5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

    Security cameras are needed for today’s businesses. These devices provide a sense of overwatch and security which is crucial. Since their creation in 1942, security cameras have become essential to large businesses, universities, and government buildings. Here are a few reasons why businesses need these devices.

    1. Prevention of theft and vandalism.

    Security cameras can provide physical security for an institution. By preventing theft and vandalism, a business owner can ensure that their location will not suffer damage or harm from criminals. Visibility for security cameras can act as a deterrent for criminals.

    According to a study by Arizona State University, CCTV (closed-circuit television) aims to increase the perceived risk of capture for potential criminals. This is a factor that can de-motivate the potential offender, assuming the offender is behaving in a rational manner. With the technologically innovative Verkada brand of security cameras, business owners can share a live feed from these security cameras via text, email, and website which can allow them to see if a crime is actually in progress.

    2. Security cameras allow for cost-effective installation and practical video storage.


    Security cameras are simple to install, which helps cut down on costs for a business. Software innovation like this allows for a business to simply install and use the security cameras within minutes. Also, security cameras allow for cloud storage of video, which is another new application for security cameras that is cost-effective.

    Security camera innovator, Verkada, specializes in creating such easy to install cameras that come with the cloud storage. Cloud storage of video requires no server maintenance, allows for data to be easily moved, and provides security for recorded video. Thanks to technological advancements, video storage is a bit less cumbersome.

    3. Access to real-time footage

    Real-time footage from security cameras provides users with minute by minute visual access to places being covered. This allows a user to be able to respond in minutes to incidents happening on-site. This might include a high school principal trying to stop students from skipping class, or an owner of a high tech company who is trying to prevent employees from stealing trade secrets. Being able to have real-time coverage in each of these circumstances is helpful.

    4. Security cameras provide maximum property coverage.

    A business needs the best coverage possible in maintaining property security. Security camera manufacturers have made it simple to provide the maximum coverage needed. Security cameras can be set up in multiple locations and buildings, not being confined to just one location. This allows for complete coverage of the property as a whole, rather than one particular area. This security coverage can include indoor camera coverage, outdoor camera coverage, and nighttime camera coverage.

    5. Security cameras can prevent sexual harassment.

    Sexual harassment cannot be prevented by security cameras alone. To ensure the personal safety of employees, businesses need to create a safe and secure environment that prevents such crimes from happening. If that doesn’t happen, perpetrators will feel emboldened to commit such heinous acts. What security cameras can do is act as a preventative measure to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

    As with other criminals, sexual harassers will be less likely to commit such acts if they see that a proper security camera network is in place at a business. Their visibility is increased as security cameras capture such unfortunate acts. In the case of nationwide grocery store chain Trader Joe’s, sexual harassment allegations have caused the business to add more security cameras. In addition to an overall internal reform when it comes to sexual harassment, the hope is to prevent these acts from taking place again at the grocery chain using security cameras.

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