5 Best Android Apps to Transfer Files from Android to PC

    Smartphones have to some extent overthrown the laptops and PC with their amazing features that subdue tablets, laptops and even PCs. However, there is still some significant amount of work that can only be done through PC. There are Android apps that help users transfer files from Android to PC. Android transfer of file has been possible by various apps, but there are five apps that are outstanding and efficient.

    Below, are five Android apps that can help transfer files from Android to PC a little bit information on how to transfer photos from android to pc has also been provided with each app.

    5 Best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC

    #1. AirDroid

    AirDroid is one of the most preferred apps to transfer files from Android to PC. The app provides its users with an access to manage Android device remotely.

    Using the app, one can access and transfer various format of files to Windows, Mac and other devices for free of cost. The app can also be used for sending as well as receiving SMS/MMS right from the PC.

    [appbox googleplay com.sand.airdroid]

    #2. Google Drive

    What can be better than the cloud storage for transferring files from Android to PC. Cloud storage such as Google Drive allows Google Account users to save files in the drive, which can be accessed from the web, desktop and even the screen of the mobile.

    Google Drive is a cloud storage by Google and is exclusively available for Google account users. You will need to have a Google account to be able to access it. The drive provides a limited space for free of cost.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #3. Pushbullet

    The Pushbullet app works just like AirDroid. It allows its users to transfer files between PC and Android.

    Just like AirDroid, the app allows its users to send and receive SMS/MMS. Using the app, one can exchange clipboard and exchange notifications.

    Using the app, one can get phone notification right on the screen of the PC. In short, the app assures that no notification is missed.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #4. Resilio Sync

    Resilio Sync or BitTorrent Sync is an app that is simple to use and transfer files. The app is just like cloud storage but is more secure.

    The app syncs data as per the users’ requirement and keeps it in a secure place. Although the app stores data just like any other cloud storage devices. The only difference that makes it different from other cloud devices is how it stores the data?

    The data synced between an Android devices and Pc stays between the two instead of being available on the web. For example, data stored in Google Drive can be access through the web, but the case is different when it comes to Resilio Sync.

    The best part of the app is that there is no storage limit. Moreover, the app automatically backs up files from the camera. A file of any format type can be stored through the app.

    [appbox googleplay com.resilio.sync]

    #5. SendAnywhere

    This is one secure and free app to transfer files between any digital devices. The app is totally free and has no restriction or limitations when it comes to transferring data.

    While transferring data you may be asked for a 6 digit key generated by the app. You will have to enter the 6 digit key to be able to transfer the data.

    Using the app, one can also share links through social media channels. Android file transfer windows are also possible through the app.

    [appbox googleplay com.resilio.sync]

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