What Makes a Website Authoritative?

    Every single day, Google processes more than 1 billion queries from users all around the world.

    These people are asking for all sorts of things, from information about the big soccer match to instructions on how to clean a grill and everything in between (not to mention a few things well outside what we’d expect).

    Google duly routes all of this traffic by serving up an ordered list of search results. It’s a simple role made possible by fantastically complex codes and algorithms, and it makes the single most important web address on the internet.

    For owners and operators of businesses of all sizes, the role of search engines like Google (and its competitors, though their market share is much smaller) is incredibly important.

    Gone are the days when customers would find your business by looking in the Yellow Pages or window-shopping their way down the street; today, even the most local shoppers are turning to Google (often on their mobile devices, which prompts Google to serve up local search results) to find businesses like yours.

    SEO and links

    This makes it important for your business to rank well for relevant queries on Google. To make sure that happens, you need to hire experts in search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short.

    SEO is all about making your website as attractive to Google’s algorithm as possible. That means getting the right keywords (and adding them in the right proportion to the rest of your text), using image tags and file names, messing with metadata, providing Google with a site map, and so much more. It also means links, links, links.

    Links are essential to SEO. For one thing, links are how Google gets around: Its search engine “spiders,” which map and index the web, move from site to site using links. Along the way, they use the text in the links and other factors to determine what your site is all about.

    Links also tell Google that your website is trusted — but not all links are equally valuable in this department.

    Domain authority and DA checkers

    Generally, speaking, Google considers your site to be more authoritative and trustworthy if other authoritative and trustworthy sites are linking to it.

    Too many junk links just tell Google that you’re trying to make some SEO progress; to actually make progress in SEO, you need links that are worthwhile.

    SEO experts generally measure this authority on a scale of 1 to 100, using a metric called “domain authority.” Called “DA” for short, this metric attempts to emulate the thought process Google uses to determine whether a site is impressive or not.

    DA has two basic uses in SEO, and both are important. First, you can use DA to check your own website’s authority (and measure it against the competition’s).

    The higher your DA, the more Google respects you (that is, the higher you’re ranking in searches). The other important use of DA is to determine which links will actually help your site.

    The best link building services use tools like a bulk da checker to examine options for link relationships, and can help your business’s website grow its own domain authority by gaining links that will make a real difference.

    In short, every website has a domain authority, and more authoritative sites have more ability to boost your site’s domain authority.

    If you link to The New York Times on your website, it won’t do much for The New York Times’ SEO (no offense), but if they link to your website, it will make a big difference.

    Sound complicated? Happily, you don’t have to worry about it. See, this sort of work is best done by experts in SEO and digital marketing.

    By outsourcing to the people who know their stuff, you can increase your business websites domain authority and draw in more customers from Google while still focusing on the things that you do best.


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