Benefits of Technology in Education

    Education is the process that changes and improves constantly to develop the next generation of great minds that will be able to improve our world. When students learn in the university, they study how to solve problems, find innovative decisions, and think creative to take new challenges.

    Of course, when teachers use innovative methods for learning, it makes students more passionate about studying. Nowadays, we use modern technologies to improve our education and to involve students in the process of learning. If to compare with the past, students of 18 and 19 centuries were far away from modern students that use a lot of technical devices, programs, and other various things while studying.

    Modern schools and universities have discovered that when students use technologies in class, their grades are much better. It’s understandable that modern technologies help them to learn something new, and to be more interested in the process of studying new information. Students are more involved in learning because the entire process is not boring for them. They like a fact they could use various things to help them study better. Let’s define the main benefits of technology in our education:

    #1. Young generations are raised in the world of modern technologies, so it’s quite natural for them to use technologies in the classroom.

    #2. Modern technologies allow students to learn faster and more effectively. For example, they could just read a chapter in the book, or they could watch a bright presentation in the classroom. Needless to say in the second case students would remember much more information compared to the first.

    #3. Thanks to new technologies, students don’t need so many paper books, so it helps to reduce costs for studying and save a lot of paper.

    #4. Modern students can communicate with the teacher easier and effectively. Parents are also able to be in a direct communication with their children’s teacher without leaving their home or office.

    #5. New technologies help students to develop skills that will help them to adjust in the modern world and to apply their knowledge for the future development of education.

    #6. Various online tools can help students in learning when they are unable to fulfill the assignment for some reason. For example, when a student is required to write a paper, he or she can find a reliable writing service and buy cheap essay online.

    There are a lot of innovations that can be used in the modern classroom. Implementation of such things help teachers to involve students in the process of learning, make them understand and remember much more information compared to usual methods of studying. Nowadays, they use the next innovations in schools:

    #1. Using robots in the classroom instead of the teacher. This experiment took place in South Korean schools. Students found this method quite interesting, they liked to interact with a robot. This innovation allows teacher to be present in the classroom, even if he or she is situated far away from the school.

    #2. Using mobile devices, tablets, etc. Lately, students use their cell phones, smartphones, and other devices for studying. It’s easy and fast to find and use special software for studying using the tablet instead of finding the needed information in the thick old book. Students like this possibility because lessons don’t seem them so bored as it was much earlier. Of course, using smartphones and tablets should be under teacher’s control because students can be easily distracted with various things on the Internet that are not connected to the lesson.

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    #3. Using 3D technology in studying. We all enjoy watching 3D movies, but do you know this technology could be used in studying? Students in Dubai were provided with a 3D laboratory that offers them to do almost anything. They could make various chemistry reactions, or study a foreign language in a virtual laboratory.

    #4. Special needs students can also get some help. New technologies allow such people to study in an easier way. There are a lot of software to help students with learning disabilities, such as reading problems, dyslexia, etc.

    It’s very important to explore new ways to develop the education system and teach them to develop various skills that will help students to become innovators in the future.

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