How to Move to a Holistic Health Regimen

    Daily routines are a key indicator of so many things about an individual, such as his finances, relationships and importantly his health. In a time when technology has altered the way the world operates and probably one of the biggest contributors to a life lacking physical activity. A person can work from home, seal sales deal from home, order anything and have it brought to his doorstep. In fact, you can live without stepping out of your home.

    This type of lifestyle is responsible for a lot of illnesses in the world today. In the U.S., 45% of Americans suffer one form of chronic illness or the other. To understand the gravity of it, 6 in 10 adults have a chronic illness. And you feel that if a more proactive lifestyle has been hugely advocated for this would not have been the case.

    With this becoming painfully obvious, it is expedient that there is a change from the traditional lifestyle to a more holistic one. This means moving from a life of poor eating habits, sleeping habits, processed foods, sedentary lifestyle to a more deliberate and conscious lifestyle where exercise and diet is a must, using natural products, and generally having a more active lifestyle.

    Poor Eating Habits vs Dieting

    The average American meal consists of more than 60% of processed food and about 80% of its calorie consumption is gotten from ultra-processed food. When food undergoes a lot of processing where preservatives and artificial substances are used it loses a large chunk of its nutritional value and practically makes the food a filler rather than a nourishing one. Research has shown that processed food is a huge contributor to illness around the world, especially obesity and diabetes.

    They contain a high and unhealthy amount of sugar or fructose syrup that basically adds no nutrient only energy. This could lead to insulin resistance and a high level of cholesterol that could damage the heart. They are low in fiber but have high refined carbohydrates with little nutrients. Which makes them really harmful to the body. Processed food is made to be sweet, fatty, and salty and thus rewarding the brain by releasing more dopamine and creating an unquenchable desire for more, which makes people eat even when they are filled. This leads to a lack of discipline where people eat anytime when there’s a craving.

    Dieting, on the other hand, is basically eating right and disciplined. It involves eating food for its nutrients and not for a feel-good reason. With the help of a dietician, you are guided on how to eat and get the best nutrients from the meal coupled with when best to eat and when not to. It is eating in a regulated and monitored fashion with the end goal being to decrease, increase or maintain a bodyweight, which is basically being healthy. Dieting helps with weight loss for those who are obese, reduce cancer risk, help manage diabetes, prevents stroke, improves memory and overall body functioning.

    Dieting incorporates eating a balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, starch, and lean protein. Vegetables and fruits provide antioxidants to protect the body cells from damage. Fiber helps control the cholesterol level and blood sugar levels, and lean protein helps build muscles. An essential advantage of dieting is the discipline it helps an individual attain, resisting the urge to eat late, eating as when due are key factors in developing our body and mind which is the message of holistic living, taking charge of one’s life.

    Sedentary Living vs Healthy Lifestyle

    Statistics show that about 30% of Americans live a sedentary life and sit with little or no physical activity for 8 hours or more. Sitting has ridiculous as it may sound is more deadly than smoking, and kills more people than HIV does. Research shows that those who remain seated for a long period of time without activities have a 71% higher mortality rate, even more shocking is that with a 5-hour exercise weekly, sitting for about 6 hours a day still increases mortality rate by 50% according to recent research. 6% of deaths worldwide have been linked to sedentary lifestyles. It increases heart disease by 147%, cancer by 66%, and diabetes by 112%. Overwhelming right? I know.

    It is important to ensure that from time to time we are active and seat for a stretch of max 45 minutes. For those who have to work and seats for long periods, it is advisable you take hourly breaks to stretch out the body. It is important to also incorporate exercise in our daily life. For example, instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. Sometimes use public transport instead of your car, so you can walk some distance. All these help longevity, as it is the little things that make the difference.

    Traditional Medicine vs Cannabis

    Overtime traditional medicine has proved insufficient in curing specific illnesses such as anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, and others. This is where natural products come in, since the scientific discovery of the medical uses of cannabis, it is fast becoming the go-to option. Cannabis has been discovered to be able to treat epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, and many more illnesses.

    There are many methods to consume cannabis including vaporizers, glass bongs, joints, edibles and more.

    Even better is the unique composition that makes it possible to be tailored to treat specific illnesses. It has different strain types that are grown with specific effects in mind. This is known as personalized cannabis care.

    The most common of these strains are; indica and sativa. Indica is high in CBD and is known for its relieving properties thus making it appropriate for chronic pain, arthritis, and cancer patients. Sativa is high in THC compound, this compound is known to give cannabis its high, thus making it appropriate in the treatment of depression. To get your puff puff pass in the U.S. you need to be registered with your state’s medical marijuana program, having got a licensed physician’s recommendation and paying the required fee.

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