Protecting Your Emails with Data Center Proxies

    With malware, data breaches, and hacking at an all-time high, online security has become a vital issue for many brands, particularly those with a heavy online presence.

    Browsing websites and using applications while revealing your real IP could make you vulnerable to intruders or expose your business to a large group of hackers. It could also get your financial accounts or social media profiles banned, limited, or flagged.

    Today, we’re going to show you how datacenter proxies can provide email protection and help your business to perform its online activities safely.

    What Are Datacenter Proxies?

    When you buy proxies, you are basically paying for access to an IP—a string of numbers you’d enter into your operating system, browser’s proxy settings, or app. Once you set up the proxy—most providers will help you set things up—any website you visit will identify your proxy IP, not your actual, real IP address. This way, your online identity stays safe and secure, and you reduce your odds of getting blocked or banned by web servers.

    Datacenter proxies are a great option if you’re looking for fast speeds and performance as their servers are professionally monitored in heavily equipped proxy server farms.

    In terms of hiding your IP, datacenter proxies don’t rely on your ISP or internet connection. They are independent of both, which makes it easier for you to protect your IP without being linked to a specific place.

    If you seek online anonymity and want email protection for your company, you can use proxies linked to a datacenter to mask your IP.

    How Companies Use Datacenter Proxies to Protect their Business Online

    A great number of emails that reach every company’s email system contain malware attachments or malicious URLs. Thus, as a business, you need to employ solid email protection solutions in order to scan all inbound emails. And what better way to do so than using datacenter proxies? With a data center proxy, you can check each email for malicious attachments and links before having to open them.

    In fact, Oxylabs – premium proxy service provider – offer its proxy services that are harnessed for email protection, and it is now widely popular among all size businesses.

    Every company faces some sort of reputation risk. There is always the probability of a greedy hacker, a jealous competitor, a disgruntled consumer, or other malicious party sending numerous problems your way. There are people who will initiate chargebacks in PayPal, flag your comments and posts, steal your financial data, file complaints, and perform other nefarious actions that may cause your financial and social media accounts to get banned, frozen, limited, or deactivated.

    With datacenter proxies, your accounts will no longer be interlinked, meaning if one of your accounts experiences some issues, you won’t lose the whole brand in the process. Besides email protection and diversification, there are other ways businesses use datacenter proxies for brand protection (e.g., ad verification, anti-counterfeiting, and retail monitoring).

    Ad Verification

    If you’re a business, you can use datacenter proxies to view your ads from various geographical regions. This gives you the opportunity to verify whether or not the geo-targeted ads are displaying correctly.


    Aside from email protection, many businesses use datacenter proxies to crawl websites, eCommerce stores, and big players like Amazon searching for information regarding counterfeiting or copyright infringement.

    Retail Monitoring

    Several marketing teams utilize datacenter proxies to access websites from multiple geographical locations. This way, they can identify distributors and retailers selling their products or services without authorization.

    Why Choosing the Right Provider Is Necessary

    If you want your datacenter proxies to work perfectly, it is recommended to choose the right proxy provider. However, finding a reliable proxy provider is not an easy task. You need to be cautious, research thoroughly, and consult with different experts. It will also require some time and effort.

    Here are some crucial things to keep in mind while looking for a proxy provider:

    • Legitimate Provider: Don’t just seek services from any organization that claims it offers the best proxy services. Before buying your proxies, make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate brand. Remember, a legal proxy provider will be held responsible for any legal hurdles that you might face while using their proxies for personal or business needs.
    • IP Pool: If you’re looking for datacenter proxies to use from certain locations, choose a provider with a larger IP pool. A company that offers a significant amount of proxies will meet your requirements regardless of the location.
    • Dashboard Features: Consider your proxy provider’s dashboard features. A dashboard will allow you to check your proxy usage statistics. It will also let you change your credentials, among other advantages.
    • Price: Before we talk about prices, let’s make one thing clear: NEVER use free proxies as they might come with several legal and technical issues even if they seem like a good deal. Now, shared proxies are usually cheaper than semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies. So, even if you go for cheap dedicated proxies, ensure they aren’t shared.
    • Customer Support: And lastly, always look out for great customer service. As a proxy user, you might face some small to significant issues. In such cases, it’s always good to have support nearby to get your problems fixed in minutes.

    Wrapping Up :

    Proxies are essential for brand protection. Using datacenter proxies makes good “business” sense if you consider all the security risks bundled with using just a single IP across all your business accounts. Just make sure to choose the right provider and proxy plan, and you’re good to go!

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