4 Extremely Useful Technologies that will Improve the Education System

    Can you imagine that in the nearest future the system of education will change completely? There won’t be classes, traditional lecturers, and all those educational technologies that are present in the learning process today. One of the most revolutionary modern educational technologies is a massive open online course (MOOC), which makes quality education accessible to everyone. There are students who could not even dream of listening to lectures of the world-class teachers and getting diplomas for these courses without leaving home. It doesn’t matter where you live. Geographical location isn’t a preventive factor anymore.

    Would you like to have a private tutor in your Tablet PC, who will be able to give recommendations, check your essays, and tailor the program to your individual needs? Sounds great, doesn’t it? This technology is still at the stage of development. However, there are many academic helpers online like capable of providing high-quality assistance anytime you have been assigned a task you can’t cope with.

    #1. Big Data Technologies and the Benefits They Have for the Educational System

    When you specify search parameters on the Internet, the whole world that is online is configured for your settings. Using computer and network educational techniques, you can collect and analyze data, for example, about one million clicks and see what exactly a person has problems with, what he or she does not understand. It is possible to compare the progress of one student with others and give recommendations on how to change the programme to achieve the goal. It is also possible to build personal trajectories.

    Big data allows making a lot of interesting conclusions, and thanks to them, pedagogy turns into an exact science, which it was not previously. If earlier one could receive the necessary information by interviewing students and conducting an educational experiment in hundreds of schools and colleges, today there is no need to evaluate the effectiveness of training several times a year using these methods.

    Now you can try anything on an infinite number of students and see what works and what does not work, which pedagogical methods give a result, and which have turned out to be not very effective. Big data makes it possible to enjoy an accurate learning process. In addition, it has contributed to the existence of the next technology – adaptive learning.

    #2. Adaptive Learning – Your Personal Analyst for Education

    Adaptive learning is a technology that allows a student to get recommendations on the content, process, methods, and rate of learning based on big data. An educational trajectory is built for him or her individually. Let’s look at how this works. For example, all commercial online services like the sale of tickets, etc., always adapt to you because this is the way they earn money. The same can be done in education.

    Knewton, the most famous startup in this field, takes any content (video, game, lecture) and uses a huge number of different metrics to this content to understand how a person interacts with it. This technology can be compared to Google Analytics. It can be rightly called an analyst for education. At the same time, it can not only collect data but also process it and recommend a student the content that will be most effective for him or her.

    #3. The Gamification Technology – Play and Learn at the Same Time

    Today, there are a lot of smart technologies that have already been implemented in the educational system. For example, there are many programs that can be easily downloaded on a student’s computer or even a smartphone and make the process of learning easier and more entertaining. One more powerful new educational technology is called “gamification”. Everyone knows that learning through a game is the best thing you can think of. This is how kids learn. Much attention has been paid to this technology and it has been proved that students can benefit from it as well.

    The main target audience is schoolchildren but college students can also use this technology from time to time. The point of gamification is to single out game mechanics, structure and skeleton of the game and apply them in a non-game context. Today, many teachers all over the world think that it is a good idea to bring gamification of a learning process to every classroom. This is due to the fact that students feel more motivated when there are game elements in the education.

    #4. The Technology of Blended Learning is Becoming More Popular Today

    There is no a student who hasn’t heard about the blended learning. This technology implies that a student should combine computer learning and communication with a teacher. Due to the fact that it is possible to individually make a course from a number of different courses, adapt, collect data and give feedback, blended learning provides a great opportunity to build a truly individual educational trajectory and give a student control over his or her learning process. It looks like this:

    • A student comes to his or her educational establishment
    • He or she receives a list, which includes the instructions on what to do
    • Then, a student works on a computer
    • If he or she needs help, the teacher knows what exactly causes difficulties thanks to the program

    There are no classes. Every student follows his or her own program. The list of guidelines can either be printed or be in the application on a smartphone. The timetable also becomes flexible. Every day it changes according to the needs of students. Depending on the progress made by students, teachers change the program constantly tailoring it to the needs of a particular person.

    The development of all these technologies proves that in the nearest future the traditional class system will die out. Everyone will be able to learn at his or her own pace, according to a personal curriculum. This means that strong students will be able to independently move forward, and the weak ones will receive more attention and support due to the quick feedback within the programs.

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