12 Best ARK Server Hosting for Everyone

    Everyone loves playing video games. We used to play it when we were kids. And, we play it now to cure our boredom and monotonous life of only work and work. Do you remember your first video game? Mine was VCOP 2. Video games have evolved and are evolving every day. Video games have achieved a lot in the past few years and the number of gamers is rising day by day. In this article, we will talk about one of the most popular games, ARK: Survival Evolved. We will also talk about the 12 best ARK server hosting

    Currently, the video games global market values $151.06 billion. Moreover, it is believed to grow 12.9% CAGR in the coming five years. It is fascinating how video games keep us engaged. If there is no one at home, you can switch to playing video games. If your mind is too clustered while working, then you can refresh your mind by playing your favorite for half an hour or an hour. Video games have become an essential part of 3 billion people all over the world. Hence, you see from the data how video games and gamers are growing every year. 

    The chief factors driving video games’ growth software and hardware proliferation and technological innovation. Moreover, internet evolution and the easy access to everyone, and extensive video game availability over the internet also adds to the video gaming growth. You can easily get your favorite games on Steam and other websites. Hence, this is making your video gaming experience excellent. You do not have to search your local shops or others looking for games. You can easily get them while sitting at your home on your laptop with an internet connection. 

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    So, with people’s growing interest in games, companies are releasing new and amazing games as well. One of the most-hyped games of recent time is ARK: Survival Evolved. So, below we have talked about the game in detail and also listed the best ARK Survival Evolved server hosting. Hence, scroll down and get to know more about this fascinating game. 

    ARK: Survival Evolved – ARK Server Hosting

    ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-source sandbox game. It comes with an adventure-style themed. This game takes you to an island. First to ARK, then to home to wild species, and even to prehistoric animals like dinosaurs. It takes you through a different world and surely is a charismatic game. 

    One just cannot play this game for just a few minutes or an hour, this game demands a lot of your time. You cannot just emerge as a warrior in few minutes. ARK demands a lot of your time before your get incredible power or time a Tyrannosaurus rex. 

    Moreover, you must a strong server so that you can continue playing your game well. A not-so-sturdy server will reduce your gaming speed and will put all your efforts to waste as well. Hence, this is why you will always need a decent ARK server when you will play ARK: Survival Evolved. The servers are very powerful and equipped with amazing features for speeding up your gameplay without any worries. 

    On ARK: Survival Evolved

    You have to build your shelter and then you are good to go. The game’s chief aim is to survive on an island with varied wild species animals and dinosaurs. So, you have to get hold of the amazing weapons to battle and ward off the deadly animals. Hence, all you have to do to play this game, select a character and then play to be the best player. Moreover, unlock new tools, weapons, skills, and keep moving on to the next levels. 

    Why do you need an ARK: Survival Evolved server host?

    Being an open-source, sandbox game, ARK: Survival Evolved eats up a lot of resources of your PS4, XBOX, PC, or whichever device you are playing in. It constantly fluctuates the latency rate, overworks the heatsink, and strains your graphics card as well. Therefore, this game is not at all an easy feat for your gaming console. 

    1. When you play a game on a gaming server, you can lucidly change the settings and the gameplay beyond whatever the gaming companies’ servers are allowing you. Customization is a chief component for players who get easily frustrated with ARK’s traditional gameplay. These players wish for an easier, harder, or even more exciting play.

    2. When you are playing the game on a server, you will notice that lagging gets significantly reduced. This is even when all the player slots your server allows are full use. Now, this is because you are in a private environment. And, your game is loading new environments or interacting with gamers. Moreover, even if your server has players from all over the world, the latency stays low compared to ARK’s central servers. Hence, the gamers you have invited can easily play ARK smoothly. 

    In ARK: Survival Evolved, you have to tame or fight ancient creatures and also use them to battle, other creatures. Moreover, you can collaborate as well as attack with other players, and then gather supplies like food, tools, and water. Also, you have to establish a shelter or home to protect yourself from the environment and weather. Rendering objects and detail-heavy environments can lower your connection’s speed. Moreover, it can also stall systems that are not top of the line. Ping and latency issues are always one of the most frustrating issues of gaming. 

    The Final Reason!

