How to Watch Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast – Android / iOS / Mac

    There are many online streaming sites in this modern era. Amazon Instant Video is one of the popular video streaming sites. The Amazon Prime Video app provides various trending shows, documentaries, and movies so that you can watch and enjoy it.

    You can watch videos anywhere and anytime through this app. So one can watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast by using Android, iPhone, Mac, and PC.

    But before discussing how to watch Amazon Prime video on Chromecast, one must know what Chromecast is?

    What is Chromecast?

    Chromecast is a small device which can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI’s port which is connected to a TV that comes with the device.

    There are some television sets which do not support HDMI port as they need a smart TV which can be used for Chromecast.

    You also need an Android phone or computer which is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can also access YouTube, Google Play, Hulu but not Amazon Prime.

    So there are some requirements which you can use to play Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast. Now, we will discuss how to watch Amazon Instant Videos on Chromecast?

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    How to watch Amazon Instant Video by using Android, iOS, and Mac?

    There are some steps which are needed to follow while watching   Amazon Instant Video by following some steps:-

    Step 1: In the very first step, you need to install Google Cast Extension for your Chrome browser.

    On the browser bar, you can find Google cast icon and can use to cast the videos. You can find Google Cast Extension app on your Google Play Store on your Android phone.

    Google Cast

    Step 2: You also need to install Amazon Prime Instant Video app. For that, you have to make simple search for Amazon Prime Instant Video from Google Play Store from Android phone.

    In some phones, like Samsung, it has been preloaded to your phone already.

    Amazon Prime video

    Step 3: In the next step, you can open Google Home App on your Android phone. You will find the hamburger icon in the upper left corner once you finished loading and can select on cast screen.

    After selecting it with the Chromecast, it will prompt you to cast the screen which you like to do as shown in below pic:

    Amazon instant video : Click watch button

    Step 4: In this step, now you will be finally able to watch Amazon Instant Video. Now open the Amazon Prime Video and you can watch the video of your choice. You will be able to see the video on the phone also which you are watching on TV.

    Now, you can also watch Amazon Prime Video on iOS and Mac devices. It will also include some steps which can help you to cast Amazon Videos on Chromecast on iOS and Mac devices.

    How to watch Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast on iOS and Mac devices?

    You can also watch Amazon Prime videos on Chromecast from iOS and Mac devices which are as given below:-

    Step 1: First of all, install the Google Cast extension on the browser of Chrome.

    Step 2: On the Chrome browser, please open the link to Amazon Prime Video and select the video which you want to

    Step 3: When the video starts playing, select the cast button to move those files. By choosing the Settings under the Amazon Prime Video and choose the preferences in Adobe Flash Player.

    Adobe Flash Player : Amazon instant video

    Advantages of Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Instant Video has the following advantages which are as given below:-

    • This app provides free access to music, movies and TV shows
    • Amazon Instant Video subscribers can avail some deals and discounts on the purchasing of Amazon products and services.
    • It provides you with all the newest videos and movies at $99 annually. But if you find it expensive you can also take $10 on a monthly basis.
    • People can also watch English shows like House of Cards, The Wire, Gold Rush, all incredible), movies (Sicario, Transformers, Star Trek Beyond, Fast 8, Horrible Bosses, and so on).

    There are also some disadvantages while streaming Amazon Instant Video which are as given below:-

    Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Video

    It also has some disadvantages while streaming Amazon Instant Videos which are as given below:-

    • While streaming videos on Amazon, browser casting is not a good option.
    • Sometimes it offers you low quality, bad sound system, broken pixels, signal dropouts if people are used to watching high-quality
    • Continuous watching videos on Amazon Instant Videos on Chromecast can drain your phone’s or PC’s battery.
    • It can also overheat your devices and may damage your phone’s battery.

    So from the above information, it is clear that we can watch and Chromecast Amazon Instant Prime videos by following written information.

    You can cast videos, TV shows, movies and videos by using Google Chromecast. But one must also read the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Instant Videos by using Chromecast.

    You can stream your favourite videos and movies on Chromecast by using Android, iOS and Mac devices. So start enjoying streaming movies, TV shows on Chromecast

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