25 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online Free and Have Fun

    Well, teenagers nowadays are too much addicted to watching cartoons. Therefore, here are 10+ Best Sites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free.

    This article lists out some of the Best Cartoon Movie Site 2020 that you will surely love to try to watch out your favourite cartoons without paying a penny. Explore the list to know about the sites.

    We all love cartoons no matter whatever is our age. Cartoons are a way to remember good old childhood days when there were no worries.

    Earlier, there were a handful of cartoon shows, but if you see now at the current time, there are numerous cartoon channels on our TV subscription pack showing cartoon shows.

    If you love watching cartoons online on PC and smartphones, there are some of the sites on which you can watch cartoons online free in the excellent quality screen.

    These sites are easy to install on any smartphone or tablet, and you can enjoy watching every cartoon show for free for hours.

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    25 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free Entertainment

    In the 21st century, watching anime is considered as the most addicted thing and even too hobby for teenagers.

    You can even download it without any problem to stream cartoons free.

    It provides you with two eases, one is for watching or streaming animes online for free and other is downloading them and watching offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

    Let us discuss 25 best sites to watch free cartoons online for entertainment.

    #1. YouTube

    When it comes to streaming online free videos, YouTube clicks on the mind first. It has numerous cartoon videos of the 90s and also the latest cartoon shows for all age groups.

    There are options for changing languages to enjoy your favourite cartoon show on YouTube.

    You can watch as well as share these videos with your buddies on social media sites.

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    #2. Watch Cartoon online

    You can now enjoy anime and all cartoon series on Watch Cartoon Online app on your Android devices.

    It has many video resolutions which you can select for watching your favourite cartoon shows.

    The user interface of this app is stunning in which you will get all the cartoon shows in proper order.

    Watch Cartoon online

    #3. Nick

    Nick is one of the most popular sites for watching all your cartoon shows. There are also many amazing video games which you can play on your Android devices.

    If you have missed an episode of Zoey 101 or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you can get them on Nick at once.

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    #4. Disney Junior

    Disney Junior is a stunning new app to watch cartoons free online for all kids and adults.

    There are some funny video clips and music videos in between the cartoon shows which you can enjoy.

    There is also a feature of live TV in this app to enjoy watching TV anytime and anywhere. You can have fun with new games in this app.

    Disney Junior

    #5. Anime Toon

    The next on this list is an app where you will get all your lovely anime from various parts of the world.

    The episodes are dubbed, and you can enjoy them on your Android devices for free of charge.

    There are no ads in Anime Toon, and you can watch cartoons online anytime and anywhere. There are some of the amazing anime such as Dragonball Z and Naruto.

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    Anime Toon

    #6. SuperCartoons

    SuperCartoons is the app where you will find endless old as well as new Cartoon shows and movies.

    Starting from Disney show till the Shinhan series, this app contains all the cartoons shows. It has a lovely user-interface which the kids will enjoy.

    You can choose your preferred video format to watch cartoons on your Android devices.

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    #7. Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime

    Kiss Cartoon app has thousands of videos of some of the most famous cartoon shows. You will get every cartoon on the list.

    This app is updated regularly with new and latest cartoon series to give unlimited fun to all the cartoon lovers.

    It is one of the best sites to watch online cartoons on any Android device or PC/laptop.

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    Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime

    #8. SideReel

    The next on the list is SideReel which provides you not only the amazing cartoon shows but also the comedy TV shows.

    The user interface is easy, and you can find any TV show just by typing the name of the year of release.

    You can also know the popular shows on the app and even the ratings of all TV series.

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    Side Reel

    #9. Vimeo

    We are quite familiar with this app. This app contains videos of various categories such as food, entertainment, music, kids and many others.

    There is countless cartoon shows you can watch for free of cost on your Android devices. The user interface has all the TV stuff in an arranged form.


    #10. Cartoons8

    Cartoons8 is a newly arrived cartoon app with many latest cartoon series and TV shows. It has a wonderful user interface dividing all the popular cartoon shows properly.

