How Secure is Face ID Passkey?

    Not long ago, all we had to do with our mobile phones was to dial, make calls and send messages. However, as technology advanced, our mobile devices became these mini-computers that allowed us to access our emails, bank accounts, and other sensitive information. With this came the need to secure them. Years later, we went from passwords to the famous face ID passkey.

    The urgency to secure our data has introduced more innovative security measures. While the password assures you that your data is safe, it is impossible to hack a face ID. It makes sense to transition to such a robust security measure. But what exactly is a Face ID? This article delves into the face ID passkey, compares it with passwords, and highlights its advantages.

    What is Face ID Passkey?

    As the name confirms, digital devices use your face to verify your identity. Apple introduced this facial recognition technology for customers to authenticate themselves with apps. It was introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X and is only available on iPhones and iPad Pro models (2018 3rd Gen).

    Your device will scan your face, create a facial map then record facial features as data points in a 3D image. This information makes you recognizable to your device when you look at your screen. With the Face ID Passkey, you can log in using the Face ID function on your device.

    Is a Passkey More Secure Than a Password?

    A passkey should be more secure than a password because a hacker will need your facial ID to unlock it. A hacker will need biometric information to access your device’s data. Passkeys are created using a strong encryption algorithm, so you don’t have to worry about easy-to-guess passwords.

    The Advantages

    More and more people are willing to switch to passkeys because of their many benefits. Some of which include:

    Improved Security

    There is one in a million chance of anyone hacking your facial ID. This makes face ID more secure than passwords. You do not have to enter any password to access your device because everything is linked to your unique facial features.

    Convenience and Accessibility

    The Face ID passkey allows easy access for people with vision impairment. The feature lets you sign in or sign up for apps and websites by looking at your device. Regarding reliability and ease of use, this feature is all you need.


    Most mobile phone users prefer Face ID because you can use it in different scenarios. With the Face ID passkey, you can unlock your phone, purchase apps, and access private data. The flexibility of face ID makes it a valuable feature in any device.

    Why You Should Use Face ID

    Password security systems are easy to bypass because of how we handle them. We reuse passwords or rely on easy ones that are easy to crack. Replacing your device’s password with a Face ID passkey assures us that all our private information remains private. Besides, it is fast, comfortable, and easy to use.

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