    Lastly, another reason for using ARK server hosting is control and privacy. Ark: Survival Evolved is a very intense game, asking for a lot of time. Hence, when you are playing on your server, you do not have to worry about other gamers ruining your gaming experience. Moreover, you can invite your family and friends to play this game with you. Also, you can even kick out players who are spoiling your gaming server’s atmosphere. 

    Latency, privacy, and performance are all essential factors that improve when you are playing an online game on a server. Nonetheless, an improved and great experience is crucial for gamers. It does not matter whether you are using an XBOX or PC or any other gaming console. Gaming servers are ought to improve your gaming experience. Hence, one must use it. 

    Things you must look at while deciding the best ARK server hosting

    Well, when we are talking about ATK servers, we must also know what you must look for while choosing the best ARK server. Gamers need to choose the best server. The best server will help the gamer to perform best. Moreover, renting a server in the first place, and then finding out that it is not good, frustrating, is bad. Especially when you are taming and battling wild animals and dinosaurs. 

    Hence, below we have mentioned the factors you must confirm before choosing a server.

    1. Value for money or Per month Set up cost

    We know that price is always a chief factor while we are deciding to buy something. Hence, the same wise price is a chief factor while you are renting a gaming server. Well, while there is a myriad of other factors you must consider while buying or renting a gaming server, price should be the most crucial factor. Why? We have explained that below.

    In the gaming world, different servers provide different support and features. And, this is what sets them apart from one another. Moreover, extra features surely come with an additional price tag. Hence, instead of focusing on the server price, you must look at what the server is providing and the value for money. So, if the server’s features justify its price tag, then you are good to go with the server. 

    2. Setup ease

    The setup process must be very lucid and smooth. Moreover, no one wants to spend hours setting up a server. It is very frustrating, nonetheless. Hence, the setup must be effortless and the instructions must also be loud and clear.

    3. Adding Modifications

    There is no doubt, ARK: Survival Evolved is one of its kind. It is phenomenal and fantastic. Now, no one on this planet does not want some more modifications and add-ons. Therefore, renting a new server must bring with itself some great modifications. So, before you rent a server, check this criterion as well.

    4. Performing under load

    This is no new thing that things will turn intense when you will be playing with your friends. Therefore, the more players, and the more modifications, the server is going to have loaded on itself. Hence, in the list below, we have selected only the best ARK Survival Evolved server hosting who are capable of taking the maximum load and even perform great under pressure. You will find the list below with the 12 best ARK servers. These servers are undoubtedly the best and used by a lot of gamers. So, you can see that these servers are already a pro in taking loads. 

    5. Support

    Let’s consider you are a pro gamer and the server you have chosen the world’s best server, but there will be one point of time when you will surely need assistance. Therefore, you must check the response and support time of your server. You have to check whether they are supportive and knowledgeable or not. Moreover, you also have to check how quickly they respond and also the quality of their response. Also, the best support is available 24 X 7. They must be easily reachable through email, phone support, or ticket. 

    6. Graphics

    What if you rent a server and then you find out it has the worst graphics. Wouldn’t it be very disappointing? Well, do not worry about that. We have done all the homework for you and listed only the best ARK server hosting. 

    7. Server locations

    Well, you just cannot decide which server is best by looking at it. But, you must know that a server that operates worldwide and supports a myriad of game players, is undoubtedly the best. The best server must be able to serve lots of gamers and also take up the load very lucidly. 

    Moreover, you must make sure that your server can take an influx of gamers. As you will be playing with your friends both offline and online, your server must be strong enough to handle so many gamers. Moreover, it might also happen that you have online friends who are located in various parts of the world and you all decide to play. It could also happen that you are a Steam or Twitch streamer and invite your followers to play with you. So, your server must be able to switch locations and the company you choose must have a myriad of servers. 

    8. DDoS Protection

    Your server must be DDoS protected. It is one of the most essential factors. Now, what is DDoS? Well, Distributed Denial of service or DDoS is a standard cyberattack tactic or method. In this method, several individuals as well as computers flood a target server’s network with traffic. Hence, this process is successful in bringing down the target server’s connection to the internet. 

    9. Platform

    If you are playing ARK: Survival Evolved on your XBOX or PC, or PS4, then you can go on and rent a server for the game. Now, you must know that servers for a specific console, do not support another console player. So, if you are playing on your PS4, and choose a server, and then your friend is playing on his PC, then you both cannot play together on a similar server. This is because your PS4 server is not going to support your friend’s PC. It is sad but the hard reality. Therefore, if you ardently wish to play with your friend, then either he or you should get a PS4 or PC respectively. But, if you both have the same kind of gaming console, voila! You can enjoy playing with your friend. 

