Are CSGO Skins and Knives Expensive?

    CSGO is one of the most popular FPS shooters all over the globe in the past eight years. It’s a highly competitive video game that became one of the most popular eSports categories worldwide. Millions of players play the game every day, hoping to improve their skills and win valuable CSGO weapon skins.

    These skins are obtained in random loot boxes players win after a match. There are hundreds of skins you can win. Some of them are very rare and expensive, but most are not very valuable. But once you gather dozens of skins, you can simply sell them and make some real money. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

    To put it simply: Yes and No

    Now, let’s start by answering the question of whether or not CS go skins are expensive? The short answer is yes and no. The price of a weapon’s skin depends on its rarity. For example, white, green, and blue weapon skins are not expensive at all. You can find dozens of cheap CSGO knives that will make your weapon unique but won’t earn you a lot of money.

    On the other hand, rarer skins can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. A few legendary skins were paid up to 30.000 dollars, while the vast majority of rare skins are worth between $50 and $10.000. Weapon skins play a significant role in CSGO. The most iconic legendary skins tell other players that you’re serious about the game. People will admire your skins and be vary of your skill, as they know how hard it is to find legendary skins. Pro players usually use the most expensive skins.

    The loot system in CSGO

    CSGO has a simple loot system that allows players to get their hands on valuable weapon skins and other items. CSGO drops are available only when you play the game on official community servers with active anti-cheat protection enabled. Weapon drops are not possible on public community servers.

    Now, when it comes to drop frequency, things work like this: every player who manages to rank up within one week is awarded a drop. The more you play – the slower the drop rate will become. However, the stats are reset every week, allowing you to win new drops within the next seven days. 

    The skins don’t offer any perks; they are only cosmetic. Every drop contains one random weapon skin, and new skins are added by the developer regularly. All weapons except knives have skins organized in collections. The players who own an entire skin collection can earn a lot of money if they decide to sell them. 

    Where do skins get their value from?

    All CSGO skins offer some value, but their overall price depends on the skin’s rarity and popularity. CSGO has a massive community of millions of active players who jump in online games to play against each other, rank up, and win prizes.

    The skins themselves are only cosmetic, and they don’t have an impact on weapon stats. However, skins are usually used to invoke a sense of respect among players. If you have expensive skins, the chances are that you’re a highly-skilled player. 

    Each skin’s value is determined in online marketplaces such as SkinCashier, where players go to buy and sell weapon skills. The prices fluctuate over time, just like any other market in the world. Players can use the skins they have to place bets and potentially win more skins they can sell. Think of CSGO skins as chips in a casino game. 

    The most popular skins usually have higher prices than the common or rare skins. Sometimes, the price for a skin can skyrocket just because a famous pro player started using it. Certainly, the market for CSGO skins is massive, and there’s always room to make some extra money selling skins.

    How can I, as a player, capitalize on this?

    Millions of active CSGO players sell the skins they don’t need for real money. Some of them have managed to turn this practice into a real business and earn a hefty sum of money at the end of every month.

    Generally speaking, most players can win 3 to 5 drops on average every week. That means that they get 3 to 5 skins they can sell. However, CSGO is one of the most popular games in eSports, so players often bet their skins, hoping to win new, more expensive ones. 

    They log into their Steam accounts and bet skins at the Steam Market store along with hundreds of thousands of other players. Instead of using real money to bet on professional games, players use the skins they won. If they win the bet, they get their skins back, along with new skins other players lost in the wager. Once a player gathers dozens of skins, they can sell them and make some real money. 

    Where do I buy and sell skins?

    There are dozens of third-party CSGO skin marketplaces where you can buy and sell your weapon skins. However, you should know that not all of them offer the same benefits. SkinCashier is currently one of the most popular places for trading CSGO skills for a number of reasons.

    1. Players can log in and start trading skins using their Steam credentials.
    2. The platform offers the best skin prices.
    3. SkinCashier offers over a dozen different payout options.
    4. It’s the go-to platform for thousands of professional CSGO players.
    5. Instant payouts within 24-hours of accepting a trade.
    6. All fees are included in the price you see.
    7. No hidden fees.


    CSGO started as a popular video game that grew into one of the most popular eSports in the world. The massive community has helped the game developers create a unique loot system that rewards players with skins they can later sell and make real money.

    So, if you’re passionate about CSGO, visit SkinCashier today and you might be able to sell your rarest skins for a lot of money. Have fun!

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