide much comfort and ease in routine housework as well as office work.

    Siri is the most popular personal assistant app for iOS users in recent times. If you want some more apps similar to Siri, pick one from the list.

    #1. Bixby

    Bixby is an Android assistant app introduced by Samsung Electronics. You can use any this app on any Android devices such as mobiles, tablets, and Book. There are various features in Bixby such as Bixby Voice by which you can direct the app to perform a certain task for you.

    You can the updates of the weather of different countries of the world using Bixby Home. There are many buttons in this app by which you can manage your home gadgets. It is a solution to every problem of your house and office.


    #2. Lyra

    The next on the list is Lyra virtual assistant. It is one of the best android assistant apps created by Artificial Solutions. It has its own language to use for various purposes. You can download this personal assistant app on both Android and iOS devices.

    It also gives directions to use the device. Lyra app keeps your private chats and other information confidential. This app can set alarm and even play videos on various sites for you.


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    #3. Cortana

    Cortana is an Android personal assistant app developed by Microsoft which works smoothly on any version of Window, Android and iOS devices. You can set a reminder when there is an office meeting or a friend’s birthday. It provides the answers from Bing when a user puts a question.

    There are many languages in this app. It also recognizes the voice and it is very simple to know the updates of weather and live sports. You can even store some of your important data in this app.


    #4. Robin

    Robin is similar to Siri in many ways. It understands the voice orders and provides answers to the questions asked to it. When there are important meetings or assignments, we can store the reminders in Robin.

    You can set an alarm and know about your health and fitness also. It gives you the updates of the weather of various parts of the globe. You can use this app on any of your Android devices.


    #5. Google Assistant

    Google Assistant works on the method of two-way conversations for answering several questions. It was created by Google before some time and gained popularity within a short time. It works on both Android and iOS platforms.

    You can also connect various home gadgets with Google Assistant. There are some of the most amazing features in Google Assistant such as Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Duo to make your life easier. You can also access your various Google accounts from this app.

    Google Assistant

    #6. Dragon

    Dragon is a personal assistant app which will help in your routine work. You can send messages and make appointments. You can set an alarm and send emails. Voiceprint can be set up so that Dragon will listen to your orders.

    You can know the weather conditions of various countries and cities. If you want to search for some information, you can even surf the internet from this app.


    #7. Jarvis

    The next on the list is Jarvis by which you can simplify each task of yours. You can manage your call list and get the updates of the weather. Also, you can send and receive messages and get the latest national and international news.

    You can set an alarm and reminders for urgent meetings and presentation. It has a Cloud voice which answers all your questions. It can play videos and songs and even turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


    #8. Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa is created by Amazon which works on both Android and iOS platforms. It can accept your orders and provide an answer to various questions asked by anyone. You can do several tasks such as setting an alarm, play music, stream podcasts and get weather updates on Amazon Alexa.

    You can also get the updates of the recent events going around the globe. It also provides traffic updates. You can control and manage several home devices by connecting them to this app. You can even order food from various restaurants with the help of this app.

    Amazon Alexa

    #9. Pocket Assistant

    Pocket Assistant is an Android personal assistant which will make your life a rocking one.  It will give you a beautiful girlfriend namely “Kate” who will be your friend when you are sad or upset. She will crack jokes and talk with you to boost your mood.

    Kate has a lovely appearance and she talks in a wonderful manner which impresses anyone quickly. Kate can even play and dance with you to make you feel special. You can download this app on your Android devices for fun and entertainment.

    Pocket Assistant

    #10. AIVC (Alice)

    The last one in the list of the personal assistant app is AIVC(Alice). You can get a high level of general knowledge from this app as it has much information about the world’s famous structures. Also, you can set an alarm if you have an exam or office meeting.

    You can play music and send text messages to anyone. You can even manage your email accounts with the help of AIVC(Alice). It is one of the latest technologies to make life happier.

    AIVC (Alice)


    These apps are real companions of humans in present-day which provide them happiness and joy. They aim at making your life simple and comfortable.

    Did you find this list of best Android assistant apps to be helpful? Share your views in the comments.

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