    10. Player slots

    If you think that player slots are not an important factor, then my friend you are wrong. Player slots are also one of the most important deciding factors in an ARK Survival Evolved server hosting. Therefore, the minimum number of player slots a company should be provided is 20. It must not feel you are just playing your neighbours or NPCs. Your company’s server must have a huge number of servers to give you the best experience. So, choose the best server from the list below. 

    11. Automatic server backup

    Just like your phone and computer, your server must also back up itself to save itself from wiping out essential information. All gaming servers, conduct backups every day. Therefore, saving themselves from carelessly losing data. Just like WhatsApp backs up at 2 AM, many gaming servers back up usually after midnight. Hence, this saves them and you from losing important information. Backing up is an essential factor of any gaming server that is hosting so many players from all around the world. Hence, look for a server that backs up regularly. Read customer reviews to know the server more clearly. 

    12. Automatic update installation

    Let’s admit that there is nothing worse than deciding to play with your friends in the middle of the night and finding out that your server is updating. This is the worst scenario you can face. So, now you and your friends have to wait till the game or the server is completely updated. So, to avoid such a scenario, your server must have automatic update installation. Automatic update installations start downloading as soon as your company’s server receives them. Hence, there is hardly any waiting for you and your friends. You and your friends can continue playing the phenomenal ARK: Survival Evolved without any worries. 

    13. DLC/all mods supported

    Now, gaming companies keep coming up with new updates and maps all the time. Gaming companies keep making their customers happy with new features, add-ons, and maps. So, you must always check your server can support all these new add-ons and features. Certain companies simply run the basic game without any docs. While some providers can easily run the docs. On the other hand, other company servers easily allow mods to run on the server. Hence, you have to wisely choose your server and check out these factors. 

    14. History

    We get admission to a school or a college we always check its history and achievements. We also check a company’s background before applying for a position. This is the same while choosing a gaming server as well. So, looking at a gaming server’s history is a great way of assessing the server’s quality. Hence, take time assessing the period the server has offered its services and how long they have been there in this field. 

    Moreover, older server companies have a good reputation and amazing customer support as well. Also, a newer ARK server company might not be very well accustomed to the game and hosting a server. Therefore, always check the history and read reviews for selecting the best server. 

    15. Refund policy

    Certain companies offer a refund policy which is great if you want to check a new server or an unknown server. If you do not want to stay on a particular server, then you can ask for a refund. Now, you must know that ARK: Survival Evolved server hosting is not for everyone. So, if you have to take your steps carefully.

    Hence, this is why refund policies are the most amazing factors. A refund policy allows you to test the waters. GTX gaming offers a refund policy. It has a 24-hour refund policy. Moreover, Host Havoc provides a 72-hour refund policy without asking any questions.

    Moreover, you will be very happy to know that certain companies even offer free trials. So, you can try out the servers first and then go on to buy or rent them. This gives you a nice view of the server. And, you can decide whether or not you want this gaming server for your ARK: Survival Evolved. Also, you must note that servers that are so confident about free trials and refund policy are worth your time and money. Therefore, you must choose a server that offers a free trial or refund policy. 

    Hence, these were some of the chief factors that must consider while choosing ARK server hosting

    You must choose the right server as this leads to a positive or negative gaming experience. If you choose the best gaming server, it will automatically ensure you are having the best gaming experience. You do not have to worry about thinking and searching ARK servers. We have done the homework for you and listed the 12 best servers. So, keep scrolling to discover and read about those servers. 

    Hosting your ARK: Survival Evolved Server Vs. Renting a Server

    Have you ever thought of hosting your server? Every gamer must have thought about it. But, you must also agree that hosting your server is great for you and your friends. You and your friends can easily play ARK: Survival Evolved by hosting a server. But, if you want to gain some experience, and go out in the real gaming world, then renting a server is the best option. By renting a server, you get exposure to a myriad of players who are great at their particular domains. 

    So, when you play with different players, you get to know their tactics, their positive game plays, and also know your weaknesses. Hence, playing with different players will gain you experience. You can play with your friends by hosting a server on certain days. But, if you rent a server you can interact with several players. So, we have talked about both renting and hosting a server. Therefore, let’s see more about each factor in detail below. 

