Enjoy These 4 Advanced Security Features with a KENT CamEye

    With an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, safety issues have increased too. We hear of multiple cases of road accidents and road rage; this is due to rash or reckless driving. These pain points of a car owner are valid, and some of us employ chauffeurs to bring some comfort into our lives. Chauffeurs, however, add yet another set of challenges to car owners.

    Security has become increasingly difficult for car owners now, and a reliable solution is needed to meet those security demands.  A GPS camera device is extremely beneficial to keep your car and your journey secure. KENT has come up with an excellent solution – KENT CamEye, a next-gen GPS camera device. With the help of this device, you can improve your family’s safety and car security.

    Let’s take a comprehensive look at how KENT CamEye as a GPS camera device can help in enhancing car security:

    1. Location Tracking

    It is a no-brainer that the best feature of a GPS camera device like this is that it can track the location of the vehicle. It provides real-time location details of the car, right from where passengers start until they reach their destination. With the help of such a GPS camera device, you can stay informed of any emergency that may arise on the way. That will enable you to offer some aid to the chauffeur or your family member who is driving the car to resume the journey.

    2. Intelligent Alerts

    KENT CamEye provides AI-based smart alerts by securing the vehicle in many ways that take the security quotient a notch higher. Firstly, real-time alerts help to reduce any misuse of the car. Second, it’s a safety feature that makes you, the car owner, aware of smaller car issues too, like unauthorized driver behind the wheel or over-speeding.

    There are numerous ways in which you can use a GPS camera device like KENT CamEye and make use of its AI-based alerts:

    • Over-Speeding Alert – This smart GPS camera device sends you an intelligent alert if the car goes beyond a set speed limit. It is especially beneficial if a chauffeur or your teenager drives the vehicle.
    • Unknown Driver Alert – When someone other than the whitelisted driver is in the driving seat, the unidentified driver alert informs you about it and sends out a notification using AI-based facial recognition. It helps in case of theft or when the car is driven by someone other than the driver.
    • Place of Interest – This intelligent alert keeps you updated when a particular place of your interest is passed by the vehicle. For example, the place of interest warning lets the owner know that the car has entered that spot where the chauffeur drops your kids at school every day.

    Such intelligent alerts help to improve protection for you, your family, and your vehicles. Other than this, warnings are useful in many different situations, such as noise level, engine idling, and AC warning.

    3. Live Video Streaming

    KENT CamEye boasts of a time-lapse video recording feature and allows the car owner to view the video live directly on their phone. The GPS camera device lets you keep a close eye while your chauffeur is driving your spouse or child. You can view live video streaming from anywhere at any time, with the aid of the dual camera. Multiple users can watch the streaming simultaneously according to the preference of the device owner. You can pan and zoom in on the live video and monitor the quality of driving too. It has a night-vision enabled in its dual GPS camera that allows automatic recording of both the views (inside & outside the car), along with audio recording.

    4. 2-Way Calling

    You can call the person who’s driving through your app and talk to them even if their phone is out of battery with a GPS camera device like KENT CamEye. In case of an emergency, you will be able to get accurate information and connect with them on time to offer support, if required.

    Your Next-Generation Security Device

    KENT CamEye offers state-of-the-art benefits to meet a car owner’s needs in India like a camera app with features such as dual camera, two-way audio, live video sharing, GPS tracker, cloud storage, and more. The GPS camera device is manufactured in India, keeping specific issues faced by Indian drivers. It is not only easy to install but also easy to purchase. Order it right to your doorstep from Amazon India.

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