    You can watch all the episodes of all cartoon series. You have to register on this app, watch cartoons online for free and also share various episodes with your friends.


    #11. New Grounds

    If you love watching cartoon series every day, you can download the New Grounds app on your Android as well as iOS devices.

    It provides you with the infinite cartoon series and anime for unlimited fun.

    This app has amazing video and audio quality which will make each cartoon show an enjoyable one.

    New Grounds

    #12. South Park Studios

    South Park Studio is a very colourful app to watch cartoons on any of our devices.

    It has many seasons of every cartoon series which you can enjoy without paying a penny.

    There is a random feature to watch random episodes of your favourite cartoon shows. There are also many languages in which you can enjoy cartoon series on this app.

    South Park Studios

    #13. Cartoonito

    Cartoonito is one of the most interesting apps for kids. It contains all the cartoon shows collected from different parts of the globe.

    It also has video games and many educational videos for children. There are many nice songs on Cartoonito app.

    It also has old classic cartoon shows which will bring back the old golden memories of your childhood days.


    #14. Comedy Central

    Comedy Central is a popular app to watch cartoons on any Android or iOS device.

    It has full episodes of all the TV shows, cartoon series, and anime which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

    Comedy Central

    #15. Disney Video

    Disney Video will give you all your favourite cartoon shows in few clicks. You can watch cartoons online on any device for unlimited fun.

    There are popular cartoon series such as Disney and Mickey Mouse series. You will also get some information about the cartoon shows and anime on this app.

    Disney Video

    #16. Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network remains one of the best cartoon apps until now. There is no registration needed to watch cartoons free online on any device.

    It also has customised videos which you can enjoy. It provides various video formats for enjoying cartoons.

    Cartoon Network

    #17. Boomerang

    The next on the list is Boomerang which has a beautiful collection of cartoon shows which will provide you fun.

    There are video games and many other videos which you can enjoy on your device.


    #18. Cartoons Park

    Cartoon Park is a wonderful site providing all cartoon shows and anime. It has superior quality video formats on any device.

    You can search for any cartoon show by typing the name or the year of release.

    Cartoons Park

    #19. ToonJet

    ToonJet has all anime and cartoon shows which you enjoy in your free time.

    The video quality is of high resolution which gives more enjoyment while watching cartoon series.


    #20. 9Cartoon

    You can enjoy watching various videos on 9Cartoons such as entertainment, horror, and action.

    It has anime from Japan, Korea and other parts of the world for everyone. 9Cartoon gives high-quality video format to watch cartoons online free on your device.


    #21. Anime Flavor

    If you want to watch cartoons online free anytime, you can download Anime Flavor on your Android devices.

    It has anime from many countries which you can watch without paying any penny. There is also a search bar in this app.

    Anime Flavor

    #22. Hulu

    Hulu provides some of the best anime and Cartoon shows for free of charge.

    It has an old classic cartoon series as well as the latest cartoon shows according to taste and preference.


    #23. Toon Get

    The next on the list is Toon Get where you will get all the popular cartoon shows, anime, and comic series.

    It provides all the cartoon shows for free of cost. It has a feature of Superb to enjoy random episodes of your favourite anime.

    Toon Get

    #24. Ovguide

    Ovguide is the app which is for everyone. Whether it is a cartoon show, movie, music video or TV series, this app has everything.

    You can watch cartoons online for free anytime and anywhere on your Android or iOS devices.


    #25. AllMyAnime

    AllMyAnime is a correct destination for all your favourite cartoon shows and anime from Kore, Japan, and other countries. The user interface is beautiful with separate categories.



    Cartoon shows fill us with happiness, and we still love watching cartoon series with friends when we are upset.

    These apps are the perfect one to watch cartoons online free on any Android or iOS devices.

    You can also enjoy watching all the cartoon shows while travelling to long distance places.

    These apps are used by millions of Android users all over the globe.

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