    Dedicated ARK: Survival Evolved Server on your PC

    If you have hosted a server before, then it is not a challenge for you. But, if you have not hosted a server earlier, then it can be a bit challenging for you. You will face problems while setting up a server. So, if you have not set up a server earlier, then follow the steps below:

    1. Firstly, create a folder for storing your ARK: Survival Evolved server files. For example, C:\ArkServer.
    2. Secondly, simply double-click on the extracted SteamCMD.exe file. When you do this, it will start downloading the rest of SteamCMD. 
    3. Thirdly, once you have finally reached the prompt, simply type the following. Now, replace your Username with your Steam username. Also, replace your password with your Steam’s password.
    4. Login Username Password.
    5. Force_install_dir C:\ArkServer\ #
    6. Lastly, validate app_update 346110. 
    7. Finally, you can close the application once the download is over. Moreover, you can download the entire ARK: Survival Evolved, and the servers are already included in the game folder.
    8. Now, from C:\ArkServer\_commonredist\DirectX, install Direct X. 
    9. Again from C:\ArkServer\_commonredist\Vredist\, install Visual Studio 2013 Redist pack.
    10. Now, for properly setting up ARK Server and creating a batch script, navigate to C:\ArkServer\shootergame\binaries\win64\
    11. First right-click, then New Text Document. Next, type in Serverstart.bat.
    12. Next, open Serverstart.bat in a notepad.
    13. Then, Enter the following there. Change the server admin password and server password as per your wish. 
    14. start ShooterGameServer “TheIsland?SessionName=GameServerSetup?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=MyPassword?ServerAdminPassword=MYPassword?Port=7777?listen”
    15. exit
    16. Next, if you are operating in a NAT environment, make sure the ports are allowed through port-forwarded and firewall. 
    17. Lastly, double click on the Serverstart.bat for starting the server. And, you are done. 

    Think about it!

    Hosting a large server is not only challenging but also you will need a larger RAM and a faster CPU. Also, the more the player more is the strain in your server. So, hosting your server is not as easy as it seems. 

    Even without a server running, ARK is pretty much performance hungry. Moreover, if you are struggling for maintaining 1080p 650 FPS, then you will surely struggle while running a large server. You and your friends will have a lousy connection if your PC fails to maintain a server. If your PC cannot handle a server then hosting a server is not worthy.

    Another chief problem!

    Moreover, if you are planning to host a server, another problem you are likely to face is server uptime. The server will be live only when it is running on your PC. So, if your friends want to play or you play it from some other gaming console, then your server will be unavailable. This is a great disadvantage a lot of gamers face. And, because of this reason, they do not like to host their server. Server uptime is a big problem, nonetheless. 

    If your friends are playing while you are playing then it’s completely not a problem. But, if your friends decide to ditch you and play ARK while you busy with your work or assignment, then it is surely going to be a problem and will also disappoint your friends. Hence, if you are hosting a server for yourself and your friends, then you have to make sure your PC is always on. Then only, your friends can play any time they want. And, they won’t blame you either. 

    Well, even we do not blame your friends. ARK is a phenomenal game that requires time and dedication. And, once you are addicted to it, there is no stopping. Hence, if you want to keep your friends happy, then you must keep your PC on with your server running always. 

    Moreover, if you want to add DLC packs or any mods, then you will surely have a hard time figuring that out. Hence, it is always advisable to rent a server. You do not have to worry about adding mods or DLC. All that will be done by your server’s company. So, you can relax and simply enjoy playing ARK: Survival Evolved. Focus on the game and emerge as a winner. 

    Renting an ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    If you are not at all interested in hosting a server, then you have a myriad of options. Starting from GTX Gaming to NodeCraft. So, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can select from the 12 best ARK server hosting. 

    So, renting from such companies below make your life easier in many ways. You will surely have better server uptime, better performance, a dedicated support team, easy DLC and mods installations, and other benefits. Hence, it is always advisable to rent a server. 

    What’s best for you?

    Well, we have talked about the factors. And, do not get us wrong. Renting a server has greater benefits than hosting your server. But, if you have a powerful gaming PC, then you can surely host your server. There is no harm in it. If you are confident about hosting your server, then you are always welcome to do that. It is an advantage if you are a pro gamer and have already hosted other servers as well. You probably know all the tactics and methods. And, you always have Google to your rescue. 

