6 Essential Smartphone Accessories

    Whether your smartphone is an Android, an iPhone, or any other manufacturer for that matter, it’s highly likely that your smartphone is a big part of your daily life. Most of us would confess to spending too much time on our phones, but it can’t be denied that a huge amount of modern life is contained in that small device. What’s more, while there are millions of applications available, it’s important not to forget the physical accessories and technology which can take your phone’s functionality to the next level. This list features 6 essential accessories for smartphones, although some can be used with other devices too.

    1. Car Mount

    More and more people are using their smartphones as navigation devices in their car, and the safest way to do so is to mount it on your dashboard or windshield with a car mount or holder. There are also magnetic versions which can fix to the cars air vents.

    2. Portable or Car Charger

    In the modern world, we use our smartphones for almost everything and running out of battery power can be a serious issue when it strikes at the wrong time. A power bank is ideal for keeping a back-up source of power available for not just your smartphone but several devices. Some are even solar powered which can really come in handy when you’re out and about.

    Portable chargers are convenient, but not necessarily if you need to carry it around in your bag. Instead, you could opt for a car charger which will power your phone while you drive.

    3. Screen Protector and Phone Case

    Phone covers and cases are a popular choice for people who want to make their device a bit more personal to them, but they also serve a practical purpose. Simply using a phone can cause scratches and dropping it can result in cracks or even a completely shattered display screen. This is not only aesthetically unattractive and expensive to repair, it can also affect the way your phone operates. Invest in a screen protector and new iphone cases by BodyGuardz to keep your phone in the best possible shape.

    4. Arm Band

    Today’s smartphones can also double up as fitness trackers with the right apps, but they aren’t as easy to wear when exercising. An armband holder for your phone will attach it to your arm so you can track your activity without splashing out on a separate fitness tracker. 

    5. Selfie Stick and Camera Lens Attachments

    Gone are the days of being absent from every photo you take. Selfie sticks are the ultimate accessory for many people as they enable you to take great shots of yourself and your loved ones in fantastic locations and during activities. There are several selfie sticks which have adjustable and extendable cradles, Bluetooth functionality and even the Fugetek Selfie Stick which can be operated with a remote.

    6. Camera Lens Attachments

    If you really want to take your smartphone photography to the next level with camera lens attachments including wide-angle, macro, or fish-eye lens. Find out more in this guide to smartphone photography.

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