Advantages in Using Free VPN for Gaming During Covid Time

    The Covid-19 pandemic changed the lives of people in many ways. It affected the social life of individuals. The rising rate of infection forced governments to go into lockdowns. Due to the latter, people couldn’t socialize to spend time with others in their lives.

    Plus, lockdowns forced some people to work remotely. Due to the lack of social opportunities, people found new ways to spend time alone. While some took to movies and music, others embraced gaming. A gaming VPN is an indispensable tool for those who prefer to play online games.

    You can benefit even more if you find one that you can use without paying a fee. Read on to know more about what a VPN for gaming is all about and how a free VPN for gaming can help improve your overall experience of playing online games.

    What is a VPN for Gaming?

    A VPN for gaming is related to gaming in line with the term. It aims to improve a gamer’s overall experience of playing online games. On the one hand, the involvement of the Internet helps enhance the overall gaming experience of gamers. It also poses some challenges on the other. A gaming VPN helps overcome the challenges associated with online gaming.

    Usually, a VPN for gaming revolves around the definition of a VPN and the principle by which it works. A VPN for gaming possesses some additional features for an enhanced gaming experience. Read on to know more about them.

    Advantages of Using a Free VPN for Gaming during Covid Time

    Gamers use a VPN for two apparent reasons: encryption and the ability to hide their IP address. Also, a quality VPN for gaming helps reduce lag and improves ping.

    In general, most VPN users know that a VPN enhances streaming on different platforms. It also helps unblock websites not available in certain regions due to geo-restrictions. However, only gamers know how potentially useful VPNs can be in a gaming session.

    Paid VPNs come with tons of features, but you need to pay a fee for using them. If you wish to try out the features of a VPN without spending a usage fee, a free VPN for gaming is the best option for you. Here’s how using a free VPN for PC or other devices can benefit you in a gaming session.

    1. Protection Against Swatting

    In some rare instances, players, who get angry with other players, resort to swatting to get their revenge. When they do it, they target individual players by harassing them. They send emergence services to their homes as a pretext for emergency or hostage situations. Worse, they might also send such services as a pretext for a bomb scare.

    A VPN for gaming helps hide the IP addresses of gamers when they play a multiplayer game. This prevents the likelihood of swatting by other players.

    2. Protection from DDoS Attacks

    DDoS (distributed denial of Service) attacks have become commonplace due to the easy availability of software programs for them. In this form of an attack, an individual saturates a gamer’s system with several requests at once to force them out of a gaming session.

    A VPN for gaming hides the IP address of an individual gamer’s device. This way, it eliminates the chances of a DDoS attack in a gaming session.

    3. Safety on Public Wi-Fi

    By choosing the best VPN for gaming, you can keep your device safe when you connect it with public Wi-Fi for gaming. This VPN feature for gaming comes to the fore when you go to malls, airports, restaurants, and hotels that provide free wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi.

    With this feature, a VPN for gaming only protects your device from snooping but also keeps it safe from malware that hackers may intentionally try to install in your device.

    4. Much-Needed Break from Bandwidth Throttling

    Some internet-enabled games consume a lot of data. Your internet service provider (ISP) may slow down your internet speed upon detecting that you’re involved in a gaming session. This is called bandwidth throttling.

    Usually, bandwidth throttling becomes a problem when you play online games for hours. A VPN can prevent it by switching ports which doesn’t let your ISP find out that you’re in a gaming session.

    5. Play Online from Different Regions

    Some game manufacturers limit the availability of some games to specific regions. You can play such games only if you connect to the gaming server from a region in which it is permissible.

    With a VPN for gaming, you get a long list of servers. You can choose a server corresponding to a region in which the game is available and connect your device with it. By doing so, you can prevent the gaming server from detecting your location if it belongs. Thus, you can play the game even if you are in a region that is not available.

    Also, this feature can help you try out the new releases of games before they come to your region.

    6. Reduced Ping and Lag Times

    Reduced ping and lag times can give you a hard time in the middle of a gaming session. A VPN for gaming minimizes the time for sending and receiving data between your device and a gaming server. Also, it reduces the distance between your device and the server to improve ping times.

    Final Thoughts

    From the above, it becomes crystal clear how a free VPN for gaming can help improve your gaming experience, regardless of the type of game you play during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have been playing online games without a free VPN for gaming until now, try it for once. The above features of it will provide you with an invaluable gaming experience.


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