    But, if you are not confident about hosting a server, then do go for renting a server. Renting a server surely makes your life simpler to some another level. Hence, look at the amazing ARK server hosting below and decide which one you would love to rent. 

    12 Best ARK Server Hosting

    So, we are finally here. After talking extensively about ARK: Survival Evolved, it is time we talk about renting servers. Below we have mentioned the top and best 12 ARK server hosting. So, scroll down and check out the amazing server companies. 

    1. GTX Gaming

    GTX gaming is one of the best and most favorite server hosting companies. It is favored by a lot of gamers. GTX Gaming has an automatic mod updater, DDoS protection, 24 X 7 support, DLCs, and ARK maps. Moreover, they also provide a 24-hour refund policy. One of the most exciting features is you can easily switch from your ARK server to any other game’s server. And, this is free of cost as well. But, unfortunately, GTX Gaming is only supportable to PC ARK servers. If you want something for your XBOX or PS4, then you will find many below. 


    • It gives your high-quality, great performance.
    • It has competitive pricing.
    • Moreover, it also has custom control panels.


    • It has a great support team but it can improve a lot. 

    2. Survival Servers

    If you are looking for a power-pack hosting server, then Survival Servers is a great option. Setting up the game on your PC or gaming console is not at all a tough task. As they have a great customized control panel, it gives you amazing authority over the game. With just a few clicks, you can make easy updates, install mods, switch locations, and do a lot of more other things. Moreover, for enhancing security, you have DDoS protection as well as server-pass looking feature. 


    • You will get automatic and instant updates.
    • It has easy update installations and mods.
    • Also, it has a customized control panel


    • Sadly, it has few server locations.

    3. ScalaCube

    This is another great ARK server hosting. It gives you restart options as well as administers changes. You will get complete control over the host control panel. So, if you are not very happy with the recent changes, then you can easily head back to the server application using the control panel. Moreover, it gives you high uptime, and also specific IP addresses to certain players. It provides a lot of liberty to its players. It also gives you DDoS protection. Hence, you will not face any issues while playing ARK.


    • You can easily modify server settings.
    • It has official ARK modes available.
    • You will also get free FTP access.


    • This again has limited and fewer server locations.

    4. Nitrous Network

    If you have an XBOX or PS4, then this is a great choice for you. It has a 136,000 customer base. Hence, you can have an idea of its popularity. This gaming server host is pretty simple and easy to use. Moreover, setting it up is easier. It has global POP filtering. Therefore, it saves you from various malicious attacks. You will get zero lag and excellent stability. All credits to its high-quality hardware. NITROPRO is its customized control panel. So, without any worries, you can play on the host server. Moreover, you also get 7 days money-back guarantee. Therefore, we do not see any reason why shouldn’t you go with this hosting server. 


    • It has a large gaming board.
    • Great SSD storage.
    • Moreover, it also has a fantastic control panel.


    • Not all players can afford it due to its high price slot. 

    5. Nodecraft

    This server hosting platform knows your needs. Nodecraft offers a unique, amazing control panel. It hardly takes any time while installing and updating. Moreover, with their streamlined application, you can easily control the panel on your phone. The factor that makes it most popular among players due to its interface simplicity. It gives your great speed and stability as well. Moreover, Nodecraft also provides live modification support. It also offers multiple servers.


    • It has a very easy setup.
    • Nodecraft gives you a money-back guarantee and easy cancellations.
    • It also has a free trial.


    • The only disadvantage is it’s not so well-versed in customer support. 

    6. HostHavoc

    HostHavoc is a quicker and faster-hosting server. It is a new hosting server but it has rapidly climbed the ranks. You can easily choose from maps, mod, and free cluster options. Hence, making your gaming experience very memorable. It fully supports DLC including Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, Scorched Earth, and many more. You will also get 99.9% uptime. Amazing, isn’t it? Also, the security quotient is very high as well. You are not just safe from DDoS attacks but also UDP floods. Moreover, it also has various unique features making it a great ARK hosting server. 


    • It supports many modifications.
    • It also guarantees 99.9% uptime.
    • HostHavoc provides free DDoS protection.


    • It only has three major server locations. 

    7. Shockbyte

    Since its launch, Shockbyte has a famous hosting server with 100,000 servers. This is because it has exceptional and amazing customer support, and excellent services. Shockbyte’s hardware is always up to date and updated as well. It is always on time. Hence, there are hardly lagging complaints. Moreover, if you are happy with the server, you can always ask for a refund within 24 hours. Yes, it is that easy. 

    So, all you have to do is, choose the game and the number of players, and your server will be ready in no time. Mods update and automatic installation are the WOW factors for a lot of gamers. Moreover, if you wish to upgrade your plan, simply submit an order. That is all you need to do. 


    • It has amazing 100% uptime.
    • Shockbyte has automatic updates and mods.
    • It also provides you DDoS protection.


    • It has a shorter refund time compared to others. 

    8. ServerBlend

    At unimaginable prices, you can enjoy unlimited games easily. It has an amazingly great control panel. It has excellent tools and is intuitive which are exclusive to ServerBlend. Another attraction is lucid mods and API plugin installation. So, just click once, and you are good to go. Moreover, with multiple editing options, you can customize your game as per your wish. You can lucidly manage changes with the settings editor and the command-line editor. Moreover, you also get full coverage against DDoS attacks. So, you are fully safe and secured. Also, you can easily choose the hardware you would like to play in. Therefore, you get to enjoy a great game. 


    • It has a fantastic control panel.
    • Instant setup is available.
    • Moreover, it also gives you an easy migration option.


    • ServerBlend’s customer slow is slow. 

    9. GameServers

    Now, this is one of the most expensive ARK Survival Evolved servers. But, it is worth each penny you pay. Moreover, the top-notch features are top-class and players love it. This server just takes a few minutes to activate. It also provides an amazing control panel as well. Hence, managing your server becomes very lucid. This includes customization and configuration of the game server as per your will.

    Moreover, you can also add files, more administrators, and switch server locations easily as well. Also, you can easily update and install modifications as well. Hence, you can relax and chill when you get GameServers. If you love to play in your local area, then GameServers will do that for you. Moreover, there is hardly any lagging. So, enjoy your game freely. 


    • This is one of the oldest ARK hosting servers.
    • It has a large game catalog.
    • The customer support staff are knowledgeable and quick as well.


    • It has a high price which a lot of players cannot afford. 

    10. GPortal

    At GPortal, it is your game, your server, and your rules. So, you get full control over the game. Hence, GPortal makes all modifications and amendments as per demands. GPortal also provides amazing renting and buying options. It has amazing prepaid plans and it will tempt you to get your server as well. Moreover, you also have the GameCloud option where you can switch games easily. Along with this, you also get RCON, FTP, and web interface services. 


    • GPortal has updated and new hardware. 
    • It also has excellent customer support.
    • Moreover, also provides you DDoS protection.


    • It is fairly on the expensive side. 

    11. Citadel Servers

    If you are an adventurous player, then this server is an excellent match for you. You can easily play with players all over the world as well as expand your network. And, Citadel Servers is great at its job. You can even connect to local servers as well. So, there are hardly any latency issues. Moreover, you can easily install updates and mods at any time. Also, you can even stop, start, and re-install tasks and updates. And, editing server configurations is a cakewalk. You can even easily switch admins as well.


    • It has automatic updates.
    • Easily switch locations.
    • It is more value for money.


    • Unfortunately, it has slow customer support.

    12. LOW.MS

    This the last hosting server we are featuring but it is nothing less than other ARK server hosting. It is equally amazing and great as other above-mentioned servers. It is new. So, a lot of players do not want to try it. But, gamers out there, do try it. LOW.MS will not leave you disappointed. Moreover, it also gives you great value for money. It has amazingly equipped servers as well. Their customer service is top-notch and the talk of the town. Moreover, low plugins also ensure a great gaming experience. Also, easy and secured payments are a must lookout. DDoS protected. Hence, it has superb security protection as well. Also, it has zero latency issues as well. 


    • It has excellent customer support.
    • It is great value for money.
    • LOW.MS is DDoS protected.


    • We did not find any such con. 

    Final Words!

    Hope this article helped you to know more about ARK: Survival Evolved. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing, phenomenal game. You can easily choose to host your server, or you may also choose an ARK hosting server. We have listed the top-notch and 12 best hosting servers. So, choose your favorite server, and get going. 

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